February 05, 2017

Canadians finally get to see those cool Super Bowl ads — but there's a problem...

David MenziesMission Specialist

Do you know what the most pressing issue is for the CRTC? Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais says this Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast is an event Canadians must see unaltered which means Canadian broadcaster, CTV, can’t substitute Canadian ads in place of American commercials.

Apparently, it is the God-given right of all Canadians to see non-simulcast broadcasts.

This inexplicable CRTC decision has generated outrage and CTV stands to lose millions of ad revenue dollars. The network has already laid-off some staff and the NFL is frothing mad too taking its complaint about the CRTC decision all the way to President Trump.

CTV and the NFL have every right to be livid. The CRTC has no mandate to interfere with a valid business decision between a private broadcaster and a professional sports league.

Broadcasting’s version of Big Brother thinks it’s in the “public interest” for Canadians to see the U.S. feed unaltered. Note to CRTC: all those U.S. ads have been available to Canadians for years now via that little thingy called the Internet.

Since the early ’70s, Canadian broadcasters have purchased U.S. network shows with the right to substitute U.S. commercials for Canadian ads. These simulcast commercials are reportedly worth about $200M in annual advertising revenue to Canadian broadcasters.

If this CRTC edict survives a court challenge, Canadian broadcasters will be kicked to the curb, which is especially worrisome given that ad revenues are already in decline.

But, does the CRTC really care about the needs and wants of Canadians and Canadian broadcasters?

If the experience of Sun News Network is anything to go by, then not really.

With this recent decision on the Super Bowl broadcast, a legitimate business deal between a Canadian broadcaster and a U.S. sports league has been put through the bureaucratic shredder because it’s a matter of public interest?

Methinks the CRTC is on thin ice with this bonehead move. Is there really a valid need any more for the CRTC?

I say, let’s move toward open skies and allow the marketplace – not a bunch of Ottawa bureaucrats – to sort things out.

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commented 2017-02-07 01:35:52 -0500
Dan Mancuso i like that list, even the first word would get them all upset, call them, artless and they would have an aneurysm.
commented 2017-02-06 20:56:11 -0500
I don’t watch ads. Any ads, including superbowl ones, particularly when I hear ahead of time they are little more than lefty propaganda pro-illegal-immigration ads.

But – it’s pretty obvious what the CRTC is doing here, not that it really matters since most people don’t watch cable.
commented 2017-02-06 16:15:30 -0500
Dan Mancuso would love to see SCTV satire modern society , and like you say they would get crucified for doing it. I would also love to hear what how Shakespeare would very eloquently describe it as well.
commented 2017-02-06 10:57:47 -0500
After the fact, it seems clear that the CRTC had an agenda to ensure the five obviously pro-immigration/anti-Trump Super Bowl commercials got as large a viewing as possible.
commented 2017-02-06 10:08:26 -0500
When I lower myself to spend a day listening to the CBC they are not promoting “Canadian Value” they are jabbering away about Trump almost non-stop. In the interludes between they are uncovering some LBTQRSTUVWXYZ wrong in Turkmenistan.

The CBC and CTV are like Pravda and Izvestia. Good riddance to them both. At least my tax $$$ aren’t being forced out of me at gun point to keep the CTV afloat. But I’m sure our betters will soon correct that.
commented 2017-02-06 09:21:05 -0500
Can you imagine if SCTV were produced today with their 70’s – 80’s style homour (humour that has been condemned and banned today), and the SJW’s reaction?
LOL. The SJW reaction would make for some interesting TV…
You could open the show with the defenestration of SJW’s instead of TVs. Now that’s funny!
commented 2017-02-06 03:12:20 -0500
Jack Carter Sun news was more Canadian than the damn CBC , why were they screwed over?
commented 2017-02-06 03:11:52 -0500
Jack Carter you are wrong people wanted to see the ads on the American stations so they could choose.
commented 2017-02-06 03:10:17 -0500
Jack Carter sorry their programming is propaganda. My example was not of the news by the way, it was during an even involving Canadians and they broke away to report on something that was not Canadian.
commented 2017-02-06 03:01:50 -0500
If Canadians want to see CTV’s commercials, they can just watch the show on CTV. I recorded it off FOX specifically to see the ads (don’t give a crap about the football).
commented 2017-02-06 02:40:59 -0500
Oh dear god, is the rebel still blaming the CRTC for the demise of the sun? The sun dying and the super bowl have nothing to do with each other. You should be glad that the super bowl ads are shown. After all, if it cripples the Canadian networks, it is a good thing. Screw the canadian networks and their awful news.

Some of us actually want to see those super bowl ads while watching the game.
commented 2017-02-06 01:53:18 -0500
Dan Mancuso; That one minute turned into an hour of SCTV, but worth it.
commented 2017-02-05 20:52:09 -0500
Robert Mcclelland,

