The RCMP is banning the CZ858 rifle: Sign the petition to stop this gun grab!

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Canadian gun control just reached peak insanity.

A firearm has just been arbitrarily deemed prohibited because it has the words “Molon Labe” and a Maple Leaf etched on it. 

Our top cops, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police — is an unelected body who should be tasked with enforcing the law — but instead, they get to make the law when it comes to the classification of firearms.

And they have a nasty habit of reclassifying firearms for no good reason, so to make law-abiding firearms owners paperwork criminals over night, just with the stroke of their pen.

The CZ858 “Spartan” rifles have now been reclassified from restricted to prohibited by the busy-body lab rats in our RCMP.

These rifles, which are a special production run for Wolverine Supplies, have the text Molon Labe (which is ancient Greek for “Come and take them”) etched into the breech block receiver and wooden buttstock of the rifle, and it also has a patriotic Canadian maple leaf on the pistol grip and handguard.

That is the entire basis for the RCMP’s reclassification of this shipment of special edition rifles.

The non-spartan edition CZ858, the tactical 2P rifle is still legal. However, the RCMP says that this particular edition is not the same, citing the markings.

For non-gunnies, it's like you having two cars of the same make in your garage but, one day, the police decide your red car is prohibited just because of the colour of paint. It sets a really dangerous precedent.

While the RCMP have made the CZ858’s their hill to die on, the Trudeau’s Liberals have been unabashed about much wider calls for gun control. So this may only be the beginning. 

As a Greek woman, the phrase Molon Labe has particular salience in my life. It’s a classical expression of defiance. 

When Xerxes, the King of Persia demanded that the Spartans surrender their weapons, King Leonidas boldly responded in his native tongue, “Come and Take Them.” And apparently, that's enough to shake the senses of the RCMP, ultimately resulting in a gun being prohibited.

Well, just because the RCMP is afraid of the phrase doesn’t mean I’m about to stop using it. If you want to see the RCMP reverse their decision, I want you to sign my petition below.  

Let’s make sure this battle is not lost, lest we forfeit ground before the impending war on our guns, which we know the Liberals are itching to wage. 

Sign the petition!

The RCMP must immediately reverse their decision to ban the CZ858 "Spartan" rifle. 

Will you sign?