November 09, 2016

Congratulations, America! You won your second War of Independence without firing a shot

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

As Donald Trump said it would be, it’s America’s Brexit — breaking free, against all the sneering establishments who said you’d never do it. 

America just broke off with a part of itself:

The elite headquartered in Washington DC and New York and Hollywood and San Francisco Bay — official America, fancy America, powerful America, cool America, rich America, hip America.

It’s not just you who need to adjust. So does the rest of the world.

The Saudis and Qataris and Moroccans and Emiratis who have been paying millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation to buy influence — they face a less purchasable president.

The open borders crowd — in Mexico or Germany — have a new sheriff in town.

UN globalists, from the global warming crowd to trade deals that always seem to give China a pass — that’s going to change.

And if I were an Iranian ayatollah, I’d be using some of that Obama ransom money to buy a plane ticket out of dodge.

Congratulations America. And good luck!

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commented 2016-11-09 13:41:15 -0500
Interesting RT news last nite – was that Nigil Farage has offered his aid to Trump as a consultant.
A bright new day has dawned!!
commented 2016-11-09 13:32:02 -0500
So a loud mouth self promoter, an opportunist who changed parties for better opportunities, distained by the political establishment, having significant failures and coming back, intolerant of muslims, ranting about foreign powers, eventually achieves power – what can we expect? Well Churchill turned out ok
commented 2016-11-09 13:28:33 -0500
Lloyd, I guess you missed the part where some of us “lefties” were happy the warmonger Clinton didn’t get in?
commented 2016-11-09 13:27:56 -0500
Lloyd Nolan commented 2 mins ago
LMFAO!! Now it’s time to have our fun.
commented 2016-11-09 13:26:18 -0500
@ Bill Elder – you have no idea of how right you are!!! Clintoon knew if she started calling for recounts that her fraudulent behavior would be publicly confirmed! Her citing a verse from the Bible – was only a call to the demons at her behest – she is a WITCH (really!!) and has “chanted” her call for continued support. There is no truth to anything that comes out of her mouth & the same with Obumer. Their grace is as phony as pixie fairies.
If you listened / watched the tube vid Jimmy Reece put up – the problem is blatantly revealed.
commented 2016-11-09 13:24:19 -0500
Breaking news !! Canadian REBEL trolls attempted mass sucide under the low level bridge in Edmonton, apparently they drank the koolaide in great quantities but found they were immune to the koolaid as they have been sipping on it since kindergarten, they had tummy aches and diarrhea , they were then spoon fed doses of Steven Harper’s castor oil , and their mommies came and took them home
commented 2016-11-09 13:17:52 -0500
God Bless America!
God Bless President Trump!

However, that being said – if you listen carefully – you will hear all those globalists chanting around the seance table – working on their next move against the Liberty the West has paid for with much blood. The good Lord has given America a chance to redeem themselves – of the disgusting behaviors they have exalted in & the evils they have become tolerant to.
Prayer, vigilance and rational determination are in order. Let us not exhaust this Blessing with complacency.

America has just now riled the devil and his reactions will be horrific.
Already Iran is rattling their chains – in demanding that President Trump honor the treasonous treaty Clintoon & Obumer made with the Islamist devils with a “cash” cost theft of $1.7 billion from the American taxpayer -and the ransom costs of the UN Climate Fraud which as Canadians – we should be absolutely incensed that TruDope has paid 100s of millions to this FRAUD! Of OUR $$$ – and yet is openly disgracing our soldiers & citizens through absolute lack of concern. Blatantly ruining many Canadian lives in favor of enemy entities.
The actual war has now only begun. Think realistically and stay vigilant!
commented 2016-11-09 13:14:27 -0500
I still think Trump should have had between 304 and 316 electoral votes – I also note that he was on track for this and only 7-5% of the balloting left to be counted. I further note Clinton was not ready to concede. 1+1=2 – there was last minute final returns fixing that put Trump in the 279 EV range in the final.

I hope there is some major electoral reform to rid the system of machine fixing, multiple ballots and illegal voters. It is paramount that an electoral decision be precise and beyond question – this is needed to restore faith in another US institution which has been corrupted over the last 30 years.

I hope Trump buries himself in his reform work, he has a lot of promises to keep to restore faith in congress.
commented 2016-11-09 13:00:12 -0500
NNAUMBUA FARRELL – that video is so appropriate!
commented 2016-11-09 12:59:22 -0500
I’ll be watching in anticipation for your premium show tonight EZRA
You guys it’s the cost of a 649 combo or less

I suggest the federal Conservative opposition send down a delagation to make peace
commented 2016-11-09 12:53:26 -0500
I love this video from Milo….it’s like the US101st Airborn arriving in Bundesgarten after Hitler’s elite bailed.

Breitbart symbolicly eats their lunch…..the big bullies…….:-)
commented 2016-11-09 12:52:21 -0500
Bill Elder—-I love your #6; You shot the Globalists and the Green Freaks with one bullet.
commented 2016-11-09 12:49:10 -0500
Actually the main reason why I wanted Trump over Clinton was to avert WW3. Other than that, his policies are abhorrent and the US deserves balance and a true protectionist path.

