November 02, 2017

Congressional Black Caucus to Speak With FBI About 'Black Identity Extremists' Report

Rebel Staff

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is reportedly in the process of setting up talks with the FBI director to discuss the bureau's recent report on "black identity extremists."

The FBI responded to the CBC’s Oct. 13 letter and the two groups are in talks to get a sit down planned between the CBC and FBI Director Christopher Wray, a spokeswoman explained to TheDCNF.

“We heard back from the FBI on October 23, 2017 as requested, and we’re working with them to schedule a meeting with Director Wray,” Kamara Jones, communications director with the caucus, said to TheDCNF.

The group sent a letter to the FBI earlier in October expressing concern over reports of an Aug. 3 FBI document warning of potential violence against law enforcement officers from “black identity extremists.” The document reportedly tied the rise of the group to the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown, and noted that other instances of police brutality against black men only helped to further the anger of “black identity extremists.”

The CBC requested a meeting with Wray to further learn about the research the FBI used to create its report and how it plans to use the document going forward. The group also expressed concern about how the report only drew from a small sample of incidents–potentially conflating black activists who are expressing their free speech rights with those who would do violence against officers.

“It relies on a handful of obviously terrible incidents to paint black Americans who exercise free speech against witnessed police brutality as possible violent extremists,” the group said in the letter. “The broad characterizations can only serve to further erode trust between law enforcement officials and many of the black communities they serve, further inflaming an already tense and complicated dynamic.”

It's ironic that the caucus is citing the Michael Brown case as one of the problems they have with the report. The death of Brown is what spurred violent riots all over the country and what caused the Black Lives Matter movement to form, as many were outraged that a young black man was murdered by a white cop seemingly for no reason. Of course, it was later revealed that Brown had actually attacked the officer, leaving him no choice but to respond with gunfire. However, race-baiters did not let this little detail get in the way of their movement! Instead, they continue to portray Brown as a martyr to this day. 

In today's racially-charged environment, police are forced to walk on egg shells when they are confronted with dealing with crime in the black community. As a society, we can't afford to make police officers afraid to do their jobs, yet that's exactly what we are doing. 

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commented 2017-11-04 03:57:12 -0400
Perhaps not yet, but inevitably in the coming years, books will be written about the racial animosity that was “churned up”, by deliberate design, during the eight years of one Barak Hussein Obama…
commented 2017-11-02 21:35:48 -0400
Black caucus? Only for Black issues? Only there for Blacks? So much for representing the people regardless of race or ideology.

Brown is a perfect example of the lie outgrowing the truth. He tried to grab a gun from an officer and physically threatened the officer. Whats a good cop to do but defend himself as he is trained to do.

The last stats show that only 16 unarmed blacks were killed last year – some shootings very justified – fists are weapons. Meanwhile, 90% of black murders are committed by blacks. So where is the big stink by the Black caucus about black on black violence? No where to be heard.
commented 2017-11-02 13:09:59 -0400
… A black caucus- what a joke. Do they have a white caucus? No, that would be racist.
… Only the Left considers race anymore. Everyone else has grown up and moved on to important issues.