November 17, 2015

How Conservative Party supporters respond to Syrian refugees "will define the movement for a generation"

Damian PennyRebel Blogger

Even before the Paris terror attacks of November 13 finally ended, many people assumed that the perpetrators were refugees from Syria, or ISIS operatives who had disguised themselves as such.

And when a "Syrian passport" belonging to one of the suicide bombers was discovered, it added more fuel to this theory. While it turns out that most of the terrorists were actually European nationals -- mostly from Belgium -- many politicians on both sides of the Atlantic have used the Paris attacks as a reason to close the doors on refugees fleeing from that war-torn country.

But it turns out that the passport is a fake: According to The Independent, an identical copy was discovered in Serbia -- and it may illustrate what ISIS' refugee strategy really is.

Why would terrorists carry passports with them before they carry out their missions? Because they really wanted us to find them, and then to draw the seemingly obvious conclusion.

Just as the Communist states of Eastern Europe considered the people property of the state and did everything possible to keep them from leaving, ISIS feels that devout Muslims have a duty to live under their command, and consider the act of leaving a betrayal.

They really don't want people to flee before they can enslave them -- and I suspect they've also been following the news from Europe over the past few months, as the continent tears itself apart over the controversial issue of refugees. Aside from the bombings and shootings, what better way to sow further chaos and division than by making people think every refugee is a terrorist in waiting?

That's why it's so distressing to see so many American (mostly Republican) state governors and GOP Presidential candidates take the bait and demand that no Syrian refugees be allowed. America's refugee-vetting system is already thorough -- and painfully slow -- and since 9/11, a grand total of two out of over 750,000 refugees have been charged with terror-related offenses. 

But what does that matter, when you're scared? And what does it prove, except that terrorism works?

Here in Canada, the Conservatives have been demanding details about how the new Trudeau government plans to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to the country in a relatively short time. That's what we should be doing. Importing a large number of people into the country poses tremendous logistical challenges, and whether ISIS is involved or not, there will almost certainly be those we don't want anywhere near us. If we're doing this, it must be done right, and the safety of the public must be protected to the greatest extent possible.

And we have done it before: In 1956 thousands of Hungarians came to Canada and the United States after the Soviet Union crushed their rebellion, and after the Vietnam war many more thousands of Vietnamese and Cambodians fled the Communists and came here. Conservatives welcomed people fleeing our enemies then, so why are so many trying to keep them out now?

The answer is Islam, of course. And where you stand on this issue almost certainly coincides with whether you think Muslims are inherently violent, or whether we should be standing with Muslims in their struggle against violent Islamism. 

It looks like the Republican Party has already decided. 

Here in Canada, how Conservative Party supporters decide will define the movement for a generation.



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Trudeau's Liberals MUST halt plans to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees
until they can guarantee the safety of the Canadian people.

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commented 2015-11-19 14:24:09 -0500
Glenn Craig – The man with two first names; you know terms like fraud, squarely directed at a particular individual, is flirting with libel; flirt like that and you might as well buy me dinner while you’re at it. But I know you wouldn’t even dream of a thing like that. So, what name is up there, embroidered in white above the breast pocket of your navy blue coveralls; are you a Glenny or a Craigy? The fact is, I love people like you! I mean, people who through their attempts at adversarial counterpoints provide unwitting proof of the litany of their own failures, through the subtext of their own condemnations; you’ve been a union bigshot for longer than I’ve been alive – I presume you presume I am what, 20? 30? 40? 50? Well let’s take the fact that membership has gone from 40% in 1980 to 30% now as a testament to what a fantastic job you teamster lads have been doing – fantastic from my perspective of course, as the fellow who loathes what your organizations do to my bottom line while I still have operations in Canada. But remember, I loathe what guys like you stand for but I love guys like you – I can only hope for fellas like you to head up the organized labor movements at my production facilities, because I know that when fellas like you wanna fight you’ll go as far as to do a ‘Google’ search to get your answers/evidence, and then you’ll follow up that ‘research’ with relatively concise indications of your naturally questionable level of official-language literacy, all of which does only serve to undermine your cause if ever we reach the point where we’re engaging in any arbitration. So you ‘Googled’ me. Well, like the Travelling Willburys sang: congratulations… you came out on top. But wait. Actually, you didn’t: here I was in my first post confessing to the fact that I’m doing most of my business from a beach chair on an island which would never allow the kind of crap that HappyLand Canada allows, which, astute readers should have appropriately inferred to mean that like so many other rich folks out there irrespective of their (dual/tri/quad) citizenships, I am taking good advantage of lucrative and lax tax shelters that some of these neighboring and gorgeous tropical Islands provision. Look, Craigy, or Glenny, I get it. People like you despise and wish ultimately to depose people like me, a guy who came from Hungary (like the article these comments are attributed to rightfully alludes to) with no money and no support, and somehow managed to make the right moves so that 30 years later he is hiring and firing people like you who work in his factories – you know, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation Canadians like you Glenny, who applied for a job at one of my facilities, after maybe the EI ran dry or the wife said get a job or get out. And then of course that wasn’t good enough, that you had a job working for me, you wanted more more more for less less less, and that’s why you were more than happy to join your underclass pals in their so called organized labor unions. Well, so look at the result there: people like me grow tired of your whining and your WSIB and ODSP and your sick days and your maternity/paternity leaves and your constant crying for benefits, so what do we do? We pack up and move to Japan! And when their workers got to be too much like you, we moved to Taiwan, and then China, and then India and Brazil, and now the Dominican Republic, and next Africa – oh there’s still way more damage we can do out there… But yes GC, you are correct sir – I am on a ‘victim trip,’ if you like: my profits are victimized by the likes of your incessant demands; I recently had to nix my purchase of another Cartier for my girlfriend, this time due to the minimum wage going up another lousy quarter – now I’ve become the hapless victim of being significantly undersexed, and might have to resort to some thousand dollar escorts in lieu. Horrid. Though GC, what of you, and your own ‘victim tripping?’ – You are here presumably whining about the potential for your own victimization at the hands of so called ‘terrorists,’ who, before graduating to become terrorists we will brand ‘refugees.’ Do these circumstances really worry you? Well then, I suggest you do like I do – don’t reside in Canada for most of the year, and when you do return to Canada for whatever reason, carry a firearm! And when you see that terrorist pull out his ak47 at the theatre next time, you shoot him right in the head, thus protecting yourself, and therefore becoming a real hero incidentally while you’re at it, not the paper champion that your Local 1-424 card purports you to be…
commented 2015-11-18 19:33:43 -0500
Jack Szalai…interseting rant….pure stereotype… are a fraud….if you were what you posted in that fantacy…you would be easily found on GOOGLE…you are a nobody on a victim trip….this from a fellow who was a trade unionist longer than you have been alive.

