August 10, 2015

One down: Credit where credit is due on the demise of the Canadian Arab Federation

Blazing CatfurRebel Blogger

The anti-semitic hate group known as the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) has lost its appeal to have their federal government funding restored reports the Canadian Jewish News.

This is the end of a long story, it’s a win for the good guys but sadly beyond the CJN report I see no coverage of this victory in the mainstream press.

In 2009 Jason Kenney pulled the plug on funding for the hate group after a mounting public outcry. An outcry spurred in large part by Bloggers starting with this post right here by yours truly.

What is most disturbing to me about this whole affair is that despite CAF’s well known history of hate politicians of all stripes sought their favour.

At the Canadian Arab Federation’s 40th Anniversary bash held in 2007 the likes of John Tory and Jack Layton among others can be seen hobnobbing at the hate group’s hootenanny.

Canada has a sick political culture thanks to multiculturalism and its implicit threat of labeling as racist those who dissent against it’s malignant creed. I know this first hand, and so does anyone else who has spoken out about the hate we have imported with Islam. It remains an ongoing problem as politicians are too cowardly and too willing to vote whore to prevent Islam’s efforts to insinuate itself into the public sphere.

Make no mistake, many hands official and unofficial contributed to CAF’s well deserved demise but without hesitation I will state that Bloggers are owed much for forcing this story into the mainstream media.

Bloggers like Scaramouche, Laura Rosen Cohen, Sassywire, Blogwrath, Eye On A Crazy PlanetLumpy Grumpy & Frumpy and of course the JDL. There are many more and each deserves a pat on the back.

Well done all.


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commented 2015-08-11 13:07:32 -0400
For starting this in motion, A HUGE BRAVO GOES TO THEBLAZING CATFUR”, I for one thank you.

Next mission…
It’s time to BAN the hate filled islamic koran/quran for what it is…
(same goes for the ones who might follow it)

At the same time…

الإسلام هو لعنة الأرض!
islam is the curse of the Earth!

Just saying…
commented 2015-08-11 09:41:32 -0400
Yes taxpayer funding is off table, but the bushes and sewer lines are are full of these creeps still receiving funds under different titles, the phony global warming/environmental movement all UN sponsored terror organizations are still funding these folks, so now focus has to be on Canadian contributions to all these foundations like world wildlife fund, tides, pembina, etc etc etc, UN agenda 21 IS the biggest tyranny yet devised.
commented 2015-08-10 22:59:03 -0400
Thank God they lost their appeal. A message that their hate is not accepted in Canada. Good work. One down!
commented 2015-08-10 20:40:17 -0400
Jason Kenney is my main man. Love that guy.
commented 2015-08-10 19:16:22 -0400
Can we then take that money and build firing squad walls in all major Canadian cities? Just in case there is a muslim purge one day.