December 01, 2015

"The Right isn’t actually comfortable with power"

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

I am more than happy to admit when I've been wrong, and I was obviously very, very wrong a few weeks ago.

That's when I intimated that Trudeau was going to fuddle-duddle the CPC's efforts to get him to extend the timeline for his refugee resettlement promise.

What a relief to see that the Liberals are now still bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, but they will be doing it a little slower and with appropriate screening. You trust the Liberals to properly screen these refugees, don't you?

Like Justin Trudeau himself, I was hasty and- isn't this hilarious- just not ready to pronounce on matters I obviously don't understand.

I should have taken my cue from the experienced newshounds at the Toronto Star who had come around to giving Harper his due on his government's legacy?

I guess we can all stop boycotting them, huh?

I must have been crazy to have been talking about some non-existent consensus that needed to be destroyed! The system works fine. The Liberals propose an idea, we haggle over timetables, and the idea still goes through without too much fuss.

Heck, that's the way it goes in most provinces and cities around Canada, so why shouldn't the federal government follow suit?

All that was needed here to move the mighty Liberal majority was the kind of principled, moderate, and reasonable proposals provided by Canada's New Opposition and heroic Premiers like Brad Wall (who really owes it to us to leave his safe job as Premier and take on the Liberals in the next election). 

It just goes to show that if it weren't for the shadowy cabal of third party groups funding the Liberals at election time, the CPC's sensible policies would have carried the day. Won't you support them with a generous $25 donation today?

In a perfect world, we would be able to do something about those third party groups besides impotent whining.

But we don’t live in a perfect world, which is the lesson of this whole affair.

Just because starry-eyed dreamers like Justin Trudeau can sweep Canadians off their feet with outrageous election promises and win majorities doesn’t mean we should be doing anything unsafe or outside the box, even if it means we stay in opposition for another few decades.

Any leadership contenders who entertain the prospect of leaving the safe zone need to give their heads a shake.

One false move and Trudeau might not be so inclined to listen next time, and then where would we be?

Well, let’s not get into that. Instead, let’s focus on where the CPC actually is, and that is, in some bizarre way, where they’re the most comfortable.

This is the conservative comfort zone, a distant relative of the SJW “safe space”.

Whereas the left reacts with insensate rage to any threats to their comfortable safe inner worlds and must rearrange the outer world to make it match, the right isn’t actually comfortable with power.

They want it, and they rarely get it, but they don’t know what to do with it.

Underneath all that macho projection and self-reliance lie delicate, sensitive feelings. Can’t you just see their lips quivering when they get called baby killers on the campaign trail for pushing for the same refugee plan that the Liberals just endorsed? “It’s not faaaaaair!!! Bawwwwww!!”

But in some twisted way, when the Liberals do endorse their plan, the recognition makes them positively jump for joy. “Yaaaay! We matter!”

And if things do go horribly wrong as a result of letting refugees in, well, it won’t be their fault, will it?


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commented 2015-12-02 18:35:24 -0500
Oh Bill, you mustn’t take me too seriously. I’m not a real journalist or a political staffer, don’t you know.

I was just pretending to spin half as well as the people who have been telling us for a week that this was a victory- before they found out it could possibly be 50K refugees instead of 25K.
commented 2015-12-02 12:06:02 -0500
Josh I hope the first part of this screed was sarcasm right? Canada’s governing system, or more correctly " our public policy making system" is a disaster BECAUSE of bipartisan capitulation with dangerous radical ideologies and agendas. Opposition is neutered in what change it can effect – and making minor changes to calamitous or damaging legislating is like stopping and checking the tire pressure of a bus that’s being driven towards a cliff.

As for Conservatives being uncomfortable with using absolute power of majority in the mega state, yu are correct – this is the nature of the modern Conservative coalition ( which is a collection of individualist and liberty based idealists from Libertarian roots or classic liberals and populist democrats aligned with Austrian school economics) has, by their very ideological nature, have no desire to push the populus around and tell them what to do – but that libertarian anti-authoritarian reflex should be dormant when dealing with the political cartels which do want to bully every one with state power and dictate how we are to think/live/act. Conservatives must gain a killer instinct when dealing with aggressive authoritarian leftist politicians/parties/special interests. They are the enemy of every free working man and woman in this nation and when the people give Conservatives the go ahead to change things, they should be relentless, remorseless in rolling back the authoritarian klepto-state erected by previous globalist governments – we must wade into administrative opposition with a large double bladed battle axe and decimate administrative resistance to new policy change. Had Harper done this he would enjoy the PM seat as long as he wanted it.

Conservative political agendas should be focused at disassembling and decimating the rot and corruption of crony socialism. I would think the first order of business is to decommission ALL crown corps, and legislate accountability in public union finances. Personally I would cut the size of government 50% and pass those cost saving on to the public in a proportional tax cut. But that’s me, I’m unashamed and open about my Libertarian hatred of excessive corrupt government, unlike the people who conservatives have representing them politically.