As a non-interventionist and anti-war person, I definitely feel that unity is in order. See what happens when you assume Marty!
commented 2016-11-09 12:47:20 -0500
Many on the Left are glad Trump won, including dozens of left-wing sites and pundits, largely due to the fact that Clinton is a warmongering, lying bitch. Trump spoke his mind and seemed truthful. However, even though Trump won, I don’t America did. Problems with his policies will arise. He will surely cave in to the Military Economy Complex that others befor him had. Part of the problem is America’s two-party electoral system with grave options being every Americans’ only choice.
commented 2016-11-09 12:41:33 -0500
God Bless America!
God Bless President Trump!
This victory shows how insignificant the resident trolls are. They spouted all kinds of BS about how the evil witch Hillary was going to win and how all of us would have egg on our faces.
BUT NOW, who has the egg on their faces??
Now, they try so hard to belittle the victory of Mr. Trump. They are trying so hard to somehow climb out of the pit they were shoved into last night. Thinking really hard of things to say that will somehow make them seem less than LOSERS.
Jimmy Reece, John Siciliano, Jay Kelly, Michael Mann and all the rest of you idiots, will always be LOSERS. Suck it up and live with it.
commented 2016-11-09 12:33:30 -0500
No doubt a historic event which reinforces the reason this nation is so great and one the world hopes to emmulate.

A bloodless coup by the American voter to take the nation back from rapacious globalists, political subverters, a corrupt media and party system, and the venal fixers who fed on the corruption of the past 30 years.

Big winners last night:

1) The alt right is now establishment – let’s see if they can do better than CINOs

2) The Alt media won as the ONLY objective news reporter of public opinion and diverse viewpoint. Dino media committed suicide this election cycle (I predict it will never recover its credibility or viewer/readers)

3) The constitution and constitution obeying judges

4) The FBI – who will be purged of political pandering lakies and restored to a level of respect as they charge and prosecute the Clinton crime cartel

5) The immigration dept and border services – long abused and neglected they are now the centerpiece in making American citizenship and votes a precious exclusive right again.

6) PM Tater Tot and his band of smug suicide carbon-phobic dystopians are diminished in global importance to microscopic levels and have been left behind as the globe rejects globalist commie hegemony for constitutional sovereignty and populist democracy.
commented 2016-11-09 12:32:24 -0500
commented 2016-11-09 12:29:26 -0500
Say, anyone know who said this?

“Hillary is going to be President and you will see that America will be just fine after her 8 years. America won’t be destroyed like everyone here thinks.”

commented 2016-11-09 12:28:21 -0500
Reece – there will be a “trumping” here in Canada too – and then you will have to take that useless body of yours elsewhere. Mean time we all pray that you will grow up and maybe even grow a pair! Us ugly, whitetrash, homophobic, bigoted people have spoken – your insults mean nothing to us or anyone – so go crawl back into your safe place and be gone.You just aren’t capable of rational thought or of understanding the spoken word.
You are a terrorist & will be dealt with – one day – the only emotion in that “emotional” speech is one of absolute RACISM! Take your racist ass elsewhere.
Oh, and if you are wondering why Clintoon didn’t call for any recounts – is because if she did she knew her fraud would be so much more evident.
If you don’t like Democracy – take that worthless carcass of yours over to Qatar -they are running out of racist bigots like yourself.
commented 2016-11-09 12:26:59 -0500
What an incredible day. Finally an end to the Obama Clinton trainwreck
commented 2016-11-09 12:26:56 -0500
Hopefully the world is one step closer to seeing the whole Clinton crime family perp-walked into a Prison van.
commented 2016-11-09 12:23:46 -0500
@jimmy Reece…I was once a liberal like you…you can only malign men for so long before they turn against you…this is the hatred and contempy spat out by liberals splashing back on them.

You have fences to mend…we have a wall to build.
commented 2016-11-09 12:22:59 -0500
Thank God Americans voted for the sensible choice.
commented 2016-11-09 12:20:08 -0500
A quote from Prime Minister Small Potatoes on a Peter Mansbridge interview…" America is stupid and they need to pay attention to what is going on". I understand why Mansbridge retired. He couldn’t stand to listening to Small Potatoes and his moronic responses.
commented 2016-11-09 12:19:18 -0500
Jimmy, you remind me of a block of concrete: all mixed up and permanently set. I think Jimmy and the rest of the trolls were crowing that they’d rub our noses in the dirt upon Hillarious Clinton winning the election…Now it’s time for sour grapes and Jimmy has to insult the people who didn’t vote as he thinks they should have.
commented 2016-11-09 12:18:48 -0500
Nnaumbua Farrell,

No – people here said I would leave out of embarrassment or whatever.
commented 2016-11-09 12:17:10 -0500
This is a victory for the rise of China and BRICS and Russia.

The US is a nation in decline and it is predicted that the US will have 20 trillion added to the current 20 trillion in overall US debt.

I find it amazing that many are calling this a win for the American people.
commented 2016-11-09 12:15:54 -0500
Kind of interesting that now conservatives in the US support Keynesianism, leaving NATO, being for balance and domestic policy, and Trump’s new party is in fact moving and becoming more liberal and being for reducing regulations and taxes at the same time. Sounds like a liberal conservative to me.

Even his leaving NATO and abandoning foreign wars sounds like my cup of tea. Many on here simply have to realize that maybe Trump is a liberal conservative.
commented 2016-11-09 12:10:00 -0500
Lol. You need us.