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Enough is enough. It’s time to fight back. That's why we launched this campaign to cut off Quebec from equalization payments. (Cutting off a Liberal from their money is the only way to get their attention!)

Our campaign plan goes as follows:

1. A petition to demand a total overhaul of the equalization formula.

2. We purchased radio ads in Saskatchewan and Alberta building support for the campaign!

3. We have purchased billboards telling Quebec Liberals that if they don’t want oil, they can’t have oil transfer payments. Those French billboards will drive traffic to our French website. 

4. That website,, outlines basic facts about equalization payments that ordinary Quebeckers might not even know — and it explains that Liberals are threatening to kill the goose that lays their golden eggs.

5. Finally, we commissioned a professional, independent public opinion poll on the question.

This is our way of fighting back. Somebody’s got to. And other than Premier Brad Wall, not a single national leader is standing up for Canada’s economy, or national unity.

If anyone’s going to fight back this time, it’s got to be us.

Please help us pay for this campaign by making a donation below. We need to raise thousands of dollars to pay for this campaign, and any donation goes a long way.