April 21, 2016

Costing Canadian jobs and prosperity, Liberals “kick LNG ball down the regulatory road” - Why?

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Liquified Natural Gas, or LNG, is odourless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, less dense than water and it’s made in beautiful Northern BC. It’s a game changer in the Canadian fossil fuel industry.

LNG is just regular old natural gas that has been chilled to -160 degrees celcius so that it can be converted and condensed into liquid form. Once in a liquid form, LNG is easily transported in tanker ships where it can be re-gasified at the end destination. Exportability is important. There is an oversupply of natural gas in the North American market. But not in Asian markets. Places like China and Japan need LNG to meet their escalating energy needs and ethical, Canadian made LNG can help fill the gap as Japan moves away from coal and nuclear. Canada needs to get into these markets before our competitors, like the United States and Australia, do.

An LNG boom in BC will create jobs the same way the shale boom created jobs in North Dakota and Pennsylvania. Analysis of recent data shows that if just five LNG liquefaction plants were built over the next nine years, 100,000 jobs can be created in construction, operations and upstream gas extraction with thousands more jobs being created due to the economic spin off in booming communities. Those just aren't jobs for Northern BC. Those are jobs across the entire North, BC and Alberta too. Trucking companies in Grande Prairie, welders from Nisku and drilling companies in Ponoka will benefit from a boom in BC.

LNG is safe, low carbon and clean burning. It has the support of local BC mayors, Premier Christy Clark and First Nations. LNG has the potential to pull the entire country out of a recession. So what’s the hold up?

The Federal Liberals are the hold up. The Liberals are doing the same thing to LNG that they're doing to Energy East. They’re adding an extra layer to the approvals process. They’re adding more hurdles and hoops for projects to jump through while Northern BC and Alberta spiral into social catastrophe caused by long term unemployment. An incredible opportunity will pass us by while the Liberals kick the LNG ball down the regulatory road.

Half of the opposition to LNG is rooted in energy illiteracy and the other half is rooted in a fundamental opposition to Canadian prosperity. People like Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, BC NDP leader John Horgan, Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley are ashamed of Canadian energy. They’re ashamed of how good Canadians are at producing clean, ethical, world class, gold standard energy. They don’t want us to share it with the world. They don’t even want us to share it with the rest of the country via Energy East. The unwarranted shame of these anti Canadian politicians who refuse to say “yes to LNG” and “yes to Canadian energy” will cost thousands of Canadians their jobs, their businesses, their homes, their hope and their futures.

I’ve been to Fort St. John. I’ve met the people in town who want LNG projects to go ahead. Maybe Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna should follow my lead.

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commented 2016-04-22 13:46:10 -0400
Catherine McKenna is just your stereotypical dumb blonde. It’s too bad that her advisors are just like her.
commented 2016-04-22 11:47:27 -0400
Sean Penson said the Maurice who voiced his opinion to Sean’s stupid first comment, "Your duty is to STFU and pay your taxes. "

And there in a small sentence, people, is the baseless and irrational arrogance and utter contempt the socialists have for people who do not hold their opinion.

Sean, your opinion is meaningless, just like you.
commented 2016-04-22 10:33:31 -0400
In war , humans are expendable. The Liberals federally and their provincial counterparts are engaged in an all out war against fossil fuels. People losing their jobs and homes is irrelevant to the liberal socialist mind. They have a planet to save.
commented 2016-04-22 08:30:46 -0400
Canada needs this project despite the protestations of the man made global cult. Junior bettersmarten up.
commented 2016-04-22 07:47:06 -0400
Trudeau is from Que. the media is from Ont.Butts is from Hell build that Wall.
commented 2016-04-22 07:02:01 -0400
Libranos financially raping Canadians again – killing revenues and raising taxes.



THE MEDIA PARTY IS A CLUSTER OF SOCIOPATHSLYING SCUM – that prints and promotes islamic terrorism, marxism, hatred for anything that questions them, political correctness(language police) – they are THE DOGS OF ANIMAL FARM.

