March 30, 2019

Coyne’s “embarrassing” video reaction to Mueller findings is “fake news”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I dissected a video Andrew Coyne of the National Post made on the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s report into allegations of Russian collusion with Donald Trump to interfere in the 2016 election.

I used to love the National Post, but a lot has changed since I left their editorial board in 2001.

Everybody, even the New York Times and the Washington Post, knows that after two years, Mueller's team found nothing.

It's over. Except for National Post's "star columnist," Andrew Coyne...

Watch as I take you through Coyne's embarrassing video reaction to the Mueller findings.

The National Post has fallen and their tired, washed-up columnist who comes across as an expert, really knows nothing.

That is fake news.

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commented 2019-04-01 10:05:56 -0400
T. D. S. yes .
commented 2019-04-01 09:55:41 -0400
Coyne is another of the " obsessed " . Coyne is lying like they all have for over 2 years . We know now that Trump was investigated for something the Democrats did so Mueller must have the goods on those criminals after all this time .
commented 2019-04-01 09:25:22 -0400
It reminds me of Japanese soldiers marooned on islands in the Pacific after the war. Even into the 1960s, they had no idea the war was over, and held on to their loyalty to Tojo and the Axis. For 20 years, they would fight the same war and pray for glorious victory. Coyne and many other left wing fools are on their own little islands, far far away from the reality that Trump won.
commented 2019-03-31 22:19:28 -0400
Whether it is Andrew Coyne willing to shill for the “Not Ready Yet”__ or ever__ Failure of Justin Truduea on CBC to acquire an invitation to the Bilderberg Conference there is little to argue with Ezra on the assessment of Coyne.
Trying to live up to a perceived Great Father’s image; Andrew Coyne has used and abused the reputation for so long now he doesn’t understand shilling for the ? well normally the Liberal Crony Crowd— but if only Andy could become one of the Laurentien Elitist he would be ?.
commented 2019-03-31 02:02:00 -0400
Jamie MacMaster… when you say “Kay” I would hope you distinguish “Kay The Mother” from her feckless son who swung the opinion page of the National Post so far left it has never recovered…
commented 2019-03-30 14:01:36 -0400
Democratic politicians don’t doubt the Mueller report. How could they. This was their guy who loaded his team with Hillary Clinton lawyers and anti-Trump agents like Andrew Weissman. Bill Barr isn’t about to throw away his long successful career to cover for Donald Trump and Robert Mueller would be called to testify and dispute him anyhow. They are simply posturing in order to be able to see as much of the report as they can so they can exploit any issue they can. The liberal media is once again doing their part and playing the game pretending to be the rage factory.
commented 2019-03-30 13:23:19 -0400
Coyne like so many others you are a deceiver of the people and in my book you are a disgusting pathetic fool. Hope the money is right for your lying agenda.
Give em hell Trump!!!
commented 2019-03-30 12:08:16 -0400
Jamie MacMaster,
Well said.
commented 2019-03-30 11:42:21 -0400
Coyne, Kay, Frum, Brooks and a host of others are smart fellows, but their snobbery always shines through. Trump represents the rough-tough, blunt talking, brand of small c conservatism that they abhor ad fear. They’d be much more comfortable savouring champagne and canapés with the Ivory Tower Trash than hoisting quarts with the likes of us.