November 05, 2015

Conservative Party names Rona Ambrose interim leader -- and I'm not happy about it

Brian LilleyArchive

Rona Ambrose will be the Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and I'm not happy about it. 

Why? Because I think she should have thrown her name in for Leader. She's a skilled politician who would have given Trudeau a run for his money from day one.

With the Interim leadership taken care of, I turn my thoughts back to who could, and who I think should, run for the leadership. Let me know what you think in the comments.

And in the meantime, Rona Ambrose as Interim Leader is a welcome face, a smart face and someone that will take the party where it should go.


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commented 2015-11-09 10:20:31 -0500
I had dealings with Rona Ambrose who did nothing to assist when I brought serious issues of fraud, corruption and contract manipulation at PWGSC, Public Works and Government Services.

I had bids I won issued to much higher priced bidders. I had contracts terminated by manipulation. I had RCMP ceremonial belt buckle contracts deemed non responsive when they kept rejecting my Pre-Award samples, despite the fact my firm created the belt buckle that everyone else copied. Heck they even reject their own sealed sample.

DND quality controllers, Mathew Varghese and his boss Victor Lee were caught taking bribes to rubber stamp shipments for delivery. They were never criminally charged and the matter was swept under the rug. My firm has saved Canadian tax payers over $1 BILLION dollars during a 30+ year of delivering higher quality products at much reduced cost.

My last meeting with Anne Migneault, section manager of Textiles and Apparels at PWGSC, ended with her saying, “I did not know you come here bitching.” This was after I raised serious issues of fraud, contract manipulation, contracting officer calling me at home telling me to bid a certain way after she failed to issue to me a $300,000 contract and the bidding department asking me two hours AFTER bid closing to submit pages they lost.

PS If anyone is thinking about libel or slander, what I have written is fully documented by digital audio recording.
commented 2015-11-09 05:02:28 -0500
NO, not so sure. Us not in the Ottawa bubble do not see the same things as those in the bubble. Rona came off saying that they where not going to be this mean spirited or angry party, basically blaming Stephen Harper. The Fact is, That is the Liberal Story line which is false.
Not inviting a billion people into Canada without screening is a good thing. And Not giving Refugees dental care as part of a basic free healthcare package is also not negative. Where is my free lunch?
The Fact is Justin was totally negative in his acceptance speech, insulting and doing a drive by against Harper. Why? cause its their negative way, not sunny ways. Liberal Days are Dark days. Dark for the Provinces, Dark for the Military, Dark for Christians, dark for the unborn.

For Rona to slight her own party using Liberal messaging suggests she doesn’t know what she is doing. I haven’t checked but I would bet that Harper got more votes than most of the MP’s, And Harpers Hijab comments for sure was an attempt to gain some Quebec votes which lost him the Muslim Vote which was a costly move. And maybe it could have been framed by a Female rather than Harper, about the disgrace pushed on women but it wasn’t. And that is Harpers and the teams fault.

Just cause the Liberals eat their leaders, doesn’t mean the conservatives have too. He might have been a bit dull but he was a good PM.
commented 2015-11-07 17:32:10 -0500
Hey jack carter in your lost it talked abt bob rae yeah the conservatives could learn from him who killed the manufacturing industry in Ontario. Yeah that’s truly the one to model after. Yeah ok. Good one

Trust us when we say Trudeau will be a 4 year term and ruin canada. Do you know what Marxists are. Trudeau and his buddy Gerald whatever his last name is. Enjoy the 4 years of hell with Trudeau and Marxist. Socialism is not the cure for a country. What do socialists demand and want everything for nothing. Freebies.
commented 2015-11-07 15:08:48 -0500
Like it or not, government will never stop abortion procedures, even if it becomes illegal. Sadly, human nature is “pro-choice”. However, government can get out of funding it, no more taxpayer funded abortions, would be about as far as can go without intruding on private individuals and their affairs. I absolutely hate abortions, but I’m realistic about any attempts to “ban” anything, it’ll continue regardless. Now if you’re Christian, or just don’t like murder, you should have a Pro-Choice as well, you can choose whether you wanna pay taxes for abortions or not, a tax against objectors lifted.
commented 2015-11-07 12:51:08 -0500
Karin Bougie

