December 06, 2016

Conservative politicians “turtled” when they should have “Trumped” at Rebel rally

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

This might be shocking to hear from me but I have a real problem with conservative politicians. 

My problem is how scared they are to say what they really think and their refusal to learn that it’s actually a winning strategy to bypass normal politically correct conventions and just say “Screw you! I renounce nothing” as we’ve seen with Donald Trump’s victory in the United States.

Our Rebel rally for Alberta happened over the weekend. Thousands of Albertans joined us on the steps of the legislature to protest the carbon tax when the crowd broke out in a chant of “lock her up” referring to Rachel Notley.

It was a tongue in cheek chant but instead of telling the hand wringers in the media to go to hell when they came around looking for heads to claim, or telling the media to write it off as the frustration of thousands of Albertans in a time of economic crisis, Conservatives of every stripe turtled.

Watch as I share some of the reactions with you and offer my strong suggestions to these Conservative politicians about what the people might have wanted to hear from them instead.

Initially, I wrote off the denunciations as conservatives having to play the game of politics but as the day wore on, I grew angrier as I realized this is the whole problem.

I was making excuses for them but Conservatives don't have to play this game and we shouldn't anymore.

Shame on the lot of these politicians. Shame on them for falling for the trap set by the NDP, shame on them for making the rally about politicians and a harmless chant rather than the reason 3,000 Albertans gathered on the steps of the legislature - they were there to save some jobs, their own jobs and stop the largest tax hike in Alberta history.

And none of that matters thanks to the cowardly actions of these politicians. They threw a lot of goodwill in the garbage.

People can complain and fear monger about “Trumpism” all they want, but Trump doesn't treat unemployed working class voters like trash. Conservatives in Canada might want to try it sometime if they ever want to win again.

And for the record, screw you mainstream media, screw you NDP, screw you hand wringers.

I renounce nothing.

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commented 2016-12-08 21:52:15 -0500
LOL. Don’t mind Hillary supporting Michael lying retard chicken pastor doctor Schwartz Mann… I mean “Jimmy Reece” guys. He’s upset that, in the last 30 days, the Rebel, with probably a fraction of a CBC budget rounding error, has more than three times the video views of CBC News on YouTube. The Rebel also has more subscribers, even though the CBC started it’s YouTube Channel almost a year earlier than The Rebel. It is also growing at a faster rate in views and subscribers than the CBC.

The Rebel:

CBC News:
commented 2016-12-08 14:01:58 -0500
@jimmy Reece …yes she IS going to jail, they are just waiting for it to be too late for Obama to pardon her. And no corrupt FBI shill will be able to prevent it because the eveidence is not in the hands of the FBI , it is in the hands of the NYPD and they are not going along with letting her off. Huma Abedine should go home and hide in her parents’ basement in Riyadh while the getting is good.
commented 2016-12-08 03:59:37 -0500
I wonder what King Ralph would have said.
commented 2016-12-07 20:48:04 -0500

Actually she isn’t, but keep praying for it with the rest of the conservative inbreds.
commented 2016-12-07 17:58:07 -0500
Jimmy….Hillary is going to jail….
commented 2016-12-07 17:27:19 -0500

You can’t please everyone and especially people like you – conservative kooks in Texas, I mean Alberta that think the CBC should cater to that negligible demographic when you consider the rest of Canada is varying degrees of liberal.

CBC represent the majority of Canadians. hence the reason why they are the most popular media site in Canada. If a majority of Canadians felt as you do, then The Rebel would be getting those eyeballs.

