December 11, 2017

CNN & MSNBC Discuss Trump's TV, Soft Drink Habits During ISIS-Inspired Explosion in NYC

Kristin TateRebel Buzz Contributor

This morning an ISIS-inspired terrorist suspect attempted to set off a large bomb in the middle of New York City. In the aftermath of the terrifying event, CNN decided to dedicate airtime to President Trump's television habits and love of Diet Coke. 

Yes, really. 

At 8:45 am E.T. this morning, about an hour after initial reports of the pipe-bomb story broke, law enforcement confirmed to reporters that a man had a bomb strapped to him when it went off in a New York City subway platform. At the same time, CNN was in the middle of a 7-minute segment about Trump's Diet Coke consumption with a chyron that read: “NYT Report: Trump drinks a dozen diet cokes per day."

It didn't take Twitter users long to notice: 


It's entirely possible that some CNN viewers, who only tuned into the network for a short time this morning, were left in the dark about the events that occurred this morning because of CNN's decision to air "news" about Trump's TV and cola habits. 

Bottom line: CNN has become so flagrant in its anti-Trump stance, that it can no longer be trusted to provide coverage of breaking news stories regarding terrorist attacks in the United States. Of course, MSNBC is bias as well -- but at least the network admits it is left-leaning, while CNN insidiously insists that its coverage is non-bias. 


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commented 2017-12-13 08:55:03 -0500
The “Comedy News Network” is so irrelevant these days. If I want humor I tune in other than that they are ignored.

MSNBC is so far left leaning it’s pathetic. I’d tune into the Weather Channel before I gave MSNBC the time of day.
commented 2017-12-12 01:59:48 -0500
More of the REAL JOURNALISTS that Frank talks about. LMAO! But to be somewhat fair, if CNN were bombed by a terrorist i would not give a damn.
commented 2017-12-12 00:59:41 -0500
IAIN FOULDS commented 7 hours ago
… 2018 will be the year of the slow and painful collapse of CNN.
… And, the thing is that they brought it on themselves… for no reason.

Of course it was for a reason. Left wing Jihad. They are martyrs for the globalist cause. Not sure if they get anything in the after life since they don’t really believe in it. But like atheistic VC in the Viet Nam War they believe the ultimate cause is worth it.
commented 2017-12-11 22:35:27 -0500
CNN is trying to make it bad for Coca Cola. They want sales to drop.
commented 2017-12-11 18:54:33 -0500
It probably was taped the day before, the night before….no live coverage of anything important, no one there to report on breaking news!
commented 2017-12-11 18:18:39 -0500
… 2018 will be the year of the slow and painful collapse of CNN.
… And, the thing is that they brought it on themselves… for no reason.