The government has not just the right, but a duty to stop the genocide against our future generations.
commented 2015-11-07 12:48:18 -0500
Ambrose will follow in the steps of Harper. She’s already made her first appeasement and kissed Trudeau’s butt over the keystone pipeline. Saying there is nothing we do about Oblozo’s attack against our economy and standard of living by blocking our goods from getting to market, a clear violation of every trade agreement we have with the US. There certainly is something can do, and should have done long ago. Get off your belly and fight by responding in kind.
commented 2015-11-07 09:38:52 -0500
So, Rona Ambrose is going to help get things moving on the inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women, that’s nice…….too bad she still believes that a government should have the right to tell a woman she shouldn’t have an abortion.
Sorry, this woman is not leader material in my book.
The conservative party needs a good old cleaning out of archaic beliefs and join the now.
commented 2015-11-07 04:41:08 -0500
The Great Hole In Your Head,

Apparently being from the west and the education you received didn’t help you figure out that what I posted was a media article.
commented 2015-11-07 02:16:39 -0500
Hey jack carter. Can you show us all your PH.d diplomas you have. Since you seem to be so smart Saw you wrote a little monologue down people. Yay good for you. Hey jack your short bus is waiting for you. I bet jack carter works at Walmart as the welcome greater. He is a proud Ontario eastern that enjoys he west coasts transfer payments to pay for his pathetic provinces choices. What a typical eastern loser.
commented 2015-11-07 02:13:31 -0500
Hey jack carter. I tried to read your one useless. Little monologue there. Are you hoping somebody will read it and offer you a job to write for a paper. Because you sound like an unemployed Ontario eastern loser. Like come on jack carter do you really think we give a flying rats ass what you write or say? Hey everybody jack carter wrote a monologue let’s give him a star so he can put it beside his name. Hey jack look there’s your short bus waiting to pick you up to get your daily diaper changed because your a useless piece of trash. Hey jack you know my friend are pathetic when the kids on the short bus are like who let this retard on our bus. Do us a favor and go shove your head so far up trudeaus ass that you can eat his crap. And then when you need some air pull your head out and say it tastes like candy too. You retarded liberal. It’s like why even talk to liberals just useless socialist pigs.
commented 2015-11-07 02:03:42 -0500
Rona Ambrose is a babe. Yes please. She is smart. Well educated. And a total milf
And she’s not gay like Trudeau Even better.

The conservatives would be smart to leave her in as new leader of the conservatives.

I would love to see her debate mucliar and make him look like his typical child rapist pig of man with that rapist beard.

And if she debated Trudeau. Trudeau would have nothing to say other then mommy help me?
commented 2015-11-06 19:24:22 -0500

You mean the dictatorship that happened with Harper for 8 years? That even conservatives concede was Harper’s downfall.

Trudeau just became PM and you already know what kind of PM he will be?
commented 2015-11-06 19:21:04 -0500

Trump doesn’t have a hope in hell of becoming President, so who cares?

And those right wingers that you speak of that gave up on politics – there is not enough of them for The Conservative Party to win. If the Conservative Party went more right – they would just lose to the center, center/left and liberal, which Canada is full of.

An extreme conservative can’t even win in America, so here is NO chance for the Canadian equivalent.
commented 2015-11-06 19:14:27 -0500
I don’t care who gets to be the actual leader. I’ll let them in the party decided that. All I care about is that they actually choose one democratically and not like the Liberal Party did by basic dictatorship silencing one of their own for daring to give Justin a difficult question of what made him qualified to represent the middle class of Canada. I most certainly hope that the Conservatives are more respectful of each other and allow them to challenge each other to best defend their bid for the leadership. I don’t want another basic dictatorship like the idiot we now have as Prime Moron.
commented 2015-11-06 18:08:46 -0500
I don’t believe the conservative party would be more electable if it went to the left. The leftists would never vote conservative, period. But if the conservative party went more right, it could motivate the right wingers that gave up on politics to come out and vote.

Look at it this way. Did King Ralph ever care about the left? Is Trump trying to attract the democrat voter?
commented 2015-11-06 15:58:06 -0500
When power flips in the capital, everything turns upside down.

To the victor, the parade, the adulation, everything but the rose petals. To the vanquished, the freight entrance.

And so it was Thursday, when a jaunty Prime Minister Justin Trudeau loped into his first caucus meeting to cheers and Stephen Harper returned to the House of Commons via the door reserved for recycling.

Trudeau, it seemed, was everywhere, strolling the grounds of Parliament Hill, even stopping to greet a defeated junior Conservative cabinet minister, Ed Holder. Earlier this week he made an impromptu visit, garbed in safety vest and hard hat, to Parliament Hill construction workers.

