June 12, 2019

Conservatives won't let radical Islam critic Dr. Salim Mansur run in Ontario

David MenziesMission Specialist

Professor Salim Mansur has all the hallmarks of a star candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, but alas, Andrew Scheer's party has disallowed the candidacy over Dr. Mansur’s public criticism pertaining to radical Islam.

For the Conservative Party, a candidate with the temerity to call out the jihadis makes Dr. Mansur... the wrong kind of Muslim? Incredible.

WATCH to hear Dr. Mansur's side of the story about why he was “disallowed” from representing the CPC in London North Centre.

PLUS: Read Dr. Mansur's guest column analysing the state of Canadian politics today here.)

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commented 2019-06-14 14:38:55 -0400
“Both parties are afraid of Islam and the Muslims”

Yes they are Paul.
commented 2019-06-14 09:43:28 -0400
Both parties are afraid of Islam and the Muslims and they are the main reason we are losing our freedom of speech , because they are pushing hard toward Islamic Republics both in Canada and the UK . In the UK The Islamic Council of G.B appears to have a hotline to 10 Downing St , everything things they demand are very quickly looked into . The total ban on criticism of Islam has been adhered to for a long time . Ask Tommy Robinson . Criticise us and we will kill you , the same as in Pakistan , or at the very least you will go to jail where Muslim prisoners will have a good chance of putting you straight . Appeasing them is not the half of it is it ?
commented 2019-06-13 21:30:21 -0400
Ensaf haidar ⚜️🍁

Canada gave me what the Islamic regime took away from me…

Canada gave me my freedom…

Canada returned to me my humanity…

Canada is a great country…
Why won’t our politicians honour what makes this country great?
commented 2019-06-13 20:23:52 -0400
“There’s the door you’re not welcome here.” Andrew Scheer to anyone who questions the wisdom of importing or schmoozing with political Islamists. Our politicians either don’t understand the theocracy, don’t care, or they are downright evil to be inflicting this on those Canadians who love Canada for its values, freedom and liberty, including assimilated immigrants….and they want to punish us for speaking out about the realities and asking questions. Andrew Scheer, what have you done to inform yourself about political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda for North America? Why are you moving even more to the left regarding emissions levels set by the Paris accord, intimating that since you think Justin’s numbers aren’t extreme enough to get to the targets you will go even further? You said you would get us out of the UN Migration compact. There is a vid with Rempel making you mouth the words. Extreme immigration and staying with the Paris Accord targets are both UN directives, as are the m103 blasphemy laws. Did you lie to us?

In a tweet by Mansur after you turfed him, he promised to continue to fight for Canada against globalism and Islamism. Is that why you got rid of him?
commented 2019-06-13 18:28:19 -0400
“This was the right thing to do at this time. "

But you see CATHY, Scheer will do it all the time, every time. Don’t delude yourself that this is just some warm-up trick he has to do before the election – and after that he’ll come out swinging. Au contraire. This IS the real Andrew Scheer: cowardly, servile, and fundamentally dishonest.
commented 2019-06-13 17:28:10 -0400
Well, this and not standing for free speech is over the top and I will be forced to vote for another party…..May God help us all.
commented 2019-06-13 17:13:16 -0400
Intentional or ignorance the result of playing footsie with the Muslim Brotherhood is the same result for Canada. Everyone right of Trudeau is an Islamophobe as far as the agenda states. There is nothing Scheer could do or refrain from doing that would stop the left from bullying and branding him. As Mansur says, it is a mistake to appease. It never works, ever, they just keep moving the goal post.. No amount of tiptoeing will help Scheer and there is no way he will stand up or he would have done it by now. Besides he has already promised favours to the Islamists. I wonder if he is so delusional that he thinks he could out do Justin in that department and keep that voting block for himself.

