March 07, 2015

Conservative environmentalism? It's real -- and in Canada, it gets results

Brian LilleyArchive

At the Manning Networking Conference, Monte Solberg tells me that, contrary to the beliefs of liberals -- and even some conservatives -- the environment is a conservative issue.

Solberg says that Harper's Conservative government has accomplished more on environmental issues than the Liberals did during their long time in power.

He also points to conservation groups like Ducks Unlimited. They may not get the same fawning media attention Greenpeace enjoys, but they actually perform the less glamourous work of preserving Canada's wildlife and green space.

Solberg also explains how icons like Teddy Roosevelt and Russell Kirk shaped ecological thinking on the Right going back many generations:

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commented 2015-03-09 18:44:30 -0400
The Liberal version of green utopia is turning out to be an environmental disaster. Hundreds of thousands of acres of scrub and bush being bulldozed and high-hoed for farmland; all due to the insane land-prices caused by (a) the energy-negative corn-sourced ethanol market, and, (b) supply-management in dairy country. I like pointing that out to Liberals every time they belly-ache about this despoliation of nature. “Well, that’s what you voted for.”
commented 2015-03-08 03:18:54 -0400
I have great arguments with our liberals about environmentalism. Firstly, liberals assume every Capitalist or Conservative hates nature and in fact spends huge amounts of effort to destroy the great out doors. It’s so bizarre the thinking that as a conservative I want to ruin the air, trees, rivers, lakes, everything. Only a true liberal has the intellectual fortitude to be in love with nature.
Put it this way, No CEO, Plant Manager, even Mike Harris loves to go fishing, own a cottage, enjoy a canoe paddle down a river. Nope, only honey suckle liberals with round John Lennon glasses can truelly enjoy the great outdoors. Flip on PBS, Prairie Home Companion, listen to endless bs from that show. Even eat a whole darn pumpkin pie in three bites.
Liberals own the outdoors, even though they buy rarely leave the BIG CITY. Ever wonder why the new coined phrase Lumbersexual comes from? Fake liberal tree huggers who reside in cities and never venture past a Dairy Queen.
I do notice though an interest development that has been going on for some time. Liberal Country Landowners posting NO HUNTING signs to keep out those inferior humans. Have you ever seen what countryside liberals do to the natural surrounding of the landscapes? They are overgrown with deer and other animals. The deer breed like bunnies, likewise over eat the landscapes. They likewise entice coyotes and bush wolves to come closer to homes. Little Dog — FooFoo is now FoodFood for hungry scavengers. Liberals destroy the fine balance of natural surrounding and animals.
I’m not saying that conservatives won’t make mistakes. We all do. But conservative environmentalists practice balance in better than treehuggers in BIrkenstok.
commented 2015-03-07 23:58:03 -0500
This really is a great interview. This really shows of the power/benefit of the internet format of The Rebel. A 7 minute, uninterrupted interview? Could never be done on TV. Just couldn’t. But here.. no problem, and the result is fantastic. Even if I didn’t agree with what was said (I do), its still great, and the format is great, and the uninterrupted-ness of it is great.
commented 2015-03-07 20:01:10 -0500
Great interview. Nice to see Monte again.

I agree the CPC needs to get our consevation record messaged during the campaign. Radio, TV, internet ads.
commented 2015-03-07 12:26:06 -0500
The Conservatives have allowed the liberals to make the environment their own issue. This election P.M. Harper and his party need to launch an all out offensive to take the issue of the ‘environment’ back. Complacent Canadians who just automatically accept the old sock that Conservatives hate fawns and baby bears, need to have their eyes opened.
commented 2015-03-07 11:20:52 -0500
I agree with Monte Solberg on this. The Conservative Party needs to make a greater effort of informing the Canadian public about all the initiatives they have taken to protect the environment in one form or the other. The media consistently slam the Harper government on this issue; thereby giving the viewing public a false impression that nothing is being done. Perhaps a mail-out to all Canadians would keep them informed.