Harper slipped in and out of the Centre Block like a cat burglar with a satchel full of jewels.

While attention was focused on new Liberal ministers, others searched for the back door route Harper would use to exit. He made it. There are a lot of labyrinths to this building and a lot of ways to evade prying cameras. Just ask some senators.

The two sides met across the hall from each other (the New Democrats have been exiled to the basement) but the metaphorical gulf stretched far beyond the 10 metres or so that separate the two Centre Block meeting rooms.

On the Liberal side, it was the first day at school. On the Conservative side, for many, it was the last day at school.

Newly minted Liberals sought directions to the caucus room, asked reporters to snap photos of their first day in the Commons, approached TV personalities to introduce themselves. They think we’re nice. They’ll learn.

Conservatives, the masters of employing ropes, security and a heads-down single-minded quest for the nearest door to evade members of the Press Gallery, were suddenly chatty. Extremely chatty.

The Conservative story had more of an urgency on this day, equal parts political inquest and page-turning.

It started with an address from the outgoing leader, Harper, then ultimately the choice of an interim leader, Edmonton’s Rona Ambrose, whose government portfolios have included environment, health and public works.

Harper spoke to his colleagues for 15 to 20 minutes, and was accepting of the verdict of voters and accepting of blame for the party’s performance election day. He was relaxed, well-received and it appears that the time for recrimination has passed, although a number of former ministers and MPs have become post-election pundits since Oct. 19.

According to some interpretations, Harper appeared relieved to be able to walk away after almost 10 years at the helm.

Ambrose takes on a big job and one that she could hold for more than a year.

The party, as former treasury board president Tony Clement pointed out, is not facing a “cataclysmic” rebuild as it did after 1993, perhaps the biggest change election in recent history.

The Conservatives have 99 seats and won 32 per cent of the vote and could be a formidable opposition — if Ambrose can keep them relevant and win her share of media attention.

The party should be looking at the way Bob Rae kept the Liberals together when his party was facing a much more daunting rebuild than the one facing the Conservatives today.

Rae set the bar high. He was encyclopedic in his grasp of issues, loquacious with reporters and a strong House performer.

Ambrose limited questions Thursday and has never shown the type of flair in the Commons her party might need to punch through the Trudeau fascination, but she has proved quietly competent in her recent jobs after a stumbling start out of the gate as a Harper minister.

She inherits a caucus that knows that things here could flip again in four years.

“We’re hurting, but we’re united,’’ said former minister and GTA MP Peter Kent.

While Ambrose keeps the seat warm, others have started to build the mechanism for a run for the permanent leader.

Former defence minister Jason Kenney said his party “got the big things right. We got the tone wrong.’’

Neither he nor Clement did anything to squelch leadership rumours and former transport minister Lisa Raitt also left the door open, urging the party to first figure out what it needs to do to win, then seek a leader who can make that happen.

The Conservatives should clench their teeth, give Trudeau his days in the sun and accept Raitt’s counsel. They can come back, but they have to realize their problems run deeper than mere leadership. Liberals in the pre-Trudeau era have already shown them the futility of grasping at leadership as the fix-all.
commented 2015-11-06 15:25:35 -0500

Kenney can’t beat Trudeau. He may be intelligent, but politically – he has the appeal of cancer with his personality, lack of charisma and zero marketability.

You need a conservative rock star – Kenney ain’t that.
commented 2015-11-06 14:43:22 -0500
The only Conservative leader the MSM will be happy with is one they approve. Translation: a “conservative” leader with Liberal ties and beliefs. In other words, the MSM will only be happy with a Liberal leader of the Conservative Party. (They want us back in the days of Mulroney.)

Forget it.

Let’s find a Conservative leader with a backbone and fortitude and some principles he/she believes in. The rest is all politics…
commented 2015-11-06 14:16:30 -0500
Jason Kenney for PM. No contest. I would pay admission to watch a one-on-one debate between him and Trudeau. JT would be on the floor in the fetal position in about 10 minutes.
commented 2015-11-06 13:35:40 -0500
Rona is a good choice as interim leader as anyone who follows politics can show. She was a very capable minister in all eight of her portfolios. But, I agree with Brian that she would have made a very capable actual leader of the CPC. After seeing the embarrassing commentary put forth by future senators Oliver, Fife, and Laflamme of CTV “News?” there is no doubt that they consider the Conservative Party to be relegated to the dustbin of history. No candidate not called Justin will get any coverage for the next four years, thus leading to no scrutiny of the government at all. See Ontario Liberals for an example.
commented 2015-11-06 13:17:44 -0500