Trigger Warning….Let’s define the conservative movement as one that bases its policies on reality, rather than political correctness. It would be a refreshing change."

I like that except for one thing… a democracy running on a “let them eat cake” platform just doesn’t win elections…..time to get real.
commented 2015-11-18 16:31:55 -0500

Sen. Ted Cruz defended his call to allow only Syrian Christian refugees into the United States, saying it wouldn’t be difficult to screen for religion.

“At the end of the day it’s not that complicated. There’s no history of ISIS terrorists embedding in the Christian community and pretending to be Christian,” Cruz said in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl.

“If that were occurring, we would work to prevent it. And any refugee coming into this country should be thoroughly vetted, I’m not saying that anyone should be exempted from vetting.”

Cruz is one of several presidential candidates in the days since the terrorist attacks in Paris to criticize and call for changes to U.S. plans to bring in Syrian refugees. Cruz said he plans to propose legislation to ban Syrian Muslims from coming to the United States.

“We should not be allowing Muslim refugees from countries where ISIS and al Qaeda have control of significant amounts of territory because of the inability of this administration, the inability of our intelligence sources to distinguish between who is and is not an ISIS terrorist,” Cruz told Karl.
On the campaign trail, Cruz often makes a point to describe what he calls the persecution of Christians in Middle Eastern countries.

“When you see Christians being beheaded and crucified by ISIS trying to engage in genocide, we ought to be a beacon of hope and a safe haven for the Christians that are fleeing that persecution,” said Cruz at a campaign stop in Sun City, South Carolina Monday.

Cruz asserted that ISIS is subjecting Christians to a genocide in the Middle East. When pressed about the large numbers of Muslims being murdered in Syria too, Cruz said, “But they’re not facing genocide the way Christians are.”

“And beyond that, there’s no credible threat that Christians fleeing Middle East violence are likely to carry out acts of terrorism,” Cruz added.

When asked if Cruz was asserting that all Muslims are terrorists or may become terrorists, Cruz said, “What I’m suggesting is the commander-in-chief should protect this nation.”

President Obama has criticized Cruz for his call for only Syrian Christians to come to the United States, saying that it equates to a religious test and calling it “Un-American.”

