May 19, 2016

Conduct unbecoming: Prime “Bully” Trudeau manhandles MPs in tantrum over 46 second delay

Brian LilleyArchive

Yesterday, we brought you footage of Justin Trudeau having a temper tantrum in the House of Commons during which he elbowed a female MP. There’s a lot of hyperbole on all sides so I'll explain exactly what happened, and it isn't good.

What he did was beyond unbecoming of a Prime Minister. It was beneath him, his office and the House itself. MP’s have been ejected from legislatures for less.

The HOC was meeting to vote on a motion for time allocation on Bill C-14, the assisted suicide bill. Essentially, the Liberals were shutting down debate. Governments can do this and all have done it but while in opposition, the Liberals denounced the Conservatives whenever they sought to close debate to force a vote. Now that they’re in power, the Liberals do this faster and more often than the Conservatives did.

Bill C-14 represents a major change for Canada. Both sides have problems with the current bill and want amendments. The Liberal response is to reject any and all amendments and shove the bill through.

As MP’s gathered Wednesday night to vote on ending debate, opposition MP's stalled a little to show the governing Liberals that they weren’t pleased their Parliamentary rights were being trampled.

The delay that set Trudeau off causing him to march across the aisle to manhandle fellow MPs was 46 seconds. For this, the PM became enraged, grabbed the CPC whip by the arm, dragging him towards his seat. In the process he elbowed NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the breast. From her reaction, you can see it hurt. She didn’t know the camera was on her since that angle is rarely captured in the House. Were it not for the vote taking place, it wouldn’t have been filmed for the public to see.

Is this an attack on women, or an assault on feminism? No, but given how often Justin Trudeau has played his “I’m a feminist” card, he had this criticism coming.

Is it assault? It does fit the definition passed by Parliament. Section 265 reads:

(1) A person commits an assault when
(a) without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly;

While grabbing one MP, Trudeau acknowledges he realized he hit someone else and didn’t turn around to say sorry or check if they were okay? Some gentleman.

None of this is acceptable in the House of Commons or any workplace. If you behaved like this in your workplace, you’d be fired or disciplined. The Speaker of the House stated clearly that Trudeau manhandled fellow members and this is not acceptable.

Trudeau’s initial response was that he was just trying to “help” the Conservative whip get to where he was trying to go. After being chastised by MP after MP and the speaker, Trudeau offered a non-apology apology. The kind where you say that you are sorry but …

Former speaker of the House, CPC MP Andrew Scheer noted the Liberals ran on bringing a new tone of respect to Parliament and they’re failing. NDP MP Peter Julian said this is the type of thing we see happening in other countries when we watch TV, and he’s right. This is the type of thing you see in far off lands, not Canada.

Justin Trudeau was not a prime minister on Wednesday, he was a prime bully.

He often speaks out against bullying, saying there’s never an excuse for any kind of violence against women but when a vote on one of his bills is delayed, he storms across the legislature, grabs people, yells at them and tells them to get the F out of his way.

That is a bully tactic, a dictatorial tactic. We know he likes China and now he's emulating it. We deserve better as Canadians.