See how that works, little girl?
commented 2016-12-07 16:37:20 -0500
You are an a*****e, Butterbutt, but you are intelligent enough to understand that the cbc, being taxpayer funded has an obligation and responsibility to represent all Canadians and REFRAIN from pushing an agenda. The Rebel grew out of inequality of representation. The Rebel is a counter to the cultural Marxism the cbc tries to force feed all Canadians. The cbc has its way paved and much like your privileged upbringing Butterbutt, gets bailed out of any trouble or block it might encounter. It has never had to function on a level playing field, has always had the advantage in Canada and being fully subsidised has wide influence on the ignorant masses of which you seem to be a part of. People are waking up to the fraud, and their readership is dwindling, but that only seems to embolden them to survive. The liberals are only too happy to oblige as they know that the cbc is their number one propaganda machine.
So bite me Butterballs. ‘Shared national consciousness and identity’ my butt!
commented 2016-12-07 16:11:27 -0500
@jimmy REESE….. All finished counting Hillary’s extra votes???

So I am to suppose the mandate of the cbc is NOT to be a propaganda wing of the LPC then, Jimmy, is it?
commented 2016-12-07 15:18:37 -0500


I thought no one watches the CBC and now they are “instrumental” in breaking the country apart? You can’t have it both ways.

The majority of Canadians support the CBC – even Harper did and I know that kills you, but you have to suck it up, because the CBC isn’t going anywhere.

The mandate of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC/Radio Canada) is to inform, enlighten and entertain; to contribute to the development of a shared national consciousness and identity; to reflect the regional and cultural diversity of Canada; and to contribute to the development of Canadian talent and culture.

Yep – all covered. If you have a problem with that, change the channel and watch your Duck Dynasty.
commented 2016-12-07 14:34:40 -0500
The cbc is pretty well untouchable Jimmy butterballs, and a good thing for you they are eh. Have I called you a bottom feeder yet? How about a scum sucking bottom feeder? The cbc has the blood of Canada as a united confederation on it’s hands. They are absolutely instrumental in breaking this country apart. Which, last time I checked the opposite of what they are mandated to do.
There is only one way to deal with bullies.
commented 2016-12-07 14:29:29 -0500
Some are pulling out the gender card, saying that this is yet another example of hatred towards female politicians in Canada. Give me a break! This is an example of frustration, anger and PAIN dealt out by incompetence and selfish misguided agenda on the part of the Alberta government. It has nothing to do with the fact that the perpetrator of these damages to the people she is supposed to be representing is a woman. That sling won’t stick either. What else ya got. Bring it on.
commented 2016-12-07 11:14:43 -0500
Roger McAvoy,

Are you an idiot – the CRTC greatly supports the CBC – not to mention the majority of Canadians. The very reason why The Rebel’s petition’s fail is because the masses don’t give a fuck about The Rebel’s agenda. They still want to drink their Tim Hortons coffee and eat their A&W Hamburgers.
commented 2016-12-07 11:14:21 -0500
I still maintain change the Wildrose name to “ALBERTA FIRST” and get rid of apologist, wimpy Brian Jean with DEREK FILDERBRAND. Brian Jean does not come across at all. We need someone who will NOT cowar to the regressive evil msm nor to nutley. Time and time sgain, Brian Jean disappointes us. WE NEED SOMEONE WHO AS MY DAD USED TO SAYHAS FIRE IN HIS BELLY”.
commented 2016-12-07 11:04:27 -0500
@jimmy REECE…. Shouldn’t you be helping with the re-count down south Jimmy, or did Hillary lose??? Stick to watching the cbc moron, no sense wasting your stupidity on us.

@jay KELLY…. Jay, there is a new medication out. It’s called a sledge hammer. One to the head every morning when you wake up. Try it please.

As for the rally, our supposed conservative leaders????? (at least the ones who freaked out at the way WE the PROTESTERS handled ourselves, showed their true colours.) Quite sickening to say the least, and especially Rona Ambrose, the Federal version of Alison Redford. It also seems Mr. Jean has opted for castration.

The fact of the matter about the chant. As one astute poster on another thread pointed out the other day, there was a comment made about Dizzy Lizzy May, the enviro whore who stated she would go to jail fighting to stop the pipeline. That is when the “lock her up” chant began. Most people there did not notice this and the assumption was that the reference was to Notley(which made sense as well), but of course the msm ran with it and misinformed the public and blew it all out of proportion as usual.