“Indeed just yesterday, President Obama attacked me directly and called me Un-American. I got to say for Pres. Obama to call me Un-American and to do it from Turkey no less, that was a little bit rich,” Cruz said.
commented 2015-11-18 12:45:00 -0500
There is something quite unfortunate about the number 25,000 – the number of refugees we’re going to accept here in Canada. What’s wrong? The number is too low. As a business owner employing several hundred employees, I would prefer to see the number tripled, or dream to see it quadrupled. You see, the thing I hate the most is paying my workers more and more in wages, seemingly every year. The fact that we’re paying minimum wage to 66% of our labor force, doesn’t stop people with Canadian Bachelor’s degrees from applying for those positions; the zeitgeist of Western over-specialization and the want of revenue streams from arguably low standard education – degrees or no degrees – is filling the ranks of the underclass to be sure. Now it’s a given: just because these folks have their degree papers in hand, doesn’t make them particularly smart as a rule, however, there is a good 25-33% of these applicants who do possess some quantifiable and marked intelligence, coincident to their so called higher education. What happens when wave after wave of fairly educated, fairly intelligent, and might as well add fairly fluent in English applicants come on board? They, with their all pervasive multi-media consumption and of course as mentioned, relatively ‘higher’ education are soon to observe, after the honeymoon of landing a job is over, that their living standards are garbage compared to those of us rich folk inhabiting the top 10-20%, forget the 1% even. There’s nothing worse than an ‘overeducated underclass’ with unfettered access to the broad latitude reporting of current events. So, pretty soon these people, individually but more unfortunately collectively, begin crying out for unions, higher wages, benefits packages, pension incentives, sick days… Well? I welcome the refugees with open arms and open factory doors. They are desperate for any work in the ‘land of milk and honey,’ even if they abhor our culture and values. And I don’t care. I don’t commute with these people, I don’t eat with these people, I don’t talk with these people, I barely see these people! And when they see me they are scared witless and practically fall over because, I’m the big bad white boss, and if you even look at me askance I’ll have your ass thrown to the curb so fast your halal chicken will jump right back out of your guts. These fine refugee folks barely speak English, just perfect for avoiding lawsuits or gathering around the water cooler to talk about the positive aspects of unionization. When the low to middle class is busy entrenched in their own petty squabbling about culture-clash and so called racism, we in the ruling class love that – as long as you all don’t get together and organize against us! And terrorism? I don’t give a rats ass about that either – I live in a gated community, you so much as stoop to tie your shoe on the street and your butt will be hauled in on some charges we’ll invent on the spot. I am driven around town in a bullet-proof limousine, and I spend most of my time controlling my business(es) from a beach chair on an island I won’t name right now, but I will say the laws of this island are so far removed from Happy-Land Liberalized (regardless of what so-called party is at the helm) Canada – let’s just say if we find so much as a speck of narcotics or contraband when you land at the only airport, you won’t be above ground much longer to post about it on Facebook. If a maid or a butler here steals as much as a single silver pudding spoon, well, my (feigned) condolences to their families. Long story short: I like being rich, and those refugees are going to help me stay that way. Sorry Suckers!
commented 2015-11-17 18:20:27 -0500
Damian, what I WILL agree on is this issue is a majorly divisive issues among conservatives, which is natural, since lefties all think alike. Even among the Christian community, the divide is glaring. Canadian Christians are more apt to toss their brains out the window and hug a refugee, while Americans are much more skeptical of the refugees, so I wonder if it is almost a right-left issue. But believe me the back and forth on face book has been tense. It is my mom, a couple friends against some of our Christian school parents who are being moved by the pictures of children. If I hear “what would Jesus do?” one more time I might flip my lid.
commented 2015-11-17 14:16:25 -0500
Let’s define the conservative movement as one that bases its policies on reality, rather than political correctness. It would be a refreshing change.
commented 2015-11-17 14:14:58 -0500
Hungarians and Vietnamese assimilate very well. Muslims don’t.
Even if one grants the assertion that the Muslims coming here as refugees are moderates, they are going to have twice as many kids as non-Muslim Canadians. Those kids are more likely to be radical than their parents, and represent a demographic time-bomb.
commented 2015-11-17 13:17:55 -0500
Believe in the moderate muslim fantasy if you will. BTW, it is not a people we afraid of, it is their culture and ideology, which was evil and violent from the very start. I equate it to being fearful of Nazism. The Hungarians clearly were a people not too much in love with Communism anymore once they came here. Muslims that come here seem to have no interest in assimilating and seem intent on pushing their sharia culture on us. Particularly the so called refuse from Syria, for all we know, are fleeing Assad’s forces after committing genocide on Christian villages in Syria.
commented 2015-11-17 13:13:29 -0500
We will be proven right once the gang rapes of white women begin in earnest. And you miss the point. The so called “nationals” are only there because De Gaulle ramped up Muslim (north African) immigration into France in the 1960s. So no the perps were not new refugees, but they WERE the sons or grandsons of immigrants France let in due to the madness of King Gualle. And I would probably take this bait, and agree, that we won’t see the results of this decision until 30 years down the road. But the pace that rapes have occurred in Sweden and the violence and intimidation in Germany, I think we won’t have to wait that long. I will proudly be one of the ones who called the alarm.
commented 2015-11-17 10:30:42 -0500
Assuming the passport was deliberately left as a clue, the purpose is to divide us. Refugees or not, things will eventually proceed as Daesh wants unless we do things they really don’t expect.