April 09, 2016

Saturday's Top 5 for the Counter-Jihad: UK Labour politician resigns over "Hitler" tweet and more

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Here are some of the stories that provide a look at the new normal for civilization in 2016

1. UK: Labour party municipal councilor resigns over Twitter posts that said: "Hitler 'the greatest man in history' along with wishes that Iran would nuke Israel out of existence. It should be known that she is a 20 year old student and a sitting councilor for the very Muslim town of Luton, 33 miles from London. 

As an interesting aside, the leader of Labour, which is the Queen's official opposition in the UK federally, is one Jeremy Corbyn. To get an idea of where his politics lie, here is a video showing some of his affiliations before he became leader of the Labour party.

2. Anne Marie Waters, co-leader of PEGIDA UK along with Paul Weston, wrote an oped in Breitbart today titled: "Feminists need to know Islam kills women."

Well worth the read.

3. In one Halifax primary school, Migrant children are not integrating all that peacefully. 

HALIFAX — Concerned parents are reporting incidents of violence by refugee students at Chebucto Heights Elementary School.

Reports of students choking, pushing, slapping and verbally abusing their fellow classmates are causing parents to worry about the school’s disciplinary action.

“There has always been some fighting and bickering going on at the school but never to this degree,” said Missy, the mother of two children who attend Chebucto Heights. She asked to be referred to by her nickname for this story.

A comment on another site by a parent who's child is having similar difficulties show this problem is not limited to Halifax.

[NOTE: Important development is this story HERE.]


4. Facebook page is set up PRAISING taxi driver who said he killed peace-loving Muslim shopkeeper

This is a very important story. We have posted here before about the murder of a shop keeper for breaking the Islamic sharia law on wishing the non-believer well in their ceremonies and festivals. We have also posted about current mobs of observant muslims in Pakistan praising the murderer of a state governor because he wanted to end the death penalty for blasphemy in Islam. The only difference is scale. not opinion or values. 

5. New TERROR SUPERGROUP forms in Africa as Islamists pledge allegiance to ISIS chief

The new organisation, calling itself Jahba East Africa, told its recruits to "leave al-Shabaab and their sponsor groups" and back ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

A statement published online declared "bayah" - an oath of allegiance - to Baghdadi, hailing him as the "rightful Khalifa [leader] of all Muslims".

So in other words, some of the various Muslim Brotherhood front groups are rebranding as the Islamic State. Not surprising. To all non-Muslims there will not be a perceptible change in any way whatsoever except as the Islamic State they are likely to be more dangerous and effective while driven by precisely the same ideology and belief. 

A little bit of good news though:

The Austrian branch of what was originally a French resistance group called, Generation Identitaire, made a statement today when they climbed to the roof of the building which is the headquarters for the Green Party and unfurled a banner which read, "Islamisation kills" and poured fake blood on it.

The French branch of the group in early March, blocked a bridge attempting to stop large numbers of criminal and violent mostly North African Muslims from leaving the area near Calais called, 'The Jungle' and spreading their behaviour on more law abiding French citizens.

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commented 2016-04-11 18:28:14 -0400
why is it, they have been into this struggle for thousand and thousand of years and yet they can’t have that freedom what they are saying? why are they always in struggle?
commented 2016-04-10 16:34:36 -0400
with any luck, the truth, and reason will prevail. barring that, microcephaly will take a little longer, but these inbred savages will destroy themselves. its been happening for over 1400 years, so far; the gene pool is shallow.
commented 2016-04-10 02:07:40 -0400
Kids have been so brainwashed, they do not know how to defend themselves. When I was a Kid and was set on by a bunch of bullies, bigger than me, I would pick out the one who I figured was my best chance and kick him in the Nuts, next I would go for the Nose. Draw blood, it has a steadying effect, even on bullies. You can’t let them see that you are scared.
If their is a whole gang of them, run like hell but then get them back later, one at a time.

Unfortunately I think this kind of thing will become commonplace, we have to remember that we are dealing with a bunch of inbred savages, ignorant of civilization.

Jeremy Corbyn is a piece of slime. Just like Trudeau he sold his Butt to the Muslims, just to garner votes. Low life Socialist Scum. Both of them.
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