August 31, 2018

Court kills Kinder Morgan pipeline to "save" killer whales

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on the bizarre reasoning given by Canada's Federal Court of Appeals for killing Kinder Morgan's expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Apparently the pipeline's expansion "is likely to result in significant adverse effects on Aboriginal cultural uses" of resident killer whales...

Every year, the Port of Vancouver has more than 3000 ships moving in and out. Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion would add a grand total of one extra ship per day.

A project vital to the national interest has just been scrapped by Canada's activist court because of one extra oil tanker per day!

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commented 2018-09-03 02:50:33 -0400
Oh jeez Dwayne Harvie!… That’s asking too many obvious questions for simple minds to answer… Now let us return to those “no questions asked” drumming circles that the media just loves…
commented 2018-09-02 12:43:58 -0400
If the additional ship traffic from the Trans Mountain has the potential to harm this particular pod of whales, then the Vancouver Port expansion poses the same danger to these whales. Will the Federal government, which owns the port of Vancouver, halt all expansion of shipping facilities until the court’s objection is removed? I note that the concern was additional shipping and not the effects of an oil spill so the reasoning can be extended with no conflicts to the court’s ruling.
The court challenge, I understand, was from the City of Vancouver and the various bands hoping to extort the deed to the TransMountain. What is stopping any interested party from asking the court to place an injunction on all shipping traffic? I would be interested in Ezra’s legal training for a commentary and would the Rebel be interested in starting the fundraising to ask for an injunction to block Vancouver shipping? Would the UCP government support it? Financially shutting down the port of Vancouver would have less of an economic impact than shutting down the oilsands and the fossil fuel economy so go for it.
Alberta has taken enough and it is time to start fighting back. Using the same ‘all tools in the toolkit’ tactics as the BC opposition is just a bonus.
commented 2018-08-31 23:36:01 -0400
Indeed Don Page… Setting up a “drumming circle” is as easy as pie to arrange and you just know that the media will rush to cover it every time… Trying to get an honest comment about “why” they are there is evidently a more difficult task, and also evidently, no longer part of today’s “journalism”…
commented 2018-08-31 18:15:56 -0400
Give the natives another billion or so and it will be back on line tomorrow, god I am tired of being held hostage!