March 18, 2016

“No one calls someone who criticizes the Catholic Church ‘Christophobic’”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The Toronto Sun's Candice Malcolm joined me to talk about the Toronto police chief's caution to reporters and the public about "Islamophobia," after the "Allah told me to" terrorist stabbed and wounded two Canadian Forces members this week.

Malcolm notes that, when it comes to criticizing religions, Islam is treated as a special case.

For example, those who condemn sex abuses cases in the Catholic Church or the Hindu caste system aren't labeled "racist" for doing so.

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commented 2016-03-20 11:53:10 -0400
One other point of interest is that Muslims certainly are not opposed to criticizing Muslims outside of their particular sect or other religions for that matter. If they have the right to question or disbelieve why would others not have this same right?
commented 2016-03-20 03:50:36 -0400
People here are not anti Muslim. They are anti terrorist, anti too much immigration, and anti changing the law to suit an incoming group of refugees.

It is wrong to generalize a whole group due to the misbehaviors of a few in their ranks. But it is also vitally necessary to point out what all the bad ones have in common with each other. Given this, it is fair to do everything to keep the bad ones out of the country.
commented 2016-03-19 17:20:15 -0400
Thanks Hyacinth. I’ll gladly check out the links. It is disappointing that I don’t get answers to those questions because it could be a very interesting conversation. What I am gathering is the true Islamophobics are the ones who are afraid how they might react if they are treated like everyone else and so they blindly accuse everyone else of racism to silence and put everyone else on the defensive. It is hard to believe we have some in favor of no immigration policy because they equate borders with racism and we worried about criticism form countries who haven’t taken in one refugee and have a terrible track record on how they treat other religion’s rights like many Muslim countries do. Incredible.
commented 2016-03-19 15:14:52 -0400
“Again people do not mind accusing the God of the old testament of being a tyrant or moral monster so why is Islam not allowed to be questioned?”

That question of yours Edward will not be answered or if it is it will not be answered truthfully by the resident troll of many aliases. His mandate is solely to discredit the articles not offer true debate.

In regards to that question itself I came across several links, mostly by accident, that point towards who is behind the hush attitude but not the why (reasoning as to why). (Started with the UN and the Muslim Brotherhood – see below for those links).
commented 2016-03-19 12:28:43 -0400
No religion or organization should be above question or scrutiny. In my experience it is cults and insecure people who wish to remain above question and will deflect any criticism with statements such as you should not question God or accusations that anyone who criticizes is sent by Satan. This is all a smokescreen aimed at diverting any questions away. I have come to believe God is not so small that he becomes offended by questions and he shouldn’t have given us a brain if he did not want us to use it. Contrarily healthy churches and secure people welcome questions and criticisms (we can be wrong and getting feedback from only within your own organization can become like a stagnant pond. Not all criticism will be fair but that doesn’t mean we should shy from hearing it. It is dangerous cults and self imposed authoritarian leaders who don’t want anyone challenging their grip on power. Deception works best in darkness. Those who are not doing wrong have nothing to fear. Again people do not mind accusing the God of the old testament of being a tyrant or moral monster so why is Islam not allowed to be questioned? Isn’t giving one religion a hands off treatment a form of bigotry?
commented 2016-03-19 11:29:55 -0400
David Tremblay: It is very dangerous to ignore problems being caused by a segment of the population because you are afraid of offending them. Allowing any transgressors a free pass only allows the problem to fester and grow until their is a backlash. By dealing with situations in it’s infancy you send the message that these kinds of behaviors will not be tolerated by anybody (that is true equality and leads to peace). When some people are more worried about offending someone then they are the victims of crimes you become the enabler and only increase the chances that down the road this problem left unabated will be the cause of larger turmoil. Telling one group of people they have special rights over everyone else comes from a motivation of fear. Trying to justify your position because some people actually act in a bigoted manner does not justify adopting an attitude that actually promotes inequality.
commented 2016-03-19 07:45:56 -0400
Tremblay, aka Penson, aka Christensen, aka Nathan, aka several other aliases. Knows what he speaks of. He has proven that he is a master of hatred and propaganda on this site, spreading it rather thickly at times. Everyone on this site has seen it time and again, yet he continues to think he fools everyone.
commented 2016-03-19 06:10:02 -0400
They would invent a name for people who criticize the catholic church if it was obvious that their sole purpose were just trying to spread hatred and ultimately eliminate them, maybe even violently as some of the commenters on this blog often allude to in a manner similar to the KKK. It is dangerous to spread hatred in this manner or you will end up with a situation very similar to what the NAZI’s perpetrated against the Jews and other minorities in WWII. This anti-muslim rhetoric is eerily similar to that.
commented 2016-03-19 02:59:27 -0400
Yes, Catholics get mad at me whenever I criticize the Catholic church, and all their child molesting priests and nuns. If it were not for the Catholics who ran the residential schools, we would not have to pay compensation for the abuse suffered from the residential schools and their Catholic staff.

