February 17, 2016

Why conservatives who complain about Hollywood should crowdfund "The Bound"

John InglisRebel Blogger

TheRebel.media's Brian Lilley recently interviewed Paul Bois about his efforts to crowdfund a "medieval horror action film" called The Bound.

You see, Paul is not just an opportunist or a self-promoter. He's been in the trenches fighting for our conservative values, writing for TruthRevolt.com and ChurchMilitant. He is one of us.

This project is not just about one particular film or one person. This is about starting a movement throughout the culture, creating entertainment that conservatives can embrace, and showing that conservative movies can make it.

Proving those things could be the beginning of many more projects like it. You may not be into horror movies, but this movie is not about horror, it is about us and everything we stand for.

The themes that Paul is highlighting are masculinity and misandry.

These topics concern everyone, not just men. One of my greatest fears for my daughters is that they will grow up to be wonderful feminine women, women who will search desperately to find a man --- and instead will find only boys. This is a common complaint now; imagine how bad it will be in another 15 or 20 years of indoctrination! We have to fight this.

Paul's movie features more conservative ideas: the struggle for the West’s self-confidence, which many trace back to the Crusades; making the world better by making ourselves better; and how true evil attempts to convince us that it is good.

On a macro level, this project is about bypassing the liberal control of the movie industry and promoting our values.

Dinesh D’Souza, when asked about how his documentaries became such a success despite the liberal control of the film industry, explained that while Hollywood may be liberal, the distributors were not, so all he had to do was bypass Hollywood.

This is what Paul is trying to do with The Bound.

Conservatives are always asking, “What can I do to help?” Paul's project gives us a chance to act.

Doing -- rather than merely changing our avatars and feeling like we have accomplished something -- is one of the things that make conservatives different from liberals. It is one of the things that make us better.

Funding this project is one of the things you can do to help.

You say you want men to be men.

You say you want women to be women.

You say that you want our culture to be proud of itself.

You say that you want to be able to entertain yourself with things that do not conflict with your values- and fund the values of your ideological enemies.

You say that you want children and the rising generation to grow up with good influences in the culture, to help form them into better people.

And you want to be able to voice your opinion without being called a sexist, a woman-hater or a misogynist. Prove it. Do it now.

I can hear the excuses: “Not now, maybe later”; or “I don’t have any money”. I probably have less money than nearly everyone reading this article, but I will give what I can.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

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