September 18, 2015

John Robson's crowdfunded Magna Carta film is now available!

Rebel Staff

Back in February, The Rebel had only just been launched when we asked viewers to help crowdfund a film celebrating Magna Carta, by our "in-house historian," John Robson. Now the film is finished and available!

You can watch it here -- and buy it on DVD, too.

You can also buy two films (Magna Carta + John Robson's previous documentary, The Great War Remembered) at a special price. Details about digital downloads, and licenses for those wishing to show the film to a group, are AVAILABLE HERE.

Magna Carta: Our Shared Legacy of Liberty tells the story of freedom from its origins in Saxon England to the sealing of Magna Carta, the development of Parliament, the flourishing of liberty under law in the Anglosphere and the challenges freedom faces today in Canada, Britain, the United States and elsewhere.

At a time when our basic freedoms are under attack, Magna Carta makes for inspirational and educational viewing.


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commented 2016-04-19 12:48:05 -0400
Why give away such a large percentage of the money that YOU raised? is a tiny and lean crowdfunding platform, so we can afford to charge lower fees.
commented 2015-09-24 17:42:29 -0400
Funny how lefties hate our history yet embrace the communist manifesto and what came after it as some sort of sacred guide to life and government.
commented 2015-09-24 17:41:08 -0400
Steve Hartwell sorry but we have rights, not just what people like you dish out. Now go live in a communist country if you hate our legal history and the rights it gives us, and try reading the constitution of both countries and think of where that thinking originated.
commented 2015-09-22 04:22:09 -0400
Thank you for illuminating the history of liberty. It is a real service to those of us who appreciate our freedoms. I do have a suggestion though; that the narration slow down enough for me to process what is being said. I understand the urge to get it all out there, but unknown history and names take time to not only absorb, but to contemplate.
commented 2015-09-19 18:14:01 -0400
this is Super Cool;
Crown Patents, supported by the Magna Carta are being used to this day in some court cases to kick Gov to the curb. I’ve done a short video reviewing one the best I could (it’s REALLY hard to read!!).

Also, here’s a link to a lawyer discussing it’s current use in our courts:

I think it would also be really cool if we can convince Prof Robson to overlay things such as the progression of voting rights.

Hartwell. Thks for giving us a first hand look at Lefty truth-denial (not to mention poor comprehension, as Prof Robson points out most of what you mention anyways). Anyone that refers to the US as a “fascist corporate empire” is clearly a Capitalist-hating Socialist that will try to undermine and/or change history to something more palatable to their twisted sensibilities.
commented 2015-09-19 16:56:21 -0400
I expected nothing worth a penny from Robson, a self-alleged ‘Canadian’ with a PhD in “American History”, and to his credit, the only one I can think of, he delivers the “American” Magna Carta fairy tale quite magnificently. Robson claims the MC was refined and enhanced over the next 800 years to achieve the kind of societies we have today, insinuating it’s constant, continual use, an always active protector of the rights and freedoms of all citizens of democracies. What utter B.S. This video is the “American” fairy tale version of the MC story. 1st – the MC was rescinded by the King about 6 weeks after it was written, and those Barons and Lords etc who wrote it didn’t like it much either so they let it ‘die’; 2nd – The MC has been largely forgotten and entirely unknown of by anyone for most of the past 800 years, but for a few exceptions, when one group or other of competing power grabbers vying to ‘take over’ from incumbent dictators used it or tried to use it to achieve their goals; 3rd – The MC didn’t become ‘famous’ in some circles till the 1760s and 70s when yet another group of power profiteers decided to use it to fool and manipulate the masses into helping them achieve their grab for power, by committing treason and betraying their British Empire and perpetrating a succession of it’s North American colonies, not by rule of law nor democratic process but by force killing many average gullible dumb people on both sides, to form what later became the world’s most powerful fascist corporate empire that had yet existed, still exists so far today – the United States. Like their fairy tale re-writing of the Christopher Columbus story to claim him as the first real “American” and 500 years of “American” history, their MC fairy tale is just that, made up fairy tales to make them sound legitimate and justified in what they do for their own benefit. It is quite two-faced ironic, as is most everything about the U.S., that they chose to base their new nation on the Magna Carta as their 2nd most important document, when in fact it is very fundamentally a British Document, to justify their treasonous betrayal of that very same source. That’s the real story meaning and legacy of “America” – Uber Alles.
commented 2015-09-19 01:28:20 -0400
Thank-you Sir!!

The ability for citizen-average, to walk into a courtroom, and request a private charge, even against those of position, is the citizens portal to active involvement in maintaining our rights when Nobles get too big for their britches.
commented 2015-09-18 20:41:16 -0400
That was an excellent documentary, Dr. Robson! I learned a lot. Money well invested.
commented 2015-09-18 20:32:38 -0400
Watching the video, one point that sticks out is that the “nobles” all fought for control over who would uphold “justice”. It is not difficult to see the parallel of what we face today. That varied factions of self-perceived “nobles” size each-other up, gaming for a dominant position to control the administration of “justice”. But does the “subject” of this age-old power struggle benefit if either side wins?

Should the “subject” be comforted that his culture’s fairy tales are of more benevolent rulers than neighboring lands? After all, they are stories, fiction… Much like the rehearsed, political entertainment we see today. Look no further than the epic, sentimental public service announcements of Kathleen Wynne, the runner with a holy mission to right all wrongs.

But it’s too easy to pick on Wynne, these mythical representations are common among politicians of all parties.

Call me a “freeman”, but I feel that these legal-loving politicians of today are the modern manifestation of the feudal overlords of centuries past. Rather than continue this flawed tradition of rulers, lords, barons, and popes, the “subjects” must revolt and embrace Natural Law.

“Legal”, “illegal”, “immunity”. This is the language of deception, a cover for the perpetuation of the European political caste system which applies “the law” in unequal proportion based on one’s “status". This is, after all, that is the root of the word “Statutory” is it not?

The Freeman must ask himself, “Have my actions harmed another or their property?”. This is the ONLY basis of Law, the ONLY jurisdiction of those who administer Justice. Everything else pushed by the “legal system” industry is a social harness to ensure the status of “subjects” and “nobles”.
commented 2015-09-18 19:46:21 -0400
Well made,Well Produced. Excellent
commented 2015-09-18 19:11:35 -0400
A very timely reminder of our inheritance of ‘individual freedom’ being the highest statute superseding any and all heads of state, bureaucrat or legal ‘interpretation’.
As we enter into this 2015 federal election it would do each voting Canadian citizen a valuable service to spend time considering which local candidate and federal political party exemplifies the that core principal of individual freedom as enshrined in the venerable Magna Carta
commented 2015-09-18 17:33:57 -0400
Good Job…