No surprise that Bernie Trudeau is financially raping Canada – Bernie Trudeau is the sleeper agent to financially collapse Canada – much like a terrorist in hiding before an attack.
commented 2016-04-22 04:33:54 -0400
Sean Penson… “While Maurice, I live one of the 11 ridings in Vancouver…” Aside from your evident problems with the English language, and over the top childish logic, in this and previous posts, I am wondering if you are the some paid reincarnation of our old “fondly blown out of the water” friends “Jimmy Da Silva” or “Yannie Znayesh”?.. “I don’t know” being the literal moniker?…
commented 2016-04-22 02:08:40 -0400
Trudeau & his gang of idiots are so hell bent & blinded by their global warming myth that just reading a word or hearing a word that resembles “fuel” is all they need to kibosh everything. Either that or they just hate the West & are jealous of the prosperity of Alberta in particular until the wicked witch of the west appeared & commenced her spending & taxing spree.
commented 2016-04-22 01:43:46 -0400
one world government playbook rule #1- create chaos so that you can establish your brand of order.
he is proceeding according to the plan. and the dark web says the banks are about to collapse within months or sooner….that means martial law and no election in the states.
commented 2016-04-22 00:43:39 -0400
It really is going to be funny when Canada is so far in the hole that the government makes lazy scum like Penson get a job.
commented 2016-04-22 00:42:31 -0400
Of course LNG is clean and great for the economy and jobs, the left cannot attack is as dirty so they just ignore it , this proves their green lies are just lies and nothing else.
commented 2016-04-22 00:40:51 -0400
Sean you pathetic twerp try going north in your province loser, tons of pipelines and lots of gas. You are such apathetic weasel. Enjoy celibacy , it will last all your life LMAO!
commented 2016-04-22 00:32:12 -0400
Trudeau and his Marxist friends will not be satisfied until this Country has been dragged down to the level of a third world Begger State.

When all his Muslim friends start to take over and the Hangings and Beheading are in full process, Trudeau will be satisfied and looking for his accolades from his Muslim Brothers.

One word of advice Justin. Never trust a Muslim. You will understand this only when it is to late.
commented 2016-04-22 00:17:40 -0400
Sean you said we speak for the province as a whole WRONG all you see is Vancouver , its to bad you and all the people against these projects new that the oil and gas industry in the north (Fort st John , Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson ) have contributed BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Dollars to the PROVINCE . Maybe they should shut the gas off next winter in Taylor for a few weeks and when you go to turn up you’re furnace and all it blows is cold air you might re consider the way you think !
commented 2016-04-21 23:53:37 -0400
Canada is committing economic suicide based on ignorance and its faith in the religion of Global Warming. The opposition is also ignorant. How many still propose some form of levy on CO2? Every party still support windmills and solar panels. Just look at Alberta. We have hundreds of windmills adding to our cost of electricity. We spent billions on CO2 capture and storage. We are still spending money, in place long before the NDP, on CO2 related research. We still support the regulation process by being passive.