And one more thing. The pope should shut the hell up about climate change.
commented 2016-03-18 21:01:46 -0400
Andrew Stephenson that is hardly all the criticism and vitriol that Christians get , do you even live in the real world?
commented 2016-03-18 19:17:30 -0400
John Landry: I could foresee the rise of gangs, home invasions and flash mob robberies in the GTA a number of years ago before I left Richmond Hill. It’s true people did not want to confront the reality until it was getting out of control. If you nip these problems in the bud at the outset they don’t become an infestation that has much higher costs not only to the communities they hurt but to the police who now have to figure out how do we try and reverse this. It’s partly human nature to want to avoid problems especially dangerous or horrible ones but authorities need to be reminded it may have taken decades before those responsible for covering up the sex assaults in the schools but justice was served. Does anyone really want to run the risk they won’t be named some day for deliberately hiding the truth.
commented 2016-03-18 18:31:15 -0400
As a professing Christian, I still have my Christophobic moments’.
commented 2016-03-18 18:18:24 -0400
“… when it comes to criticizing religions, Islam is treated as a special case.”

The term “Islamophobia” was invented and promoted in the early 1990s by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. Former IIIT member Abdur-Rahman Muhammad — who was with that organization when the word was formally created, and who has since rejected IIIT’s ideology — now reveals the original intent behind the concept of Islamophobia: “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.” In short, in its very origins, “Islamophobia” was a term designed as a weapon to advance a totalitarian cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them. …

… In 1995, Jordan’s Prince Hassan used the word in an address at the UN General Assembly, asserting that many people were using “inflammatory rhetoric” to “ta® all Moslems with the brush of fanatical extremism.” In 1996 the British think tank Runnymede Trust established a Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia, which later produced a report entitled “Islamophobia: A challenge for us all.” In the late 1990s, Iranian diplomats used the term with increasing frequency at the (now-defunct) UN Commission on Human Rights, characterizing the phenomenon as “the perception of Islam and its followers as threats to the West.” Today, references to “Islamophobia” appear regularly in UN documents.

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of the IIIT who has renounced the group in disgust, was an eyewitness to the creation of the word. “This loathsome term,” he writes,
is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.

… In an effort to silence critics of political Islam, advocates needed to come up with terminology that would enable them to portray themselves as victims. Muhammad said he was present when his then-allies, meeting at the offices of the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Northern Virginia years ago, coined the term “Islamophobia.”
Muhammad said the Islamists decided to emulate the homosexual activists who used the term “homophobia” to silence critics. He said the group meeting at IIIT saw “Islamophobia” as a way to “beat up their critics.”

Lets see – what have we got so far?

UN involvement:
21 December, 1965, the United Nations International Convention on All Forms of Racial Discrimination was opened for signature.

Continuing UN Involvement:
In the late 1990s, Iranian diplomats used the term with increasing frequency at the (now-defunct) UN Commission on Human Rights.