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commented 2016-05-20 13:22:43 -0400
I think all the liberals should be fined for giving their retard a standing ovation for disrespecting the rules of parliament!
commented 2016-05-20 12:51:32 -0400
Losing your temper in a professional setting, some would say, is the sign of instability. Worse, is fabricating excuses for it. The problem with a lie is, you can only defend it with more lies. It can be the beginning of the descent into depravity. The simple solution is, a sincere apology, such as: I am sorry, I lost my temper, I apologize for any overly aggressive actions I may have performed. I will attempt to keep my emotions under control. Please accept my humble apology. Of course it takes a real man or woman to own up to a fault. Will Trudeau MAN UP, or WIMP OUT????
commented 2016-05-20 10:24:17 -0400
Let’s see: he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; has been surrounded by fawning sycophants his entire life; has never had to work or deal with a boss or manager or supervisor ever…. THIS is what you get when you elect a spoiled, bullying, self-entitled trust fund millionaire. Shouldn’t come as a surprise, really….
commented 2016-05-20 09:13:42 -0400
What a bad example Justin Trudeau is setting for Canada’s youth. Trudeau should be leading by example and instead he is acting like a bull in a china shop. Already with his wishing to legalize marijuana, I have talked to young teens that believe if the Prime Minister thinks it’s ok to smoke, it’s all good. They tell me that marijuana is not even a drug. What a dangerous situation is being set up for Canada’s youth.
I have a friend who lost his job working for a federal institution because he had an assault charge laid against him. The assault charge was for punching someone who slept with his girlfriend. He lost his livelihood for this incident; yet the Prime Minister can bully his way and act like a hooligan. Trudeau even elbowed a lady in her breast.
MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau might want to go for regular mammograms now. I have a niece who works in a care home, and an elderly gentleman with dementia who got aggressive and rammed her in the chest. My 42-year-old niece was diagnosed with breast cancer less than one year after. Coincidence? Who knows. But a Prime Minister ought to know not to hit a lady.
commented 2016-05-20 08:36:33 -0400
Spousal abusers usually are quite remorseful right after the act and swear it will never happen again. Then they go back to their usual modus operandi.
commented 2016-05-20 08:23:51 -0400
A little bowing and scraping before our true head of state wouldn’t hurt the little twit one bit.
commented 2016-05-20 08:22:34 -0400
Poor baby Justin, never had a mommy. He needs a monthly visit to Queen Elizabeth to get some adult input.
commented 2016-05-20 07:20:58 -0400
The boy blunder needs a mommy, he should go visit Queen Elizabeth once a month to get some parental guidence.
commented 2016-05-20 02:13:24 -0400
Snotty and spoiled. Not a very good speaker; too many ‘a….a…..a…..a…..a….a…..a….a’. And I’ve watched TED talks…Selfie Prince is definitely lying (a long-winded explanation that rambles on, with a-a-a-a smattered in it as the tale is spun.) Sounds JUST LIKE a child caught out for being bad; “but MOOOOoooooOOOOMMMM,” He’s out of his league. Should be back in Whistler, being ‘fascinating’.
commented 2016-05-20 00:25:00 -0400
Baby boy T is always a jerk! And will always be!
commented 2016-05-20 00:12:05 -0400
Sarah Team———-jace: Moving the voting along? By running around the floor scolding the underlings and herding them around like a mother goose. Somehow I don;t think that is in his job description.

No spacial awareness? I think we are becoming aware that the empty space between your ears might be the one of most concern. Your Highness Justin is a social butterfly, not much of a PM.

DJBT and the “tea” girl
commented 2016-05-19 23:48:14 -0400
Good job reporting this, Brian.
commented 2016-05-19 23:35:02 -0400
what an ass clown.
but he makes a good liberal leader since they are all ass clowns.
commented 2016-05-19 23:16:24 -0400
Can anyone characterise Justine’s actions as either “sunny” or “inclusive”? Add “classless” to his “clueless” moniker.
commented 2016-05-19 22:33:33 -0400
“Did you see his mincing little march?”, Jamie Macmaster, what a perfect description. It was indeed a ‘mincing little march’
By a belligerent little dictator!
commented 2016-05-19 22:27:26 -0400
Sarah, we are not talking about the Mayor of T.O. or a counsellor in your hometown, we are talking about the Prime Minister of Canada.
Aside from the fact that Justin Trudeau manhandled another member, which by definition of Parliament, is assault, it wasn’t his place to intervene. It was for the Speaker of the House to call order. Trudeau’s recall on the events, " extended my arm to the member" was bullsh*t. As was his apology.
The NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau, hardly got an apology. Sarah if you have ever received an elbow in the boob you would know Ruth Ellen Brosseau’s tears were not crockodile tears.
This immature outburst wasn’t his first immature outburst in Parliament,and it won’t be his last. Remember his bellowing at a member that he was a “piece of shit” ? Justin Trudeau will continue to make a fool of himself, digging his grave one shovel full at a time.
commented 2016-05-19 22:23:28 -0400
Justin Ghomeshi …..’nough said
commented 2016-05-19 22:17:58 -0400
Keith Barnes, I take exception to your comment “Trudeau has the mind of a six year old school girl.” First of all, sorry, but I know plenty of these, and girls much younger too, and they are far more mature than our Prime Minister. You give him too much credit by even suggesting that he has a mind…

Brian L. this whole incident reeks of sexism. If Trudeau had manhandled a woman in parliament the news media would have had a deal of trouble convincing Canadians not to be disgusted with the boy-child. Why is this any different? Why then are they so accepting of his shoving a grown man, let alone a man who incidentally is not JUST a man, but a REPRESENTATIVE of many Canadian men, women and children.Therefore Trudeau’s assault was actually on a COMMUNITY. This Prime Minister, who claims to represent Canada is a dictator in waiting…God forbid he gets another round after this one. If this is what is done in public, how far does he go in private?