I think some conservatives here believe that there is this HUGE demographic of hard core conservatives just dying to come out and vote if only The Conservative Party would go that conservative…like Ben Carson/Rick Santorum/Michelle Bachmann conservative.
commented 2015-11-06 12:59:45 -0500
“So yes, conservatives are going to have to compromise IF winning elections is important to them.”
Small “c” conservatism is a good thing as one element of a political (or economic, or scientific) system. It means listening to and learning from the past, recognizing and respecting what’s worked, testing new ideas, and being cautious about change – not getting swept away by enthusiasm for what’s new, for the sake of novelty.
Small “p” progressivism is an equally good thing as one element of a political (or economic, or scientific) system. It means identifying changes in the social, cultural, political and economic environments, responding to new needs, learnings and circumstances, testing new ideas, and being cautious about a comfortable reliance on the status quo – not getting paralyzed away by the fear of change.
Both streams are good, both streams are necessary. But when they become locked in as unshakeable ideologies, defined by absolutes and dogmatic statements that cannot be questioned, then we’re screwed.
commented 2015-11-06 12:41:26 -0500

They are varying degrees of conservative and the Conservative Party needs to understand Canadians. Some have claimed that Harper wasn’t conservative enough, but any more conservative than Harper would make The Conservative Party unelectable.

As I indicated before – every poll shows that twice as many Canadians self-identify themselves as liberal over conservative.

So yes, conservatives are going to have to compromise IF winning elections is important to them.
commented 2015-11-06 12:32:11 -0500

OK – lay it out here what’s been bad about Harper and all the ways that the Conservative Party has fucked up over the last 10 years – that made it totally understandable that they would lose like conservatives have conceded outside of The Rebel.
commented 2015-11-06 12:31:01 -0500
Terry said, " a repacking of the message"

Now that is a good idea, especially embracing Internet social media.
commented 2015-11-06 12:29:32 -0500
Terry said (as one of the things that conservatives might consider changing to become a more attractive party to Canadians), "a reconsideration of some traditional policy stances, both explicit and inferred. "

As soon as we start changing policies to attract more left leaning Canadians, then we cease to be conservatives.
commented 2015-11-06 12:26:35 -0500
Jack Carter said, "but no one on The Rebel is giving any blame towards Harper or admit where the Conservative Party has fucked up over the last almost decade. It was all the evil media’s plan. "

Sure we are. You just don’t bother reading those comments or are deliberately ignoring them, but that does not diminish the main stream media’s central involvement in demonizing Harper and elevating Trudeau.
commented 2015-11-06 12:16:10 -0500
“So now it is up to you to explain as to change you would like to bring in conservatives so that they become ‘palatable’ and don’t look like Liberals or NDP?”
Good question, and one that you, as a conservative, are better equipped to answer than I am. But simple math says that the Conservatives were pretty good at getting their base out to vote this time around. So in order to actually increase their share of the vote, as opposed to maintaining it (which is all they managed this time around), they need to attract from the centre. That MAY involve:
- a reconsideration of some traditional policy stances, both explicit and inferred. For example, the Republicans appearing to be softening their policy stance on immigration and their cultural stance on same sex marriage; both have been staple issues for their base for years, but there seems to be recognition that the world is not the same place (for better or worse);
- a repacking of the message. I think even most Conservatives will privately agree that the full frontal assault attack ads and the level of aggression shown in Conservative campaign alienated many of the voters they should have been trying to attract. That’s very much the Kory Teneycke/Ezra Levant style, and it’s certainly a strategy that works sometimes, in some settings: but it was the wrong tone for this election.
commented 2015-11-06 12:07:11 -0500

Your point B is fantastic and spot on. That is how it will go down exactly.

Republicans will lose again, Trudeau will get re-elected and conservatives will have a dumb look on their face as they blame everyone else, but themselves for why they keep losing. They don’t get it that they are completely out of touch with voters.
commented 2015-11-06 12:03:22 -0500

Sure it could be a bit of both – but no one on The Rebel is giving any blame towards Harper or admit where the Conservative Party has fucked up over the last almost decade. It was all the evil media’s plan.

I am just glad that there are conservatives outside of The Rebel that are able to talk reality.