Then you have:
Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of the IIIT

Interesting when the pieces of a puzzle start to slowly come together. It starts to explain the insanity that has gripped society.
commented 2016-03-18 16:56:28 -0400
But we all understand Islamophobic is meant to shut down the conversation and label you as a racist. As the great Barbara Kay (National Post) wrote ‘not all Muslims are Islamists, but all Islamists are Muslim’
commented 2016-03-18 15:56:25 -0400
@edward JOBIN, great points. I tried to inform the media and police about the formation of gangs before they were a problem, but no one believed me and I was ignored.
commented 2016-03-18 14:51:12 -0400
Andrew Stephenson: There is a comparison. The catholic church covered up the illegal and immoral acts that harmed children for decades all because they were more worried about their reputation than they were about the victims of these terrible abuses. It is the denying and downplaying of these acts that is comparable. The reason these acts continues so long is because the church enabled it just like the government and the media and police looking the other way at rape gangs. I hold those 3 entities more responsible for sending the message that they can get away with it. It is this kind of special treatment that is the cause of the backlash towards the Muslim community. If they had been up front about not allowing this from the very beginning there would be no confusion. It is just the same way government’s drag their feet when gangs start to become a problem and then are forced to deal with it when it get’s out of control.If you sent a clear message of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour from the beginning then it would never have grown to the issue it has become where they attempt to silence critics by branding them as racists or Islamophobic. Make no mistake just as people within the Catholic Hierarchy eventually had to face legal action so will those who are covering up these equally serious crimes.
commented 2016-03-18 14:37:30 -0400
No one would ever be able to get away with blaming Islam for terrorist attacks on Canadian soldiers, and yet, in the context of the defence of pre-natal human life, it’s a matter of policy on university campuses, for example, to marginalize Christianity with the accusation that “all you Christians ever want to do is condemn someone for having had an abortion.” It doesn’t matter that the doctor or the boyfriend was judge, jury, and executioner over the human being aborted in the pre-natal time of their development; that judgement receives no condemnation. What matters is making Christianity an illegal organization according to human rights ideology for the purpose of demanding and defending the willful destruction of innocent human life.
commented 2016-03-18 13:58:05 -0400
Lad Reme commented
“Question; To what extent dose the UN have in controlling Canada? I believe that they are controlling the Liberal Government and are dictating policy to Trudeau and his cohorts.”

Answer –
Read these two articles as a starting point, then continue with further research -
commented 2016-03-18 13:15:42 -0400
Islam is the only major world religion that calls for the death of critics of Islam or to Muslims that renounce Islam and change their religion.. The police flat out do not want to deal with the fact that speaking out against the teachings of Mohammed will incite a number of followers to try and kill you.
commented 2016-03-18 12:42:17 -0400
Question; To what extent dose the UN have in controlling Canada? I believe that they are controlling the Liberal Government and are dictating policy to Trudeau and his cohorts.
Trudeau is by no means doing anything against his will, but he dose not have the brains to orchestrate what is happening, for instance, we used to be a Christian Country, now you are likely to be arrested if you just mention Christianity, If a Muslim were to hit you in the face, you would be arrested for provoking the Muslim.

The biggest voting block in the UN is Muslim and we are feeling the results of this situation. We need to remember that it was the UN that financed the Liberal election win. By the next election, the Liberal party will be full of Muslims and they will have a lot of Muslim supporters. Could we take an extra four years of Trudeauism.

If we do not stop Trudeau, he will sure as hell stop us.
commented 2016-03-18 12:33:28 -0400
Randall Jorundson;
Very well said, you’ve mentioned everything a person needs to know about PM turdo, moreover it also exposes the mentality of an average Canadian who are tolerating or supporting such behavior from our elected officials.
commented 2016-03-18 12:05:20 -0400
Ezra Levant is Jewish, is he not? They’ve been known to hide behind accusations of anti-Semitism whenever anyone dare criticize Israel.

It’s not directly comparable anyway. You’re comparing a smear of people based on their beliefs, to criticism of the Church as an organization/entity. When you criticize the church you are not deriding its members for being Christian, and that’s the big difference.
commented 2016-03-18 11:37:09 -0400
In today’s society there is only one religion I’m aware of that promotes Jihad or calls for death of infidels. (Non believers) There is only one religion that treats women as second citizens. There is only one religion that promotes barbaric mutilation of women. There is only one religion that kills their women in the name of honor. There is only one religion that outright calls for the murder of those with different sexual preference. There is only one world leader running around calling himself a feminist that prays with the religious cult that represents all of the above. Is our PM fit to stand as a Canadian? Is he truly a feminist? Doesn’t everything he practice with this religious cult go against Canadian culture and laws? Where is the out rage from feminists. Where is the outrage of a PM that worships with a religious cult that wants to kill us all? Why did it take a day and a half for our PM to make a statement condemning the knife attack on our soldiers? Why is the PMs top adviser (Butts) still holding a job in Canada’s top office after making a joke of attempting to murder Canadian solders? Finally why hasn’t our PM visited our front lines solders in Syria? Is our PM a coward or just plain ignorant to the freedoms that came as a result of our Canadian forces. In my opinion Justin Trudeau is unfit to be Canada’s PM. Then again I’m guessing the opportunity to have little girls running up for selfies is remote in Syria.
commented 2016-03-18 11:23:23 -0400
“This is war by socialist government on its people (without calling it war).”

