November 16, 2016

CPC leadership candidates vow to fight interprovincial trade barriers

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Last week, Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidates debated about interprovincial trade which is a huge issue for Canadians, but rarely talked about until now.

The Canadian economy loses between $30 to $150 billion annually due to restrictions on the free flow of labour between provinces. It’s easier for some Canadian companies to set up shop elsewhere in order to get their goods into Canada – all due to these barriers.

It’s even easier for us to trade with other countries than it is within our own. Watch my video to see candidates Andrew Scheer, Dan Lindsay and Maxime Bernier discuss these trade barriers.

Unfortunately, many Canadians aren’t informed on the issue and that in itself is an issue. It’s absurd that skilled workers can’t just pick up and go and that we’re paying unnecessary government implemented taxes on made in Canada products.

What’s worse is that it’s illegal under the constitution.

If you support free trade in Canada, please make sure to visit my petition at and sign to show your support to break down these unnecessary barriers.

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commented 2016-11-17 12:18:48 -0500
Egil—I’m also skeptical . Did you hear the half-Chinese guy; we may as well change the name of Canada to some Islamic name if he won. Also don’t dare insult Islam when we change the name.
commented 2016-11-17 05:12:54 -0500
I knew all that.

What I don’t know is why it has not been fixed. I forget, did not the PC have a majority? How many years have the various government had to fix it? This time we should really, really believe they will get it done. Most to the candidates were here when we had a majority but they stayed silent. I’m skeptical.
commented 2016-11-17 00:34:50 -0500
Why are there free moving transfer payments but trade is a huge problem between provinces?
commented 2016-11-16 18:44:05 -0500
Yes this sounds ridiculous and it should be stopped in order to strengthen our economy.
Canada needs a strong conservative leader in order to win the next election. Hopefully we will get one.
commented 2016-11-16 17:35:26 -0500
Given that most inter-provincial trade restrictions are unconstitutional this should be an easy task. Section 121 of Canada’s Constitution Act, 1867, says, “All Articles of the Growth, Produce, or Manufacture of any one of the Provinces shall, from and after the Union, be admitted free into each of the other Provinces.” The constitution is clear. Canada’s constitution guarantees free-trade between the provinces yet each successive batch of leaders has “conveniently” forgotten it.

Inter-provincial trade protectionism is as old as Canada – it’s a left over from the old regional boss/monopoly days which has metastasized into a regional pay to play market protection scheme between local insiders and provincial political regimes.

Good that its gone – just another antiquated monopolist institution which has kept prices artificially high in this country