Watch all of The Rebel's footage from the 2018 CPC convention in Halifax

Rebel Staff

In late August 2018, Conservatives from across Canada gathered in Halifax for the Conservative Party of Canada convention.

The Rebel was going to report on the convention, of course. We had even purchased an exhibitor booth.

But then, after applying for extra media accreditation, Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives changed their minds and suddenly banned The Rebel from their convention.

Well, of course, we went anyway! We even hosted a party for delegates which had a line going out the door!

But The Rebel wasn't the only source of controversy in Halifax. Just before the event began, Quebec MP Maxime Bernier announced he was leaving the Conservatives to form his own "true conservative" party.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke at the convention and called for Andrew Scheer to be a true conservative and not succumb to pressure from the left-wing media.

Then a policy vote on supply management (one of Bernier's pet issues) was delayed and never taken to the floor.

And the weekend was capped with the revelation of a leaked booklet from the Dairy Farmers of Canada, saying that Andrew Scheer had cut a backroom deal with them.

The Rebel team of Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid were there for all that excitement, and more! You can watch all our reporting from Halifax on this page.

If you like the fact that we are working hard to keep the Conservative Party truly conservative, please consider chipping in to help cover the cost of sending our team to Halifax — the airfare, taxi fare and economical rooms cost the four of us approximately $5,000. 


“Defeating Trudeau is job one" — The Rebel's promise to you after #CPC18

By: Ezra Levant

Regardless of what happened at CPC18, the main priority has to be defeating Trudeau. Here's how The Rebel will keep fighting for conservative ideas—with your help and support.

In defence of the fake news article from the Globe and Mail

By: Eitan Gilboord

Something peculiar happened in Halifax. The Globe and Mail published a creepy picture of some Rebel staff speaking with a former co-worker. Journalists at the Globe and Mail actually thought it was newsworthy that a senior Conservative staff member said "Hello" to The Rebel team. Rebel Media producer, Eitan Gilboord provides his take on the fake news. 

Progressive Left sides with birth tourism “scammers” instead of Canadian taxpayers

By: Sheila Gunn Reid

Despite all the infighting and petty censorship that took place at this week's conservative party convention in Halifax, they did get one thing right when they made opposing birthright citizenship official party policy. 

Ezra and Sheila's Conservative Convention wrap-up

By: Sheila Gunn Reid & Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid offer final thoughts on the Conservative Party Convention in Halifax. 

#CPC18 party-goers sound off: “I LOVE Rebel Media”

By: Sheila Gunn Reid

About 300 people came to The Rebel’s hospitality suite in Halifax despite us not being allowed in the conference itself. Watch as Sheila Gunn Reid asks attendees, why are you here? 

Anti-oil crowd FAILS to crash Pro-Energy East rally in Halifax

While we were in Halifax for the Conservative Party of Canada convention, we took in a pro-Energy East rally held by our friend Robbie Picard of Oil Sands Strong. 

Lack of courage on so-con issues leads to “unrest” at #CPC18

By: Sheila Gunn Reid

In addition to excluding The Rebel from the Conservative Party's Halifax convention, we heard rumblings that social conservative voices were made to feel unwelcome. When Christian broadcaster, author and frequent guest of The Gunn Show, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, dropped by Rebel’s hospitality suite, Sheila took the opportunity to get her thoughts on the feel for social conservatives inside the conference.

Joseph Howe: Canada's free speech hero

By: Ezra Levant

While covering the Conservative Party convention in Halifax, Ezra Levant paid tribute to one of the city's, and Canada's, unsung heroes. 

Scheer vs. Bernier, the Media Party's Rebel obsession & looking ahead to 2019

By: Ezra Levant 

In this special edition of his nightly show, Ezra Levant talks about the drama at the Conservative Party of Canada convention in Halifax: Scheer vs. Bernier; Rebel Derangement Syndrome & the 2019 federal election. PLUS Sheila Gunn Reid talks to two delegates who are also grassroots activists. The Rebel Media was BANNED from formally covering the convention!

BATTLEGROUND: Ezra live from Halifax!

By: Ezra Levant 

Ezra Levant is live at the Conservative Party convention in Halifax, where Maxime Bernier's resignation is, of course, the main topic of conversation.

Grassroots activists unite to push back against the establishment

By: Sheila Gunn Reid

Sheila Gunn Reid spoke with grassroots activist, Prem Singh. Coming off the success of the municipal level group, Save Calgary, and provincial group, Alberta Can’t Wait, Prem and fellow activists recognized the need for a federal grassroots movement to push back against the establishment. Prem discusses her new group, Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity and explains why it’s so important to remind politicians that they work for the people. 

Elites vs. Grassroots at #CPC18: Will division over supply management “tear party apart”?

By: Sheila Gunn Reid

Clinton P. Desveaux, a Conservative party member from the Halifax area, showed up at the CPC convention with bags full of buttons calling for an end to supply management. Sheila Gunn Reid interviews Clinton at the start of the convention, just after Maxime Bernier's announcement. 

“Civil war”: Bernier and Scheer just cost the Conservatives a majority in 2019

By: Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant reacts to MP Maxime Bernier's resignation on the eve of the Conservative Party of Canada's convention. 

Battle of egos divides conservatives as Halifax convention begins

By: Sheila Gunn Reid

Sheila Gunn Reid just landed in Halifax to cover the Conservative Party convention at what’s turning out to be the most divided convention in a decade.

PETITION - Andrew Scheer: Let The Rebel report from the convention

By: Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant reveals that the Conservative Party of Canada first accepted, then banned, The Rebel team from coming to this weekend's convention. But he and Sheila Gunn Reid are going anyway —and you can help us get there to tell you the other side of the story! Sign the petition:

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