With the dead of winter upon us please enjoy the crippling carbon tax the ndp politburo is about to unleash upon us. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Sheila…Keep up the good work. The Rebel loyalists are with you all the way!!
commented 2016-12-07 10:53:07 -0500
,There are no political leaders in Canadian politics at this time of any stripe that can be trusted, they are all part of the new order of Canada the liberal alliance. "
That is not so..
Brad Trost is a good man and true Canadian at the federal level.
His close friend and colleague Brad Wall is a good man and a true Canadian.
And in our provincial scene I would throw my support behind Derric Fildebrandt at a provincial level for the wild rose replacing the week kneed Brian Jean.
commented 2016-12-07 07:36:12 -0500
The Rebel should start a petition to demand the CRTC shutdown the CBC and any other media organization that operates within Canada that incorporates propaganda and subversion in their so called news reporting.
commented 2016-12-07 07:24:01 -0500
There are no political leaders in Canadian politics at this time of any stripe that can be trusted, they are all part of the new order of Canada the liberal alliance.

To think any different after what we have seen is very foolhardy to say the least.

We need a complete change, a forced change.
commented 2016-12-07 04:56:39 -0500
It is Strange . I don’t like the People that Justin tells me to Like.
Course , I don’t like Justin either—— He is a real fucking idiot.
Justin—I really think that you should tax the few people that still bother to Work for a Living.
Nail them all to the Cross -—- Justin.,
commented 2016-12-07 04:52:36 -0500
Liza.. You did not jump ship on Brian Jean and neither did I… He abandoned us.!! , he did that to himself willingly when he was instructed by the powers that be to fold up like a cheap suit.
I agree… Derric has a more manly masculine attitude in the rough arena of politics… The weak and limp should not apply..
commented 2016-12-07 03:11:29 -0500
“Derric Fildebrandt replace Brian Jean as the leader”, Leviticus I was thinking the same thing. He would be the obvious choice. He has a strength and I perceive a loyalty Brian Jean simply does not possess. I hate to jump ship on Jean, but he did it to himself. Wildrose party needs to rethink what their leader should look like.
commented 2016-12-07 03:08:05 -0500
Jay Kelly all you do is ‘miss something’. You shouldn’t be unsupervised, why are you allowed on the computer, shouldn’t you be getting your rest?
commented 2016-12-07 02:40:20 -0500
TERRY MACLEOD commented 4 hours ago
Leviticus; Even coservative talk at 650 ckom (John Gormley’s station) takes a lot of swipes at Brad Trost. Snide comments to curry favor from the left. Tells me he’s on the right track…
He is a true conservative with old-time values that comes from living generationally on the prairies and not accustomed to a life of elitism in the big cities where a dinner can cost the taxpayers $750 a plate and of course your family and the wifes close relatives have to dine there as well.. repeatedly.. because she doesn’t like doing dishes and the food is pretty good..!
His agenda supports the 99% of mainstream Canadians while not offending the 1% of the fringe minority.
I am a card carrying conservative at the federal level and I did that entirely so I could support Brad Trost with my vote for the leadership bid.!!
I would also like to see Derric Fildebrandt replace Brian Jean as the leader of the Wild Rose party in Alberta.
Brian Jean forfeited that privilege when he criticized his constituents for expressing their God-given right to criticize an incompetent government.
commented 2016-12-07 02:25:36 -0500
Hey Jimmy you’re back again.!! I thought you lit yourself up and turned to dust hours ago.
You are a strange little monkey and hard to take serious so really I’m going to think of parody every time that I think of and engage you on this thread because I know that there’s no way you’re gonna let this one go…
Welcome back Jimmy I’m in a good mood so I feel like sparring with someone as intellectually inclined as yourself and is so wise in the worldly ways of… Well… Everything.! You are a bloody expert in everything .. I know I know… Just ask you..!! Lol
Your outstanding intellect is only overshadowed by your charisma and your ability to have people practically stand in line to have access to your mage like insight.
So having said all that I know that I’m the lucky one here because I stand to gain from the worldly knowledge impressed upon you by the masters of the universe.
Gawd.. I could hardly stop laughing while writing this… And I would all to you Jimmy.
But you are a funny little monkey and I don’t care if you fart in the bathtub and bite at the bubbles or if you lick the frost off of windows because last week the experts said you were incapable of anything but look at you go now little buddy.
You hang in there cupcake it gets nothing but better from here.
Now I know you’re a big fan of comedy instead of drama so I know you’ll love this posting.
commented 2016-12-07 02:04:00 -0500
Sheila Gunn Reid has “a problem with cowardly conservative politicians lately who desperately want to be liked by people who hate them.”

