June 02, 2018

Come to The Rebel Live! Saturday, June 2 in Toronto

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Join Rebel contributors and hundreds of Rebels from across the globe for the most provocative, most interesting, and most conservative conference in Canada:

The Rebel Live, a one day conference in Toronto on Saturday, June 2

Speakers include:

* Alberta’s leader of the unofficial opposition, Sheila Gunn Reid
* Our new Rebel superstar, Katie Hopkins
* Rebel Mission Specialist, David Menzies
* Campus free speech hero Lindsay Shepherd
* Jim Karahalios, founder of Ax the Carbon Tax
* Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun columnist:
* Islamic reformist and human rights activist, Raheel Raza
* Former NYPD cop and Rebel host, John Cardillo

Your ticket will include lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Don't miss out, get your ticket now! Go to The Rebel Live.com for tickets!

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commented 2018-05-18 22:42:47 -0400 · Flag
make sure you folks get a whole of the chineese Canadians the ones that said and Chanted thank you rebel rebel media good CBC bad. get them involved then they can’t call you racist
commented 2018-05-14 11:04:39 -0400 · Flag
Sorry Ezra but I have an anti Trudeau rally to attened at my local city hall on June 2nd from 11am to 1pm. In fact this is happening all across the nation from 11am to 1pm local time. We are getting organized through the Youtube channel Cross Canada News. I would be more than happy to talk to you more about this Great Canadian Rally. My email is jonathan.bryant@bellaliant.net. Hey perhaps you could spare a crew to cover the rally in Toronto.
commented 2018-05-09 21:56:46 -0400 · Flag
Jan G, sorry for late reply. I haven’t come back to this thread in a while.

Across Canada, there are anti-Trudeau demonstrations taking place at City Hall. June 2 at 11:00 am local time. Bring a sign of your choosing. Mine says, Justice IN Justin OUT.
commented 2018-05-07 03:08:09 -0400 · Flag
Distraction serves evil more than any other mental state.
Stefan Molyneux
commented 2018-05-06 21:45:26 -0400 · Flag
Jack White do you also condemn Imams and Muslims for those reasons??
commented 2018-05-06 21:45:00 -0400 · Flag
Jack White quit projecting your bigotry on us.
commented 2018-05-06 19:30:17 -0400 · Flag
Jack White— “Allen is Crazy”
Jack, I believe that I’ve heard a few dozen people around here use the same adjective regarding you.
commented 2018-05-06 02:09:57 -0400 · Flag
Terry, when someone posts to the public, bad feelings toward a certain segment of the population, it is a large skeleton IF you are running for Government.
I guess it depends on what she said, it could be nothing, and they fired her anyway.

It could be like some of these males in politics who get fired without knowing what they did and to what woman that they did it to.
commented 2018-05-06 02:01:53 -0400 · Flag
Lots of good suggestions here…….Tanya Granic Allen, Brad Trost……… why not Doug himself?
Would love to be able to attend.. The Rebel is then only true voice of Canada.

Tammie: What is this anti-trudeau June 2 event? If only we could have an election right NOW!
commented 2018-05-06 01:51:25 -0400 · Flag
There are people with no skeletons in their closet? To the MSM every Conservative has a skeleton.
commented 2018-05-06 01:18:53 -0400
I knew that there was a bunch of incompetent executives in the Federal Conservative Party; I guess it runs downhill to the Ontario Provincial executives as well. They were supposed to double-check the candidates for skeletons in the closet.
Wait until the Red Star, CTV Fake News and the Censoring CBC find out about Allen, they will run it for a week.
commented 2018-05-05 19:40:13 -0400 · Flag
Breaking: Toronto Sun reports Tanya Granic Allen fired for anti-gay comments on YouTube in 2014.
commented 2018-05-04 21:25:04 -0400 · Flag
Rats! I just signed up for(and paid for) my ticket, but I see I have a conflict and cannot come. Please give my slot to some deserving soul. Cheers, Eric
commented 2018-05-04 11:36:31 -0400 · Flag
Rebels, if you are unable to make it to this event, please consider attending anti-Trudeau/anti-Liberal rallies across Canada at your City Hall on June 2/18 11:00 am local time.
commented 2018-05-04 00:47:34 -0400 · Flag
Is John Cardillo bringing Stormy Daniels? I believe he knows her as he mentions her name often.
commented 2018-05-02 02:13:00 -0400 · Flag
So… Is the McInnes back for keeps?
commented 2018-05-01 21:56:23 -0400 · Flag
CONTACT ME AT frasbow@live.ca
commented 2018-05-01 15:37:03 -0400 · Flag
I wish I could attend. Sounds like a fantastic line up. Will there be a livestream of this event?
commented 2018-05-01 13:57:19 -0400 · Flag
Sounds like a great day . Now that I don’t contribute to the Chipmunks Party I can afford a trip to Toronto.
commented 2018-05-01 11:53:15 -0400 · Flag
Looks like much fun, but not enough to drive 6 thousand Km . Hope we can watch it on The Rebel.
commented 2018-05-01 11:51:31 -0400 · Flag
This is gong to be great…you got to have Faith. Can’t wait what a lineup.
commented 2018-05-01 11:14:30 -0400
Why not invite Brad Trost as a speaker? He was a regular at other Rebel-hosted events. I don’t think he cares what Scheer would think about him showing up at the rally. Also, how about Derek Fildebrandt as I doubt virtue-signalling Kenney would allow one of his UCP MLAs to attend. Still disappointed by the no-show of UCP MLA Drew Barnes at the recent Rebel anti-carbon tax rally in Calgary.
commented 2018-05-01 10:57:41 -0400 · Flag
That sounds amazing!

Gavin, so glad you are coming to help your Canadian family.
My gawd what a line up.