August 15, 2017

College claims that normal-sized chairs, overpriced food and casting beautiful girls for fashion shows are “microaggressions”

StaffRebel Columnist

A university in New York City is taking heat for its guide on “microaggressions”.

Fox News reports that The New School defines microaggressions as:

“...brief and commonplace verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or not, that communicate a hostile, derogatory, or negative slight or insult toward a targeted group.”

Some of the laughable examples given include “a look of amazement or disgust at a gender-non-conforming couple in public” and sitting as far as possible from a homeless person on a subway.

Then, moving onto “microaggressions” in an academic setting, examples given are: “limited course offerings of social justice related topics” (because employers are sure to care about that); “...very expensive books and materials for classes and may not consider the limitations of lower income students”; having seats that “are too small for many people”; and “...models chosen for school fashion shows are all conventionally thin and conventionally beautiful”.

Oh, and who can forget this classic:

“Food sold in the cafeteria does not include options for those with limited food budgets”.

So, what if you just so happened to assume someone's gender and realize you fit the silly definition of a “microaggressor”? Well, according to The New School:

“Although it’s still unacceptable, recognizing and admitting oppressive language, behavior, and thoughts is not the norm and is necessary to practice anti-oppression; it also feels good to admit our faults and seek to change them.”

The document then goes on about “realizing your privilege” and other nonsense.

The brainwashing never ceases.

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commented 2017-08-16 09:33:35 -0400
Sticks and stones….That’s what I grew up with. I guess we had a thicker shell.
commented 2017-08-16 05:01:10 -0400
And they wonder why people consider that generation pampered, entitled, selfish, dictatorial. ignorant, self-absorbed snowflakes who have no understanding of the world around them and expect the world to bend entirely to their whim and ideas on a daily basis.

Snowflakes is a very good description: each one starts off individually and unique, but then melt and simply become water as they all mix together. Final step is evaporation when they just disappear as moist air. no longer unique.