May 26, 2015

Contemporary Western Society Is The Real Suicide Cult

Richard KlagsbrunRebel Blogger

Those who sanctimoniously denigrate Islam as a Death Cult or Suicide Cult point to some of that religion's tenets regarding jihad, and the supposed rewards for 'martyrdom' in the hereafter which encourage extremists to imagine death preferable to life.

However, if you compare western culture as a whole to Islamic cultures over the last two decades, it is abundantly clear that the west, and not Islam, is the one that has become dedicated to self-eradication.

Suicide bombing may poll moderately well worldwide among Muslims, yet in reality only a very, very tiny percentage of Muslims think highly enough of the practice to strap on explosives and fragmentize themselves, hoping to reassemble and deflower 72 virgins in the Great Beyond.

Notwithstanding the numerically insignificant few who blow themselves up, neither suicide nor lack of confidence are Islamic cultural flaws. Islam, as a culture, is self-affirming to the extent of exaggerating its achievements, and is supremely confident in its merits, righteousness, and ultimate conquest of the world.

On the other hand, we in the West, as a matter of cultural norm, have adopted institutional practices designed to belittle ourselves, denigrate our highest achievements, disparage our military strength and service, curse our cultural values, and appease anyone who finds us offensive.

No Islamic society is that suicidal.

Islamists are building armies and honoring those who are willing to die for their beliefs, while we mock and insult those among us brave enough to risk their lives in service of our values.

Madrassas throughout Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and dozens of other Muslim-majority countries, as well as Saudi and Iranian-funded Islamic schools in the west, aren't teaching their children that Islam is decadent and oppressive and needs reform, as we are in western education. They're teaching their children that they are vastly morally superior to the decadent west, and that the spread of Islam throughout the world is the only true way to achieve justice.

Islam's leaders also have the wisdom to take the long-view, which is vastly strategically superior to the shortsightedness of the west.

The leaders of Islamist terror movements like ISIS, Hamas, al Qaida, Hezbollah and the Taliban don't tell their followers that if they fail to achieve all their goals in a few years, then they should cut and run. Their timeline for success isn't in months, or years, or even decades. They are looking ahead in terms of generations and centuries.

To win in conflict, whether it be military or cultural, nation building is essential. If, at the end of World War 2, the western allies had not dedicated enough resources and determination to the rebuilding of Germany and Japan, a Nazi Fourth Reich and a resurgence of Imperial Japanese militarism almost certainly would have emerged from the vacuum left behind. It took years of perseverance to ensure that the victory over the Axis powers in the Second World War was not undone and even today, 70 years later, there are still dozens of US military bases in Germany and Japan.

But after a total military victory in Iraq that cost less in western human lives than a couple of bad hours in any single major battle in World War One, our stupidity and lack of foresight has led us to abandon Iraq to totalitarians. That's because we became impatient that after all of ten years, during which the US allowed Iran to exert major influence there, Iraq didn't miraculously turn into a Swiss-style democracy .

This should surprise no one.  While the questioning and reform of society in order to correct injustices is laudable and something we must pursue, we have morphed into a culture that fetishizes self-deprecation, self-criticism and self-destruction for our perceived sins. This coincides with the adoption of a moral relativism that can endure no serious criticism of any culture except our own.

Islamists are forcing Yazidi women to become sex slaves and are raping them in the thousands, and our "Social Justice" activists cannot bring themselves to utter a single negative word about the religious ideology that drives the barbarian hordes of ISIS.  But when the fictional character Sansa Stark is make-believe raped on the medieval fantasy TV show Game of Thrones, our Social Justice Jihadists literally become insensible with rage and take it as proof that hatred of women is pervasive in our society.

The difference between Islamic suicide bombers and western Social Justice Jihadists is that the suicide bomber is killing a few people to serve the aims of his society, whereas the typical Social Justice Jihadist is trying to tear down our society to improve his or her own personal self-esteem.

We in the west live in the wealthiest, most equitable, most technologically and socially advanced civilization in the history of the world. We act like there's no way that civilization could move backwards. Yet history teaches it can.

Romans in the Fifth Century thought exactly the same way as people dominating cultural and educational policy in the contemporary west. The Western Roman Empire, prior to its destruction, became a multicultural society that allowed its military prowess to deteriorate, while surrounded by supposedly backwards Goths, Vandals and Visigoths who determinedly built their forces for generations following their defeats by the armies of the great Caesars. Roman leaders became so overconfident in their own superiority and ignorant of the lessons of history that they weakened the empire to the point that made its downfall inevitable, while thinking that if they were 'nice' to their enemies, they would leave Rome alone.

They didn't. The barbarians conquered Rome and it took the world over a thousand years to regain the technological and cultural advancements that the Romans had achieved.

As the Visigoths and Vandals sought the destruction of Rome, Islamists seek the destruction of the decadent western infidel culture. And our western, so-called "Social Justice" activists are doing everything they can to suppress criticism of those who want to conquer us.

So which is really the "Suicide Cult?"


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commented 2015-06-14 10:56:37 -0400
Yes, I did like this post. It contains a lot of my own thoughts on the decline of The West. Affluence, apathy and public education system which long, long ago lost sight of its raison d’etre, teaching students how to think.
Trudeau tied with Harper in the Polls? What is it now, 4 terms of Liberals in Ontario? Two terms of Obama. Obama’s legacy, a world in chaos and the U.S. perhaps financial ruin. He hasn’t done Canada any favours either. And now the NDP in Alberta. It sure looks to me like we are frittering away our past.
commented 2015-05-27 01:29:14 -0400
Excellent article. Much food for thought.
commented 2015-05-26 21:54:37 -0400
It is isl@m
commented 2015-05-26 17:30:59 -0400
Excellent article and the parallel to the fall of Rome has been apparent to me for years as well. I don’t think, however, we can underestimate how Islam really is the final opponent for complete Western domination of the world, however, and it’s going down with a very good fight, but will go down nevertheless. With China and Japan fully having embraced Western values (regardless of whether they call them that), Islam is surrounded on all sides. So long as Islamic populaces remain unscientific and uneducated, the West will continue to dominate them til they’re gone.
commented 2015-05-26 16:58:38 -0400
The real reason for this decline is our turning away, as a nation, from any sort of belief in God, as a supreme Being who has given us guidance, and who can continue to give us guidance. There are so many “gods” now, that anyone can do or be whatever they wish- there’s someone in the media who will be much worse. So many religions, so many channels!
I think we are becoming like Northern Israel ca. 722 BC, or Judah around 587 when led captive to Babylon. For the “Social Justice” types it is not so dramatic as physical captivity; more a voluntary captivity of spirit to whatever jihad is popular at the moment- going out with a whimper, not a bang.
Thanks for a good article!
commented 2015-05-26 11:29:11 -0400
Richard, once again this is a very smart article. You brilliantly point out the incredible hypocrisy of the western Social Justists types who stand silent as radical ISIS Islamists in the name of Islam, rape and torture non Islamic women. This Canadian federal election campaign will be a war between those who believe in western values of democracy, rule of law and a muscular anti-terrorist, pro military posture and those liberals/leftists who believe that Canada suffers from white privilege, colonialism and Islamophobia.