May 13, 2019

Dainty orcas, cruise ship mishaps and foreign meddling cause BC fuel price headaches

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Residents of British Columbia are escaping the carbon tax by filling up Jerry cans of gasoline in neighboring Washington state and legally transporting their 150kg allotment back across the border. 

Clearly, Washington's Governor Jay Inslee isn't against selling oil to Canadians despite his interference in our ability to export our own reserves. And then there's the cruise ships, tanker traffic and those cuddly killer whales.

You see, Inslee has openly been trying to influence Canada's domestic policy in order to benefit his state. But since the theme of the blocking of the Transmountain pipeline expansion is hypocrisy, BC's NDP Premier John Horgan is also causing grief with his protection of cruise ship and ferry traffic while condemning the addition of tankers to the port.

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commented 2019-05-18 08:50:01 -0400
Andy - Taxes did not go up by 55 cents a litre.
commented 2019-05-17 18:08:09 -0400
How be if we build our pipeline south of the 49th to a Pacific Port in WA?
commented 2019-05-15 17:16:58 -0400
Earl – Dale Warren did not claim that the tankers transit the “narrow passages” of the Gulf Islands… The American tankers coming down from Alaska do pass Victoria which sits facing the Straits of Juan de Fuca, on their way Anacortes/Cherry Point refineries… And it is indeed the various taxes imposed by the NDP provincial government, plus municipal taxes, that account for the most costly gas in North America…
commented 2019-05-15 07:38:56 -0400
Dale - The tankers transit the wide Juan de Fuca Strait and not the narrow passages of the Gulf Islands to reach Cherry Point. The excessively, high gasoline prices from Alberta are destroying the economy and not the NDP
commented 2019-05-14 11:45:40 -0400
Earl . . . . supporter of dopy Horgan & clueless Inslee I suspect?

Drop into the Costco in Bellingham . . . dozens of Canooks filling up jerry cans and anything else. I have even heard of folks putting garbage bags in containers and transporting fuel . . . which is friggin scarey.

BCs Horgan is in year 3 . . . usually signals the start of a Collapsing BC economy if the 70s or 90s is a guide. Watched the NDP destroy the province TWICE in the past . . . their Tanker insanity is laughable . . . as dozens of Alaska Oil Tankers sail by Victoria every month on the way to Cherry Point WA. Doesn’t Victoria still dump sewage in the Straight?
commented 2019-05-14 10:34:04 -0400
This article is worse than Rupert Murdoch, tabloid trash.
commented 2019-05-14 09:03:00 -0400
Folks don’t cross the line just to gas up, they are also loading up on cheese, milk and eggs.
commented 2019-05-14 08:00:02 -0400
Could the reason BC has the fastest growing economy be because of all the billions in laundered money?
commented 2019-05-14 03:30:14 -0400
Horgan The Organ’s dimwitted “logic” falls short in so many obvious ways that it takes somebody around the Grade 6 level in British Columbia to recognize that it’s all “B.S.”…
Whales, of whatever species, still ply the West Coast waters every year in the same waters as do the tankers coming down every day from Alaska to the refineries in Anacortes, Washington State… The same damn Straits of Juan de Fuca!!! The only “reality check” is that in Horgan’s own home riding on Vancouver Island, gas prices are amongst the highest anywhere in North America!… Keep it up “Organ”; just keep it up!…
commented 2019-05-13 22:14:21 -0400
From an UCP email I received:

1. That we [United Conservative Party] will be moving forward with our pledge to cut taxes on job creators in Alberta from 12% to 8%, starting this Canada Day. This will make Alberta competitive once again for new businesses to move here and create jobs for Albertans.
2. That the carbon tax will be gone my May 30th. Period.

Let’s hope they are serious about this.
commented 2019-05-13 22:01:36 -0400
Thanks for this excellent report on BC, I thought we were out of Canada for awhile.
commented 2019-05-13 21:53:01 -0400
Another new term coined…
I wonder if we can claim an ‘Only in Canada you say’, for Carbon Tax Oppression, like we can for ‘Responsible Government’.
…And used in a sentence.

I wonder how much gas is wasted going the extra distance to get cheaper gas in the States – and all that extra poison stinking up the place from the deadly pollutant, carbon dioxide, produced doing so…
It’s like the state arbitrarily dictating the erasure of the 100 Watt incandescent light bulb – to save the planet – and then forcing those truly toxic and deadly curly-killers with the crappy light, on everybody…and making us pay for them to boot.
Totalitarian global fascism, disguised as environmental authoritarianism…
Only in Canada you say?

What enrages and frustrates are all the useful idiots who buy into all the oh-so-obvious BS!
Nuke the left.
commented 2019-05-13 19:46:30 -0400
I’m so disgusted with all the concern about orcas but not the sewage Vancouver and Victoria pours into the ocean. I’m also shocked at how many cruse ships they’ll allow in Vancouver while denying us our wealth-producing oil to be shipped to markets which want it.
commented 2019-05-13 19:30:43 -0400
Why so difficult to send a message today? Anyway, I don’t understand Canada without looking back at 8 years of Obama. Trudeau is YOUR Obama! Best neuter this Cat now or there will be NOTHING he and his Corrupt Party won’t do to hang on to power and molify the Freaks that vote in numbers too large to ignore. btw: Don’t do as we did and give this wacko another Term! He can do terrible long term damage to Canada’s Economy, etc..
commented 2019-05-13 19:17:36 -0400
Seems to me that all politicians are the same these days, no matter what their stripe, they are just in it for the kickbacks and graft that they make on the side. Even the ones who are Globalists are being paid to kill off their own country. To hell with the people and ‘F’ you Jack, I’m OK.