November 16, 2017

“Quaint” German coal mining town may be “sacrificed” to UN climate agenda

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

World leaders, including Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, are busy at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany pushing to phase out coal in North America and Europe – that is, when they aren't busy lavishly celebrating themselves.

And I've really had pretty much I can stomach of the environmentalist self-congratulatory elitism, at least for today.

So I hopped a train out of Bonn and got as far away from the UN "hippy prom" as I could. I ended up in Luchen, Germany, home to the Garzweiler 2 lignite coal mine, where I found the other side of the coal phase out story.

Luchen is quaint German town with a really incredible mine that remediates as it goes and creates well paying jobs for 1750 people.

Every single one of those jobs and the town next door will be a sacrifice to the UN climate change agenda, if Catherine McKenna has her way.

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commented 2017-11-18 02:40:23 -0500
An interesting question posed by Vizi Lo…. Perhaps they have to attend “in person” to pat each other on their perfect butts and lie to each other that “Everything’s OK”?… Knowing that this international ruse is about to run dry, with each and every passing day, as the seas do not rise; the polar ice caps remain, and the polar bears continue to hunt seal butts as they have for thousands of years?…
commented 2017-11-17 08:45:40 -0500
I still don’t understand why they have to attend these conferences in person. They could do video conferences.
commented 2017-11-17 08:41:27 -0500
A few things that coal is used for:

Coking coal – also known as metallurgical coal – is mainly used in steel production.
Activated carbon – used in filters for water and air purification and in kidney dialysis machines.
Carbon fibre – an extremely strong but light weight reinforcement material used in construction, mountain bikes and tennis rackets.
Silicon metal – used to produce silicones and silanes, which are in turn used to make lubricants, water repellents, resins, cosmetics, hair shampoos and toothpastes.

I guess we can’t have these anymore. No more steel for you!
commented 2017-11-16 22:18:24 -0500
Sheila, you look tired and discouraged but still providing the best coverage of all the journalists.
Hang in their my dear, we’re all behind you and applaud your intelligence and perseverance.
commented 2017-11-16 21:42:26 -0500
SHEILA , I hope you have more videos to be released after you Are back home
commented 2017-11-16 18:39:18 -0500
The destroyed lives and economies of politically incorrect prosperity is just part of the wake of destruction we witness when globalist feudalism extends its grasp – this is an ideology built upon destruction – its what they do – they pull down they don’t create – and the justification may be a bunch of enviro-babble but the driving force is is misanthropic elitism.
commented 2017-11-16 14:23:19 -0500
Climate Barbie and Justine are globalist cucks hellbent on destroying our freedoms . From the amount of partying and flying around on jets proves they are hypocrites pushing the false narrative of the climate scam . May Karma punish them , maybe we will get lucky and a Canada goose will sacrifice itself and fly into one of the jet engines on one of they’re many carbon intensive flights !
commented 2017-11-16 13:02:47 -0500
“Every single one of those jobs and the town next door will be a sacrifice to the UN climate change agenda …”

Want to know why the greenie globalists and the UN are pushing so hard? They want war to break out.
“France ran out of money last Tuesday — and within days, so will the rest of Europe”
commented 2017-11-16 12:48:34 -0500
Oops wrong thread …excuse me my bad.
commented 2017-11-16 12:46:58 -0500
Tommy, when I read that headline I thought you lost your blue tick hound dog …which is right up there with your still getting busted up by dang reveneurs, your cousin divorcing you or the fifth string on your banjo breaking for giving us red necks a bad day.

Twitter wil be in the shitter soon enough.
commented 2017-11-16 11:45:38 -0500
McKenna/Trudeau don’t care about the coal economy and usage in Canada, because those provinces that will suffer don’t matter. The few Liberal seats in the big producers/users Alberta and Saskatchewan will be the cost of this virtue signaling scam (to be replaced by SJW, pot-head, and migrant votes in the big cities). And coal-reliant Nova Scotia will blindly vote Liberal as they always do.
Meanwhile, we annually export 30 million tonnes overseas for electricity generation in low-tech, highly polluting plants, where carbon taxes and environmental control costs don’t exist. In other words, we’re subsidizing imported goods from those countries by NOT demanding they use expensive green-house gas limiting technologies.
So, Ms. McKenna, why is Canada supporting heavy green-house gas pollution elsewhere while Canadians pay huge carbon taxes at home? Why do Canadians have to suffer in order to reduce “gases” that are already minimal due to our use of advanced technologies while your gov’t condones the increase in “man-made climate change” overseas?
commented 2017-11-16 11:02:34 -0500
Barbie like the rest of the Liberal establishment could care less about the hardships faced by the common “riff raff”.
She, like Claus Barbie, cannot feel any empathy with normal people.