Pondering this among other things regarding how things have changed a quip from a game came to mind that is ironically applicable, perhaps it should be heeded?

“You are required to do nothing, least of all believe. Shut one’s eyes tight or open one’s arms wide, either way, one’s a fool.”
commented 2016-03-18 11:21:13 -0400
“No one calls someone who criticizes the Catholic Church ‘Christophobic’”

Wrong! I’m going to start using this term on these militant PC atheists, and totalist secular statists who spew hate speech at peaceful Christians – and “Judaphobic” for the theocratic axe-grinders and leftwing bigots who attempt to disguise their fascist anti-Semitic reflex as being anti-Zionist/anti-Israel

I’m not a religious person myself, but one thing that pushes my warning button is self-satisfied cruel putdowns of a peaceful individual’s religious beliefs – IMHO it’s a more pathological form of bigotry than racism because historically state-sponsored religious bigotry has killed more people than political ideologies or racial tensions - Certainly the millions of Christians Rome, Greece, Turkey and the Caliphs murdered and the millions of Jews Germany and Russians murdered or the catholic Irish the British murdered would agree with me if they could speak. Totalist secularism is still murdering Christians, Muslims and Jews in the Middle East, N. Korea, China, Burma and elsewhere to day

People don’t simply wake up one day and commit genocide. Genocides start by groups setting themselves apart from others, by diminishing the worth of those adhering to dissenting beliefs in small, insidious steps. They begin by saying, “We’re the righteous, and we’ll tolerate those others – for now.” And as the toleration diminishes over time, and becomes socially acceptable the inevitable injustices and civil abominations are overlooked. It is for that reason that James Madison wisely stated that “it is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties”.

That is what radical socialist statism is doing to us now – dehumanizing us as individuals by placing us in identity groups then stigmatizing or rewarding by group affiliation – soon the pogroms start – we see the edge of that now with policy makers advocating criminalizing dissenting opinion and certain identity groups feeling it is acceptable to be openly bigoted and defame other identity groups.

So historically, an individual’s greatest enemy appears to be their own national government. One source estimates that nearly 170 million people have been murdered by governments in just the 20th century alone – over four-times those killed in combat in all international and domestic wars during the same years. Mass murder and genocide in recent years have involved everything from apartheid, starvation, resettlement to military and scientific mass execution: State execution of individuals who have simply decided to change their religion,


State sanctioned murder of followers of a minority religion by members of a dominant religion,(Germany/Russia/Syria/Iraq) State sanctioned murder of followers of one faith group by others of the same religion. (Syria/Iraq/Turkey) State ordered murder and genocide of an identifiable group for a variety of political reasons. (political cleansing- Russia/China/Romania/Vietnam/Laos/Cuba/ central America)

Seething theological bigotry DOES lead to larger crimes, condemn it whenever you see it.
commented 2016-03-18 10:48:48 -0400
Tools for big government control over the masses:h

- social justice = socialism
- islam-a-(fill in blank)

This is war by socialist government on its people (without calling it war).

Wynne is the enemy of the people. Trudeau is the enemy of the people. Notley is the enemy of the people.

Pray that these three pigs and their close followers meet their maker soon – and feel the same remorse as you would when Stalin, Hitler or Mao would have died.
commented 2016-03-18 10:23:58 -0400
I still have to laugh, when I think of that picture of a miserable Wynnie, sitting at the back of the bus, with that bag on her head! I guess she was giving us a preview of what she is going to implement in ON, for her and Justie’s Islamic buddies.
commented 2016-03-18 09:50:15 -0400
“Islam is treated as a special case”
ya … a basket case that does not belong here. the liberals won’t look so good after the gay-day parade with orville redenbacher and trudeau leading the filth and debauchery.
commented 2016-03-18 09:35:30 -0400
The biggest lies that have evr been told are the ones that new vocabulary of jargon had to be coined in order to tell them.