March 26, 2019

“Scary”: Convicted trans pedophile at risk to reoffend, moves into Brampton halfway house

David MenziesMission Specialist

Matthew Harks, a.k.a, Madilyn Harks, is a transgendered pedophile with a long history of molesting little girls. And Correctional Services Canada has decided to release him/her to a Brampton, Ontario halfway house even though he/she is at a risk to reoffend.

We hit the streets to ask Bramptonians what they thought of this decision.

In a nutshell: they are perplexed — and furious.

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commented 2019-04-01 13:13:27 -0400
These people should only be let out in the neighborhood of the people that let them out. Or they could be let out in the PMs area. Things would really change.
commented 2019-03-30 02:22:55 -0400
They are doing their best to legitimize Pedophilia and make it acceptable as a lifestyle, like LGBTQ etc. This guy is tranny, the tranny community should be demonizing this guy. If they don’t, then that would give indication that they are accepting of Pedophiles that are tranny. And all these tranny people that haven’t had removal surgeries will more than likely come to realize their true male status when/if Prostate difficulties become a reality in their lives. Not a lot of real women have those little walnut sized structures as part of their anatomy.
commented 2019-03-26 23:40:33 -0400
Up to 100 journalist may face contempt of court or jail time for reporting on the Cardinal Pell case in Australia and creating another Kavanaugh character assassination regarding this Cardinal.
“Letters were sent to the journalists in early February saying that they had potentially interfered with the administration of justice and scandalised the court.”

This 77 year old Cardinal, (who opposed the Pope and exposed the financial ‘discrepancies’ in the Vatican then suddenly was charged with alleged sexual abuse), who had 20 alibis and was found not guilty in an earlier trial, is now in solitary confinement and allowed one visitor per week. He is also not allowed a Bible or to celebrate any religious practices.

But Trixie in Brampton runs the streets.
commented 2019-03-26 22:40:25 -0400

If it has a penis then it is a male, if it has a vagina then it is female.
Apparently the entire leftard political spectrum collectively failed Biology 101.
commented 2019-03-26 21:59:57 -0400
Eric Powell suggests, " We as men western men particularly need to just go around our cities and disappear these demented depraved immoral living and breathing monsters from society the world would be better for it "
Last year they had a group of vigilantes trolling in the Vancouver area. Three times they punished the wrong person.
commented 2019-03-26 20:24:05 -0400
Typical lefty BS!
EVERYBODYELSE has to change and suffer and live in constant fear for their children, so this convicted diddler POS goof, who got a slap on the wrist from some pinko judge, can walk around in predator-mode in a dress, breathing free air.
This on top of the Globalist’s Islamic Invasion – a true rape culture…who particularly like little boys…
The left have destroyed us.
The enablers are worse than the degenerates and the freaks!
commented 2019-03-26 19:48:40 -0400
It’s all part of the bigger plan to include the sic pedophiles in the lbgtq society they want that P for pedophiles so that society as dysfunctional as it is would see pedophilia as a sexual orientation rather than a heinous crime against our children and humanity such a sad sad day for Canadians. We as men western men particularly need to just go around our cities and disappear these demented depraved immoral living and breathing monsters from society the world would be better for it
commented 2019-03-26 17:30:55 -0400
The crazy leftists , particularly the academic left have been trying for decades to normalize pedophilia as just another variation of sexual desire and activity.
Maybe we should ask if they want to add the letter P for pedophile onto their alphabet. LGBTQP . Now wouldn’t that start a little war within the ranks of their prescious alliance.
commented 2019-03-26 17:03:57 -0400
Bramptonians are…furious?

You’re kiddin’ me, right?

I mean, is this the same Brampton where the popular vote in the 2015 election was overwhelmingly for the “it’s all about rehabilitation, not incarceration” Liberals?

You know the Brampton I’m talking about:

Brampton Centre, where 48,64 % of the popular vote went to a Liberal
Brampton East, where 52.32 % of the vote went to a Liberal
Brampton North, where 48.37 % went to a Liberal
Brampton South, 52.09 %
And last but not least….
Brampton West…where 55.89% went to turdo la doo.

Wallow in it, Brampton. You declared yourself a sanctuary city for perverts.
commented 2019-03-26 16:55:42 -0400
Pedophiles need to be sexually disabled by having the appropriate parts removed. In addition they should have Pedophile tattooed on on their forehead.
commented 2019-03-26 16:40:34 -0400
Put them all in Urban Ontario.
commented 2019-03-26 16:20:04 -0400
Years ago pedophiles used to have a terrible time tying up their shoe laces. This lead to many of them tripping and falling down staircases.
Accidents do happen you know.Very tragic.