As for the Conservative whip, I am a woman and I wouldn’t have taken that public grabbing and pushing around from the slimy angry bully, nor should Gordon Brown. He isn’t just a Whip, he is WHIPPED! He would have been justified in dropping the boy with a hammer fist in self defense.
commented 2016-05-19 22:12:14 -0400
Like father like son.
commented 2016-05-19 21:56:21 -0400
Can’t say I am surprised in the slightest by JT’s boorish behavior in the House of Commons. He has previously said he admire’s China’s “basic dictatorship”, so why wouldn’t he behave like a dictator? This is what happens when an immature trust fund brat is elected Prime Minister of Canada and treated like royalty by an equally deluded and arrogant royalty pretender like Barack Obama in the USA. Too bad for Canada. More to come, no doubt.
commented 2016-05-19 21:33:18 -0400
Scary guy when he doesnt immediately get his way, feel bad for his kids,,,,,,
Wait,,,, nannies are raising them,,, thank god
commented 2016-05-19 20:18:36 -0400
“Trudeau’s apology seemed to be genuine,”

If I recall correctly, he was a drama teacher, this has to be one of his best roles. His first statement following the incident, should have been where he made his apologies etc. Instead he tried to deflect it, saying things that were quite obviously not true. His big apology, especially the one this morning, was well rehearsed.
commented 2016-05-19 20:08:37 -0400
Firstly, Brian you did an excellent job at covering this story.

He dropped his mask and we were able to see what the real person is like. What emerged is an arrogant, angry, bully that clearly thinks he can act like he wants.

One big question I have, if he is willing to act like this in public where people are usually better behaved, how bad does he get in private?
commented 2016-05-19 20:02:29 -0400
While I acknowledge that Mr.Trudeau could have used better judgment and tactics with moving the voting along, the “so-called” issue is being distorted and twisted into something it’s not . Those other MPs seemed to exercise no spatial awareness when they were blocking others and so understandably people would be irritated in that situation. Trudeau’s apology seemed to be genuine, while Brusseau’s crocodile tears and Muclair’s “outrage” clearly were not, considering how they were laughing about it after . ( details in which the author of this article seemed to have conveniently left out, mind you.) While I do feel sympathy for Brusseau for accidentally being elbowed, it was not assault or harassment, since there was no intentional groping going on. Defining it as such would be foolish and insensitive to real victims of sexual assault. For the record, there have also been politicians who have said and done far worse (including Rob Ford and Jim Jones, a councillor on the Markham city council where I live. He pleaded guilty to molesting a woman back in 2007.

In the end, this was clearly a slow news day including for rebel media.
commented 2016-05-19 18:52:03 -0400
Bully? That’s not a bully. That’s a spoiled little tit used to getting his own way, that’s all that is.

Did you see his mincing little march? Just like that Michael Portillo guy who does the BBC rail travel in Europe documentaries.
commented 2016-05-19 18:26:21 -0400
We already knew that he wasn’t all there. This is just further proof, that he shouldn’t be anywhere near the PM’s chair.
commented 2016-05-19 18:11:07 -0400
Had he aggressively charged at me like that the incident would have ended much differently.
commented 2016-05-19 18:02:18 -0400
The thing I really enjoyed about this was Justin being humbled. His cloak of invincibilty has been pierced. The game is afoot.
Also you just gotta love the two socialist parties fighting among each other like cats and dogs.
commented 2016-05-19 15:59:19 -0400
NATALIE STIENFIRE -- he ain’t no bouncer , he’s a bouncy
commented 2016-05-19 15:29:15 -0400
The thing is that if Harper or any of the Tory caucus laid a finger on anyone the Main Stream News would be apoplectic and the matter would be elevated to a national crisis. Instead the phony pukes at the CBC and elsewhare let him get away with it.