Like with all kinds of entertainment – there are fans, people who don’t like and people who complain. There is no such thing as entertainment that pleases everyone.
commented 2017-02-05 20:13:50 -0500
Do yourselves a favour, this one minute SCTV clip could change your life:
Defenestrate your TV now! Hit the Fake News purveyors where it hurts!
commented 2017-02-05 20:02:47 -0500
Sorry David bur Carl’s Jr. does have locations in Canada.
In Alberta I have seen/visited them in Spruce Grove, Edmonton and Lloydminster.
I don’t know if there are more but it would be an easy google check.
Maybe you will get some in Ontarostan if you ever exercise the libtards from ruining your province. =/
commented 2017-02-05 17:36:07 -0500
This is the best thing the CRTC has ever done. CTV’s creating a business plan based around substituting American shows in Canada is a non-starter from the get-go. Most of the CTV advertising is for other Bell companies or promoting other CTV shows. To make matters even worse we have to watch the same ad 10-20 times in a 3-hour window. They should stick to making profits off of predominantly Canadian events, not foreign. The layoffs were just an excuse to complain about the CRTC and would have happened anyway.
commented 2017-02-05 16:58:31 -0500
Screw direct referendums, us unelected elites say, “no Brexit for you!” Alter the constitution of Canada? Screw the mandated referendum we will just “read into the spirit of the document” you stupid, unwashed masses. Shut up and pay your taxes.
commented 2017-02-05 16:55:29 -0500
Oh for Christs sake, anyone even remotely paying attention know that courts in the western world literally make shit up as they go and have done so for years. Their arguments are absolute verbal diarrhea. They pull it out of there ass (thus my allegories), literally crafting their rulings to fit their purely political, partisan, BS. They can “justify” any damn thing they want or over turn any damn thing they want. Wake up. The courts are broken, they are the Trump card to bring tyranny over the will of the people.
commented 2017-02-05 15:54:38 -0500
I figure that when people are yabbering on so much about the Superbowl ads, there can’t be much to the sport itself. Something like a baseball game where people come home and talk about how good the beer and hotdogs were. I just wish my over-the-air tv channels carried Australian Rules Football.
commented 2017-02-05 15:32:57 -0500
Ah yes the CBC, the purveyor of apolitical, "comic"programmes such as “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” and “Royal Canadian Air Farce”.
commented 2017-02-05 15:32:36 -0500
Jack Carter: Oh Jack. We’re so impressed.
commented 2017-02-05 15:27:23 -0500
Hm, looks like Michael Mann has returned from the dead as “Jack Carter”

So Jack Carter, the CRTC wants eyeballs on Canadian channels? But why are eyeballs so important Jack Carter? Please tell us Jack Carter.
commented 2017-02-05 14:52:51 -0500
Kevin Brooks,

It’s always funny when bigots need to lie to spew their views.
commented 2017-02-05 14:52:32 -0500
According to Stefan Molyneux, Pres. Trump has defunded the PBCtaking away half a billion; the left wing public radio is also defunded. Both these charities are crying and telling the citizens how valuable they are. But we have Trudeau !!!
commented 2017-02-05 14:50:45 -0500
Evelyn Cooper,

What the hell are you talking about? It’s common knowledge that Canadians have been complaining about not being able to see the American ads for well over almost 20 years and the CRTC constantly took flack for it, because in case you didn’t know – Canadians prefer to watch American content over Canadian content, so they didn’t feel it was fair that the CRTC was forcing boring Canadian commercials on them.

Considering people can now watch the Superbowl through other means, the CRTC doesn’t want to be viewed as a killjoy as I said and still wants Canadians to watch the Super Bowl on Canadian networks vs. the internet or through streaming. In all actuality, the CRTC are helping Canadian networks here ultimately.

No, it’s not about the CRTC caring about us – it’s about the CRTC wanting to remain competitive and doing smart business, since the broadcast industry is changing and in many cases – dying. They want eyeballs on Canadian channels.

Your entire position is idiotic, because Canadians DO want to see the ads. You are making the case for boring Canadian ads that nobody gives a shit about. The CRTC is simply giving Canadians what they want after years and years of not allowing Canadians to have what they wanted. This is actually a good thing.

You seem pretty clueless about the CRTC with your moronic slippery slope type comments, which has zero basis in fact and is simple fear mongering and propaganda.
commented 2017-02-05 14:37:37 -0500
When Trudeu was asked about this issue he stated"Canadians should be able to view Muslim commercials during this Sundays “Super Cup”as diversity is our strength.Aint that right Gerald"
commented 2017-02-05 14:30:58 -0500
Drew Wakariuk,

CBC news is a tiny fraction of the content that CBC provides in programming on a daily basis like all channels. There is legitimate Canadian programming outside of the few hours of news everyday, regardless if you like it or not.
commented 2017-02-05 14:20:16 -0500
Kill the CBC, CRTC and The Carbon Tax! Make Canada Awesome again!
commented 2017-02-05 14:18:39 -0500
Jack Carter: Think for a moment about what you wrote:
“It’s not about having the right to see the ads”, - Yes that seems to be true.
“ Clearly Canadians WANT to see the ads and don’t understand why they can’t enjoy one of the biggest aspects of the Super Bowl.” -
But this is based on what valid data and even if so, it hasn’t been offered by the organization with the ownership rights to that show. A lot of people strongly wish that several obnoxious, biased Media interviewers would be removed from the Canadian airwaves. But as a viewer, that’s not their choice.
“ I think the CRTC just wanted to stop being a killjoy.” — That’s your opinion ! Nowadays that’s very close to virtue signaling – “gee, the CRTC really cares about us. They (CRTC) must be nice, caring folks deserving lots of Government support.”

So is that a legal power that the CRTC has? – to decide what they feel Canadians want to see on their TVs and consequently unilaterally use this assumed power to edit, restrict, censor, or prescribe the content of legal business contracts between 2 organizations? If it is, does this make sense in Canada?
Where does this lead? For our “pleasure,” the CRTC decides the content of what we are allowed and not allowed to watch ! Is this really their authority, and to whom are they accountable for these decisions?
Maybe the CRTC is practicing for another assault upon TheRebel?