July 15, 2016

Coup in Turkey may be by Fethullah Gülen, and likely failed

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

There will be repercussions from this event which will likely be bad for the West no matter who takes power in Turkey.

Former Ambassador Bolton prediction: "If coup fails, expect a brutal crackdown"

We have a prediction as well: As Germany refused Erdogan asylum, expect a wave of hostile Muslim immigrants headed North in droves.

It also appears that this coup was orchestrated by another Islamist who is living in the US named Fethullah Gülen, who is probably worse from a Western point of view than Erdogan is.

This coup does not have a likely upside for the West.

Frank Gaffney on the Gulen Schools in the US

James Woolsey, CIA chief on possible consequences of coup:

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commented 2016-07-16 14:31:41 -0400
Erdogan is the antichrist, and Gulen may be the false prophet!
commented 2016-07-16 12:15:13 -0400
This coup has false flag written all over it.
commented 2016-07-16 01:18:29 -0400
Why is Gulen bad? 2 seconds of research hasn’t presented me with anything I can call a true picture, but I did get this "In his sermons, Gülen has reportedly stated: “Studying physics, mathematics, and chemistry is worshipping God.” sounds reasonable to me. Crooked wiki tells me he’s all about moderation and being friends with atheists and Christians and Jews.
commented 2016-07-16 01:12:12 -0400
The pot’s been boiling too long now anyway. The mass of moslems coming from across the Turkish border will need a military response. The crazies running the EU can keep discussing it with their imaginary space aliens all they want, but the people will have to respond finally. It’s either that or give up. So maybe it’s all for the best. The far left nutters will have to give up their childish fantasies and deal with realities or end in anarchic chaos.
commented 2016-07-16 00:43:26 -0400
The attempted coup in Turkey is playing out in painful ways. The President is doing a strong job of staying on top of things.

The Rebels have made a strong statement that they are willing to fight, even to the death, to reform the government.

Someone asked: “Do Canadians really care?” Perhaps this country which straddles Europe and Asia is insignificant. Perhaps we are so ignorant that we have no opinion on Turkey’s current situation.

The Rebel readers should care, and inform themselves, and react…
commented 2016-07-15 23:45:38 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,341 Attacks, 199,048 Killed, 279,517 Injured.