UPDATE: We've been blocked from reporting on the UN Climate confab (but we’re going anyway)

Published on 26 Oct 2017 - Sheila Gunn Reid explains how again the UN has tried to ban us from reporting on their climate conference. But, with your help, the UN and Canadian elites won't succeed in keeping us from showing you what's going on behind closed doors in Bonn.

Because we're going anyway!

Help The Rebel go to the UN Climate Conference in Bonn

We’re going to cover the UN climate change conference because we don’t trust the media to do a proper job telling you the truth about what really happens there.

Last year, Sheila Gunn Reid and a small team went to Marrakech, Morocco to cover COP22 – a huge conference full of virtue signallers telling you to use less emissions while they wined and dined like royalty. 

Many countries signed on to the Paris Agreement - that’s an agreement cooked up in Paris two years ago that requires massive reductions in CO2 emissions. In the United States, they promised to reduce emissions by 26-28% by 2025. These are impossible goals that no country is meeting.

But that doesn’t stop Rachel Notley and Catherine McKenna from implementing a carbon tax that will hurt our entire country.

But this year’s different. This time Donald Trump is president, and he’s already indicated that he will pull out of the Paris Agreement.

Will the United States have a big presence at this year’s conference? Or will Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna take centre stage?

The media won’t tell you what really happens in Bonn, Germany. Just like they didn’t show you the fake electric car chargers, the disposable village, and the idling buses and limos in Marrakech. Remember when Sheila caught them watering the desert to keep the dust off the delegate’s shoes? No media even mentioned it.      

That’s why we’re going back.

We’re sending Sheila Gunn Reid and a cameraman to Bonn, Germany, but we don’t have a travel budget like CBC. We don’t get billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies. That’s why we need your help.

If you want to see what really goes on behind closed doors at the UN climate change conference, pitch in to help us cover our costs. As always, we’ll do whatever we can to keep costs super low. 

Costs for airfare is about $1,500/person for 2 people = $3,000.

Hotel rooms will cost about $150/night for 2 rooms, 7 days = $2,100 for the week.

Meals will cost about $50/day/person for 2 people for the week = $700.

On-ground transportation will cost about $500 for the week.

If you think it’s important that we cover the UN — if you think they need a good dose of independent journalism, please make a donation below to help our coverage. 

We can’t do it without you.

You can also contribute by cheque. Please make it payable to "TheRebel" and add "Rebel UN" to the memo section. Then send it to:

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