October 18, 2017

CNN Reporter: Trump Uses Culture Wars to Unify 'Largely White' Base

Kristin TateRebel Buzz Contributor

A CNN reporter stated on Monday that President Trump "revels in culture wars" to unify his "largely white" base. 

Senior Political Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson went off on the president during a conversation with Jake Tapper. 

Henderson was bothered by remarks Trump made about Hillary Clinton on Monday. The reporter stated, "He’s essentially saying she was on the wrong side of the culture war, and it’s something that you’ve heard Bannon talk about, this idea that if you get Democrats talking about race and racism, that Republicans have an answer for that."

She continued, "And Donald Trump does have an answer for that. He very much revels in the culture wars. It’s something I think that unifies his base, which is largely white, which really straddles all economic classes, as well as largely evangelical Christian as well. So he knows he’s on firm ground — so I thought that was an apt diagnosis in many ways in one of the reasons, at least, that contributed to Hillary Clinton’s loss."

HAH! Mainstream media "reporters" don't even pretend to act like they're balanced anymore. Many have become flagrant in displaying their left-wing views, making no attempt to even appear non-partisan. 

Henderson, of course, made no mention of the fact that relatively speaking, Trump actually did quite well with minority and women voters. That wouldn't fit her narrative.

There's an important distinction to be made between pundits like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Rachel Maddow--all of whom host opinion shows and openly admit to being biased--and hard news reporters who are supposed to stay neutral and report facts. 

It's easy to understand why two-thirds of Americans don't trust the mainstream media. 

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commented 2017-10-18 16:58:05 -0400
I love this, the left is killing itself with their arrogance that they have played to such a point that they cannot go back.
commented 2017-10-18 10:57:58 -0400
Obama set up “culture wars”. The msm fueled it, and lied about it then; as they are doing now.
commented 2017-10-18 09:57:15 -0400
… Simply more lies from the Left.
… It is only the Left who is obsessed about race anymore. They are incapable of recognizing and respecting others as individuals.
… Trump only speaks of all Americans. It is the Left that continues to divide by race.
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