The rally in Edmonton turned out to be a hatefest against the Conservatives, unless I missed something. Was the rally intended to incite hatred against Rona Ambrose and Chris Alexander and other Conservatives who attended the event?

Are the Conservatives really hated in Alberta? Some would say the Conservatives are the most popular political party in the province.

And, honestly, where were the Danes? Those proud Albertans of Danish background who seem to get away with everything. Were they hiding under rocks?
commented 2016-12-07 01:48:32 -0500
Oh the hypocrisy – you say: don’t people have a sense of humor anymore?

Meanwhile The Rebel is bleeding from it’s vagina over a CBC skit.
commented 2016-12-07 01:45:38 -0500
Oh the irony.

It’s nice to see that even conservative politicians think The Rebel and it’s followers are extreme and batshit crazy.
commented 2016-12-07 01:02:58 -0500
The Rebel media should go after these cowardly cucks one by one starting with the disgusting Jason Kenney. They should shove a mic in his face and ask him straight out “are you gay ?” “do you still claim to be a virgin at age 50?” They should destroy the apparent homosexual Kenney so he will never be able to get elected again. It’s ironic that someone like Kenney who is obviously gay imported half a million Muslim’s into Canada – given the chance most of these barbaric inbred Muslim’s would throw Kenney off the top of a tall building
commented 2016-12-07 00:50:05 -0500
Right on Sheila! We need a real leader like Trump!
commented 2016-12-07 00:41:50 -0500
I am getting the distinct smell of far too many Conservatives In Name Only = CINOs’, 1/8 of a step away from a Liberal, also known as Red Coat Conservatives, the stinkiest brand of wannabes’, Go along to get along people who bend like a willow in the wind – because they have no backbone!
You’ve got to stand up for your friends’ when Commie Totalitarian Liberals’ and NDP are kicking them down!
No good if we are ever to get Canada back we need Leaders who stand their ground not more Politically Correct Wimps, Hacks and Has Beens’!
What the hell is the good of being in power if you have to give up your Liberty and hard earned wisdom and ethics’ to be called the Leader?
But your not, if you have to perform Socialist agendas to retain leadership – the problems and failure is not going to go away!
All that i will occur at that point is you will be the failure, instead of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

The economy will still be in the toilet, Unemployment will still flourish, Canadian people will remain miserable and blame you for not being able to perform as a successful leader, as the Canadian Standard of living sinks to the standard of what is known as living amongst the slums, like Third World countries’
Why because there are numskulls’ out there who do not have the foresight to be able to see that Political Correctness leads to Marxism which is communism and the direct path to the equality of everyone being equally broke – while the top 1% of the Fat Cats buy everything up at pennies on the Dollar and live in Utopian luxury like parasites on the Canadian peoples’ backs! What the hell is the good of manipulating to go in that direction?

America woke up – Canada is still asleep, this is no game people, these Liberals’ and especially the hierarchy eg. Rothschild, George Soros,, Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, David Rickefeller, Desmaris Family in Quebec, mean business and let me tell you, THEY are not concerned about the Canadian voters’
It is like George Carlin the Comedian who spoke the most truth he ever did in that 30 seconds he said,
" It’s a Big Club and you ain’t in it!" "They’ve got you by the Balls, These Big Corporations’ and Politicians’, They don’t Give a Fuck about you!
Truest comedy act he ever did!