October 29, 2016

Cory Bernardi: Some UN delegates “feel almost bullied into complying” with resolutions

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

After the UN barred our reporters from the upcoming Morocco climate conference, we fought back. Among other things, we collected over ten thousand signatures on a petition in under a week, so on Thursday I delivered this petition to UN headquarters. I also met with Australian Senator Cory Bernardi, who knows a lot about the inner workings of these globalist organizations.

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commented 2016-10-30 23:21:42 -0400
Billy Howard—Thanks for the article, however it does say that 71000 came in illegally in 6 years. There are also the refugees that the Labor Party asked for, (like Trudeau has asked for) plus the normal Immigration. Look at the videos of the Take Back Australia movements. Hard to make up with their accents.
Maybe we will have to Crowdfund Ezra to go to Australia and see what is really going on.
commented 2016-10-30 20:39:23 -0400
Bravo Zulu stay safe.
commented 2016-10-30 11:29:38 -0400
Bob Egli, Thanks for enlightenment, hopefully those movements will prosper and give the western world a place to escape to
commented 2016-10-30 10:52:47 -0400
Hope you can check in once in a while, BZ. Blessings.

Jay, Why do you cringe at “paying a few dollars for content” but not at having your tax dollars sucked out of you by force to prop up CBC/Pravda? Seems a little inconsistent.
commented 2016-10-30 05:08:19 -0400
@ Jay Kelly commented 2 hours ago
I always cringe at the line “watch the rest of the show when you become a Premium member.”
I always cringe when you show up in your cheap suit and your rented car. We all know you are either a member of the evil islamic cult – fully approving the beating and FGM’ing of women or a welfare subsidy citiot.

I actually believe you to be both.

Some day the hunt will be on.

I look forward to meting you.

Best to all – have to leave the forum for a while – off to warm places for a six monther.
commented 2016-10-30 02:50:04 -0400
I always cringe at the line “watch the rest of the show when you become a Premium member.”

The rest of the show might well be worth a few dollars. I certainly promote The Rebel as a source of legitimate information.

Still, I hesitate when the source says they provide the real news and then demands that you pay for it.

Maybe The Rebel can rework its tactics.
commented 2016-10-29 22:12:16 -0400
Billy Howard—You don’t seem to be aware that Australia has been one of the fastest movers towards Islam; so much so that there are FIVE large movements against their weak Gov’t
Take Back Australia
Reclaim Aus.
Rise up Aus.
Keep Aus. Australian
Get Up “Action for Aus.”
I admire them for getting rid of the Carbon Tax, however they rank with Sweden when it comes to protecting their once great Democracy.
It is too early to see how Canada will come out of Trudeau’s anti-democratic policies on voting and Immigration, but it doesn’t look good.
commented 2016-10-29 16:27:23 -0400
The UN is no longer in it’s original mandate – it was formed to provide a forum to resolve national difference before war is the only option – now the UN is a war making body which presumes the powers of a sovereign state – that of making domestic law, trade, finance and soon – taxing – like an unelected redundant 4th level of government – cut it loose and regain national sovereignty over domestic affairs.
commented 2016-10-29 12:20:50 -0400
A breath of fresh air from down under. Australia is moving in the right direction by having no carbon tax, restricting non-immigrant migration, standing up for democracy, and wary of globalization. There are Rebel contributors from USA and Europe, time for an Aussie to join the team?