March 31, 2019

Not again?! Female director reboots 1990s cult film “The Craft”

Martina MarkotaRebel Contributor

Yep, there’s another reboot on its way. This time, they’re adding a progressive twist to one of the coolest movies of the 90s – The Craft. The reboot is taking a huge step forward by hiring…a female director. As if that’s something everyone really cares about.

So far, we don’t know if any of the existing script will be used or if it will be completely new. But I think we can bet on this being different. Why else would they be rebooting, and ruining, one of my favorite 90s movies?

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commented 2019-04-01 09:46:42 -0400
They have destroyed Dr. Who , want to do the same to the Bond movies etc , etc , etc . Extreme lesbian feminists venting their hatred on the world of white men .
commented 2019-04-01 08:23:36 -0400
Never seen the first one, so am unlikely to bother with a crappier “rebooted” one.
commented 2019-03-31 22:27:38 -0400
Yet another remake with a leftist twist. How original. The lack of originality in the so called arts is a sign of decline in the West.
commented 2019-03-31 20:23:14 -0400
I think this story is related; The Canadian woman’s Hockey League just went Bankrupt.

These Feminists have no need for men to run things, just their financial support at the gate.
commented 2019-03-31 17:20:55 -0400
wow, how liberal, whippee! now we need her with an all male cast, with only male animals in use as well. wow, female domination, can hardly wait.