June 28, 2019

(WATCH) Congressman Dan Crenshaw questions Google for targeting conservative media platforms

Rebel Staff

Rep. Dan Crenshaw asks Google to give specific examples of the “hate speech” committed by their targets and their reckless use of the epithet Nazi.

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commented 2019-07-01 02:39:15 -0400
If he were doing this in Canada the leader of the “Conservative” party- Andrew Scheer- would make him apologize for hurting the feelings of these scheming liars and all the comments would be deleted from the parliamentary record.

When the West separates we absolutely must have first and second amendments or we are just back where we started from.
commented 2019-06-29 12:46:39 -0400
Dan Crenshaw is impressive. I hope there is someway to put a leash on these powerful monopolies. I guess exposing them is the first step. We really have created monsters haven’t we.
There is so much potential for good with the level of technology both in communications and science and research, but its also impossible it seems, to keep evil people with evil intent from corrupting it. Scary world.
commented 2019-06-29 09:00:15 -0400
I stand corrected regarding Mr. Bernier…he did stand up, didn’t he!
commented 2019-06-29 01:18:21 -0400
clarification of my previous comment: feeD (not fee).

The gov’t is still corrupt though.
commented 2019-06-28 21:10:31 -0400
Liza, I couldn’t agree more. Dan, let’s wait and see how Maxime Bernier turns out.
commented 2019-06-28 14:10:07 -0400
It doesn’t surprise me that this kind of up-front, to the point, manly, no-fluff questioning is from a man of the caliber of ex-SEAL, Rep. Dan Crenshaw!
I like the cut of this man’s jib!

It appears we don’t have any men in this country – willing to stand up and run for public office – although I can’t say as I blame them…these days.
commented 2019-06-28 14:09:13 -0400
new name new fee.
They could have warned us of the interruption, however slight.
commented 2019-06-28 13:43:16 -0400
The Rebel twitter feed has been shut down. Google it,when you click on their twitter it says, ‘this page does not exist’.
Ezra’s is still up….for now.
What scum these paid off corrupt monopolies are.
What scum our anti free speech Canadian government are. They are getting ready for their election fixing.

Do you hear that Canada? Your government is corrupt and in collusion with these social media monopolies.