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Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The United Nations is trying so hard to stonewall our Rebel Media journalists.

So I’m pleased to announce that we’re expanding our coverage of the United Nations. It’s going to get a lot bigger.

We've sent two teams of reporters to two different UN conferences. 

The first is the UN's "nanny state" conference in New Delhi, India. It's the World Health Organization’s big conference — called the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

You can watch all of Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern's reports from India by clicking here.

The second is the giant global warming conference the UN is hosting in Marrakech, Morocco. Our journalists were denied accreditation for that conference because our opinions weren't "useful" for the UN.

And that's exactly why it's so important that we report on these conferences. 

The UN doesn't want to be held accountable. They have stonewalled our journalists at each of their conferences. Click here to see our fight so far — including our lawyers’ letters, and even letters of support from Canada’s non-partisan journalism associations.

If you think it’s important that we cover the UN — if you think they need a good dose of independent journalism, please click below and make a donation to help our coverage. 

We can’t do it without you.

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Security for our people

Goal: $14,463.48

UN conferences themselves are secure, but cities like Marrakech themselves can be dangerous places. We're hiring drivers to do the basics like bringing our crew from the airport to the hotel and back, and taking them to the conference site each day. But we also plan to attend several off-site events, including possible protests. Obviously we won't do anything that puts our reporters at an undue risk. Keeping our people safe costs money. We don't want to give all of our journalism plans away in advance -- you'll just have to watch to see what they do! Please chip in to keep our team safe.

$12,990.00 raised
Help Fund Security

Unfortunately, we have had to hire top Canadian media lawyers to push back against illegal UN censorship of our reporters — both in the Marrakech global warming conference, and in the New Delhi nanny state conference. We haven’t got the bill yet, but given that they have sent nearly ten letters on our behalf, we estimate we’ll need $5,000. Freedom of speech isn’t free, when the UN is involved!

$5,000.00 raised
Help Fund Legal fees