Maybe if we stood up for moderate Muslims they would feel less intimidated and start speaking out against political Islam. We cannot keep doing the same thing. Its right in front of our faces, we should know better.
commented 2019-06-13 16:18:51 -0400
This was the right thing to do at this time. Trudeau is looking for anything to label Scheer as a racist and this would do it. Scheer needs to navigate things very carefully leading up to the election and this would have been seen as a total "Islamaphobic’ move and Trudeau would be on every news station saying that with the media pushing it. Yes, it would have been the right thing to do but most people are not ready to hear the truth yet about Islam…certainly not leading into the most important election in Canadian history.
commented 2019-06-13 16:09:13 -0400
Seems to me that Scheer is splitting party since his leadership. That is not exactly Conservative Party I use to voted for. What now? Looks like the creation New conservative party is in the line. Unfortunately, with the Scheer split like that , it is guaranteed that conservatives are not going to win the election. Canada is already doomed.
commented 2019-06-13 15:50:10 -0400
Sorry. amendment (again)
I have listened for a third time, and it isn’t clear, to me anyway, that Mansur is saying that the cpc is propping up the Muslim Brotherhood. Is he making a distinction between just caving to bullying and actually propping up the Muslim Brotherhood? …
commented 2019-06-13 15:37:44 -0400
I have listened for a third time, and it isn’t clear, to me anyway, that Mansur is saying that the cpc is propping up the Muslim Brotherhood or that Scheer has just caved to the liberal and left wing bullying. He did say that he believes that Scheer doesn’t understand the threat. Either way it is basically the same thing, but I am trying not to put words in Mansur’s mouth. I am trying to understand exactly what he is telling us. He is being very diplomatic regarding the conservative party he has been a member of for the past 30 years. The Muslim Brotherhood, not so much.
commented 2019-06-13 14:38:10 -0400
“It looks to me like a vote for any of the parties to the left including the cpc is a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood agenda. "

Dead on LIZA. And more tax-dollars pissed away on climate change bullshit, and more erosions of free speech, and more kow-towing to the dairy cartel, and more sucking up to special interest groups, etc etc.

Scheer is an absolute disgrace. He makes Joe Clark look like Rambo.
commented 2019-06-13 14:25:10 -0400
It may be unlikely Wick, but anything could happen. In any event Canada needs a good shake up so we can shake political Islamists out of our country. It looks to me like a vote for any of the parties to the left including the cpc is a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.
commented 2019-06-13 14:02:21 -0400
Deborah Graupner,

Doing better than expected and winning are completely different. If you think we are going to be saying Prime Minister Bernier, you are delusional.
commented 2019-06-13 13:51:57 -0400
I think Maxime is going to do much better than anyone can imagine. That turtle Scheer is the carbon copy of boy blunder, and shame on him for conspiring with the devil!
commented 2019-06-13 13:37:24 -0400
More and more, Andrew Sheer proves himself not to be the leader we want and need. He is a political weathervane spinning in the direction of whichever the political winds point him,

So many stronger members of the PC party that could take over tomorrow if Sheer would only step aside. If the PC win, it will be more of an anyone but idiot Trudeau vote. With the way Sheer is acting, even the NDP or Green could win,
commented 2019-06-13 13:26:29 -0400
“Bernier has zero chance. He is going to do as well as Faith Goldy did in the Toronto election comparably speaking. He has like 3% support. He is just not a contender this time around, so Scheer is all that we are left with. " I am sick and tired of voting for sheep, JOHN WICK. So I certainly won’t vote for a jellyfish. But you go ahead and vote for Scheer-the-Steer, and I’ll vote for Max.
commented 2019-06-13 12:26:03 -0400
TERRY GAIN commented 2 hours ago
In my opinion Islam is our most serious problem.”

Fortunately, this opinion is not a widespread one. The election will be fought on (the somewhat spurious) conflict between austerity/social spending – likely pharmacare – and less so on environmental issues. Both sides want it to be about those issues although Scheer has found himself on the defensive often.
commented 2019-06-13 10:56:13 -0400

Political Islam is indeed the pressing issue right now, globally. Its time to pay attention. Islamists are already making demands in Canada and have power over some politicians(are some politicians). If they didn’t have any power in Canada, Mansur would not have been turfed. They are totalitarian and will take our speech from us so we can’t complain about it. Any discussion will be considered Islamophobia. M103 is their blasphemy law and they are gearing up to have ‘convictions’ ramp up.