Our opposition MPs and MLAs are also ignorant and need to embrace real scientific facts and not just support energy development for the jobs and the wealth. They also believe in the religion of Global Warming but just not as much as to endanger prosperity today for an uncertain event down the road. Maybe a panel of scientific advisors would be in order for our opposition parties?
commented 2016-04-21 23:15:01 -0400
The eastern elites, the laurentian triangle are doing this with planned malfeasance to the west
We are a divided country
commented 2016-04-21 23:06:08 -0400
OMG a sean bomb. No insight, no comment worth any thought. The perfect Rebel troll. Funny little person you are. As such, Sean is the Irish equivalent of John and john is the term most associated with a very introverted, low esteem person that has to pay a price for physical interaction (male or female ? ). You’re funny
commented 2016-04-21 22:57:01 -0400
This project has passed all environmental reviews and has the approval of the people of BC including the relevant natives, whose approval has been purchased of course. There are some loser douchebags on the coast who are still opposed, but they’re the lunatic fringe. This needless delay is so unacceptable there just are no words to describe it.
commented 2016-04-21 22:32:41 -0400
Sean Penson
Who is your hero Sean. Is it Marx or Hitler or maybe Saul Alinsky. Trudeau is an idiot so it can’t be him but maybe his Butts buddy Gerry. I’ll bet you are right in love with that pathetic Sajjan character aren’t you Seanny. Poor baby, time to lay your head down and dream about your saviour. Your pathetic existence must be a shameful thing for your family. Go see a psychiatrist, maybe he can save you because you are one fucked up little specimen.
commented 2016-04-21 22:23:45 -0400
all they want is just to deep their hands inside our pockets without giving us any benefits! this is just simple mathematics and no need of quantum shit!
commented 2016-04-21 22:11:27 -0400
One would think that this job opportunity would be a no brainier for Justin’s unions.
commented 2016-04-21 22:02:00 -0400
LNG is a no-brainer for many reason… but what these lefties do not understand is the value of early market entry.. for example, EU was the first to drop barriers with Korea… and as a result, despite Korea now having FTA’s w/ USA/Canada/ASEAN, etc….. Norway still supplies about 99% of all salmon to Korea… Norway came first and all the others (including us) are trying to do the much harder task of not only convincing the customer, but displacing the current supplier.
commented 2016-04-21 21:39:04 -0400
The City of Vancouver only has 5 ridings you lefty jerk
I live in the lower mainland and support Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain and of course
LNG. Trudeau, Catherine McKinnon and Gerald Butts to not speak for me !
Lets get at it Canadians are great builders we will do things right for the environment
commented 2016-04-21 21:37:19 -0400
Oh Sean, you little tree hugging fruitcake. I’d tell you to pay your taxes but I am sure you are on welfare like most lefty losers. Now just F O and let the adults talk.
commented 2016-04-21 21:20:32 -0400
While Maurice, I live one of the 11 ridings in Vancouver…We speak for the province as a whole, not you…Your duty is to STFU and pay your taxes.

Some people may be misguided in the hinterlands, but that’s why there is a body of electors to correct your mistakes.
commented 2016-04-21 21:18:43 -0400
“They’re adding more hurdles and hoops for projects to jump through while Northern BC and Alberta spiral into social catastrophe caused by long term unemployment. An incredible opportunity will pass us by while the Liberals kick the LNG ball down the regulatory road.”

Well I think that’s the plan Sheila The liberals always loathed the natural resource base that made the west economically independent. Ottawa Liberalism is all about creating regional dependancy on federal funding and thus make them submissive welfare state clients like the other regions Liberals control through federal purse strings.

PET and Lalonde hatched the plan to economically destroy the west after the western premiers sent him packing when he tried to buy his way into western resource jurisdictions with the “western opportunities fund” – which was unanimously rejected by Lougheed, The west was suspicious of Liberal motives – After the 1980 election when PET was returned to power he held no seats west of Manitoba. Trudeau proceeded to introduce the National Energy Policy or NEP which vauumed 300 billion out of the western economy and precipitated the expected economic winter. Had Mulronry not won the next election, the west would by now be another east coast economic basket case.

The latest Trudeau is carrying out his Father’s plan to subjugate the west through shutting down its resource economy by restricting markets and production transport tro markets.- it seems obvious to anyone who remembers the NEP.
commented 2016-04-21 21:10:49 -0400
Speak for yourself, Sean. I live in BC and you sure don’t speak for me.
commented 2016-04-21 21:01:59 -0400
I’m definitely rethinking this whole proud to be Canadian shtick.
commented 2016-04-21 20:48:52 -0400
It is absolutely maddening having a Government elected by Eastern Canadians making decisions that negatively affect the West. If they want to continue to be the Beggars in Confederation fine, but get the f—k out of our way. Every day these half wits in Government give we Westerners another reason why we would want out of this Confederations that no longer works for us.
commented 2016-04-21 20:37:41 -0400
BC doesn’t want anything to do with petrochemicals, nothing, including LNG
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