January 16, 2016

Cute story about "goat cuddling" goes wrong!

Rebel Staff

The Caramont Dairy Farm in Virginia put out a volunteer call for "goat cuddlers" to take care of their newborn kids.

Matt Phillips chats with one of the prospective volunteer cuddlers.


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commented 2016-01-18 12:19:04 -0500
Joe Mac get a sense of humor or don’t run these clips. These guys are great keep up the great work and let’s get a half hour show soon.
commented 2016-01-18 02:27:36 -0500
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commented 2016-01-17 17:48:03 -0500
William Collins: Even in the genre “satire”, there should be a modicum of “humour” or, preferably, “quality” involved. This skit provides neither. These two people need to be dropped from The Rebel A.S.A.P.
commented 2016-01-17 11:45:52 -0500
I would like to apologize to Jason & Matt for the comments left here. Obviously, no one understands that by being listed under “Satire” in the drop down menu there might be sarcasm or humour involved. Keep up the good work. I love your stuff as it is a welcome diversion from all the bad news we have to endure every day!
commented 2016-01-17 00:42:07 -0500
Did not watch the video, am just going on the header. If someone needed Goat Cuddler’s, I think an advertisement in the Muslim Gazette would have worked fine.
commented 2016-01-16 21:21:43 -0500
Why is this here??? FUCK, Ezra, if you want to increase credibility, this is no way to get that.
commented 2016-01-16 20:36:06 -0500
I’m surprised he was not denied the position for being in the wrong demographic.
commented 2016-01-16 16:49:39 -0500
Is this supposed to be funny?
commented 2016-01-16 15:29:45 -0500
Long ago Co-Parenting fallout.?
Born too early. Today he would
be heading up the whole district.
commented 2016-01-16 14:36:24 -0500
Those were cute kids though.
commented 2016-01-16 14:00:00 -0500
That is just too wrong…….