August 07, 2019

Culture wars bring a rise in censorship — and not just by the left (GUEST: Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

There is so much happening in the culture wars in Canada these days and it's causing some on the left and the right to eat their own as they compete to be on the top of the totem pole of tolerance.

Prime Minister Trudeau is supporting the decision of Vancouver's Pride parade to block the University of British Columbia from participating in this year's events. The reason? UBC upheld their academic responsibilities to be a place for the free and liberal exchange of ideas, by allowing a trans identified person named Jenn Smith to give a talk that was critical of British Columbia's inclusion of gender ideology in the sex ed curriculum.

In other Liberal deplatforming news, last month, Liberal spokespeople and MPs were outraged that a pro-life movie, Unplanned, would be shown in Canadian theatres.

But hold on, conservatives. Let's not right away on a high horse:

Lifesite News is reporting that the Conservative Party of Canada has been blocking pro-life and pro-family nomination candidates. The report comes a few weeks after outspoken moderate Muslim professor Salim Mansur had his candidacy declined by the Conservatives, who according to Mansur, were concerned that his critiques of radical Islam would be lambasted as islamophobic by the Liberals and the mainstream media.

Like the Liberals, it seems there are things the official Conservatives think we aren't allowed to talk about.

My guest today is former Christian broadcaster and now politician Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson.

She's on the show today not because she's a People's Party of Canada candidate, but because she's a culture warrior who has paid a high personal cost for her fight against gender ideology being taught to increasingly younger children, and she says her candidacy was blocked by the CPC just like Mansur's was.

Thompson is also a friend to Jenn Smith, that trans identified person our prime minister would love to see censored.

Tyler Thompson joins me tonight in an interview we recorded yesterday afternoon to talk about these issues and a new PPC policy to address late term abortion.

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commented 2019-08-07 21:59:02 -0400
I vote for policy over party. People who vote party over policy are on the hook for all their policies as far as I’m concerned. Scheer, for example, has been a total wimp when it comes to policy & the people in the CPC that refuse to put any pressure on him to grow a backbone are complicit. (LIFESITE has been reinstated by Apple – got the email today.) It’s impossible for the far left to cover up their insanity because the far left is a form of highly destructive insanity. Most Canadians don’t know that there are no term limits on abortion in Canada. Trying to ban abortion altogether (which I’d like to see) won’t sell right now but term limits certainly would. This is why the pro-abortion mob wants to silence all debate on this. (I saw Unplanned when it showed in Canada. I thought it was a great movie.)