Our politicians are their puppets. They have paid for political compliance to force ours by a promised voting block. That block of votes is all the main parties care about. Power, not the nation, is all they care about.. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Mansur, the point is, the Islamists hate him. I mean fatwa hate him. His expulsion from candidacy shows who is pushing the buttons of the CPC. Do we really want leaders who are being ‘directed’ by Islamists? This move by the cpc is a reflection of the depth of trouble we are in. I don’t know who would be worse anymore, Trudeau or Scheer. You are not far off Terry. Canada is in a bad spot.
commented 2019-06-13 10:21:23 -0400
JOHN WICK commented 14 hours ago

Bernier has zero chance. He is going to do as well as Faith Goldy did in the Toronto election comparably speaking. He has like 3% support. He is just not a contender this time around, so Scheer is all that we are left with.
In my opinion Islam is our most serious problem. Everything else can be fixed. It’s clear that Scheer is no better than Trudeau on how to stop the Muslim conquest of Canada. One more term of Trudeau could be all it takes for Canada to lose its hard won freedoms. But suppose Scheer is elected, where will will be after one term of him? Scheer isn’t going to do anything to stop the Muslim conquest of Canada. And, after one term of Scheer the alternative would be the Liberals. I think it is becoming increasingly clear that Canada might be better off in the long term with one more term of Trudeau than one term of Scheer. This will giveMax time to grow the PPC.
commented 2019-06-13 10:08:41 -0400
Great interview David Menzies but I think Mansur should be referred to as a Moderate Muslim And Anti-Islamist.

When it comes to Islam the leader of the CPC suffers from Scheer terror.

Having Liberals and the far left media attack a well-respected moderate Muslim because he is opposed to Islamism would be a boon to the CPC. If they can’t win that fight then they are hopeless.

Scheer’s decision is foolish and cowardly and undemocratic. And it is political malpractice. He should have let the Liberals attack Mansur. And the more viciously they attacked him the better. He has thrown away a winning election issue. This decision will depress Conservative turnout.
commented 2019-06-13 00:15:06 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 37,345 Attacks, 240,991 Killed, 320,300 Injured…. that we know of
commented 2019-06-13 00:11:16 -0400
Met Salim recently. We hit it off well. I’m heartbroken we have such a dweeb leading the conservatives. Why oh why couldn’t Max have won?
commented 2019-06-12 20:45:59 -0400
“Since when does the Islamist lobby dictate the Canadian Conservative Party agenda?”

Mentioned in this article is the crux of the matter. This isn’t the CPC’S loss, its political Islam’s gain. The Islamists call this man an apostate. Booting him is a win for them.

Salim Mansurs twitter page reveals some things. I think he wants his party to survive, despite Scheer surrendering. My question is why does Scheer pander to the Muslim Brotherhood?
commented 2019-06-12 20:30:11 -0400
There are many better things to do in October than the election: late season fishing, spotting for a hunt, doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom. This long time CPC supporter will choose from that list.

Upside of a Junior win is the disintegration of the Laurentian Empire, aka Canada, and the prairies are free.
commented 2019-06-12 20:27:52 -0400
The contrast of who Scheer hangs out with and who Scheer kicks out is very telling. If he has a reason for dismissing Mansur, a 30 year member of the conservative party, a professor and Muslim who is concerned about Political Islam, then Scheer should explain. Scheer owes an explanation to Salim Mansur and he owes one to Canadians. He was elected by the people of London North Centre to represent them. Surely Scheer or someone from headquarters owes an explanation.
commented 2019-06-12 20:13:14 -0400
Okay Wick, if you say so, no problem.
commented 2019-06-12 19:59:26 -0400

Bernier has zero chance. He is going to do as well as Faith Goldy did in the Toronto election comparably speaking. He has like 3% support. He is just not a contender this time around, so Scheer is all that we are left with.