June 12, 2019

Conservatives won't let radical Islam critic Dr. Salim Mansur run in Ontario

David MenziesMission Specialist

Professor Salim Mansur has all the hallmarks of a star candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, but alas, Andrew Scheer's party has disallowed the candidacy over Dr. Mansur’s public criticism pertaining to radical Islam.

For the Conservative Party, a candidate with the temerity to call out the jihadis makes Dr. Mansur... the wrong kind of Muslim? Incredible.

WATCH to hear Dr. Mansur's side of the story about why he was “disallowed” from representing the CPC in London North Centre.

PLUS: Read Dr. Mansur's guest column analysing the state of Canadian politics today here.)

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commented 2019-06-12 19:13:30 -0400
This is a comment to Dr. Mansur:
I read your article carefully, then thought about it.
I read the comments and thought about it some more.
Later I decided to comment…
Without meaning any personal offense to you, since you are a Moslem, I don’t trust you, or anything you say.
I don’t trust you because of cause and effect.
The cause and effect of Islam and its adherent’s, and it’s literature’s, ongoing terrorism and constantly stated threats to take over the world and convert everyone to Islam by force…or murder them!
I don’t trust you because of Islam.
I don’t trust you because of Taqiyya.
I don’t trust you because of the facts about Islam…Stealth Jihad, Hijrah, Da´wa, etc.
Do I have a phobia about Islam, or is it a real and legitimate fear, based on established facts?
I don’t trust you because the people in power in Canada ( 5 P Professionals) are aiding and abetting the Islamic Invasion of my country, that I KNOW FOR A FACT IS HAPPENING IN THE WEST, while they all say ‘Nothing happening here, move along’…

If in fact you are a true-blue Canadian and patriot, fighting against the horrific evil and dire threat of Islam, fighting to protect Canada and Canadians from threats abroad and at home – like most of the rest of the true-blue Canadians – then I offer you my most abject apology…
The problem is…TAQIYYA!
How would I ever know…

Also, as some others have mentioned here, what stood out in your – logical – promotion of the CPC – was your complete lack of a mention of PPC and Maxime Bernier! Given the huge importance of this element, I have to wonder why.

I’d welcome any feedback…sincerely.
Now as for why the CPC wouldn’t let you in…it seems obvious to me why – based on what you say, you aren’t kowtowing to the almighty Moslem entitlement, sharia-pushing, invasion-promoting appeasers and frightened little cowards in the CPC and therefore you’re poison to the party.

I can’t deal with the irony…
commented 2019-06-12 18:13:40 -0400
Kenney may need watching. In my opinion he is a conservative who may have bowed to the political Islamists we all know we now have in Canada, but I would like to be wrong. Maybe he doesn’t know the difference, or maybe he has drunk the koolaide. We need to know which side our politicians are on. Political Islam or Canada’s, it can’t be both. Any politician who supports political Islam and the 2030 UN agenda and who courts communist regimes, is a selling out the nation in my opinion.

I really appreciate Mansur being honest and laying his views on the table.
commented 2019-06-12 17:04:03 -0400
This move of Scheer’s is really telling. I don’t see how anybody can ignore the alarm bells going off, if the Scheer thinks Mansur is too hot for the CPC. Its clear which Muslims Scheer prefers and its not the moderate ones who want to get along with us and respect our values, like Mansur. It seems any of the reasonable muslims are considered apostates and have fatwas on their headS, in Canada for crying out loud.

How can any Canadian ignore this? Did anyone hear what the man said? He said Trudeau, Scheer and everyone to the left of them are supporting the totalitarian agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood!
They have surrendered. They have promised to surrender our nation to the Islamists.
This is big.
commented 2019-06-12 15:28:34 -0400
But, according to this guy’s editorial on another Rebel thread, Canada’s only hope of salvation appears to be voting for the Party that …..wait for it now….wouldn’t let him run as a candidate!

He couldn’t bring himself to mention Max and the PPC.