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UPDATE: Our third billboard in our Montreal advertising campaign for Cut Them Off:

August 4, 2016: Our billboard company had told us Denis Coderre's city hall had pressured them to censor us, so we found a Montreal entrepreneur willing to put our billboard on the back of his truck, and drive it around Montreal for eight hours a day!

UPDATE: Our new billboard was BANNED in Montreal!

July 7, 2016: Ezra Levant reports that politically correct censorship has reared its ugly head in Montreal. The Rebel's new billboard pushing back at Liberal Mayor Denis Coderre for his opposition to Energy East, has been BANNED.

UPDATE: The Rebel has a NEW billboard in front of Montreal City Hall!

May 24, 2016: Ezra Levant unveils our new French language billboard in Montreal. It says, "Sorry Alberta, Denis Coderre prefers sewer pipes to oil pipes! But continue to send your equalization payments!"

POLL: Most in Saskatchewan and Alberta agree: Cut off equalization payments to anti-pipeline Quebec!

February 19, 2016: The results of's poll are in! We asked Canadians: If Quebec Liberals don't want pipelines carrying Canadian ethical oil from Western provinces, should they keep getting millions in equalization payments from Saskatchewan and Alberta?

UPDATE: The fight-back starts now!

Justin Trudeau finally met with Denis Coderre, his fellow Quebec Liberal who has spent the last week trashing the proposed Energy East oil pipeline. Coderre has gone much further than just threatening an economic blockade of western oil, though. He spent the week denigrating western Canadians, the oil industry, and the people of Saskatchewan in particular.

But when Trudeau finally met with Coderre, he didn't chastise him or offer his own support for the pipeline, or even come to the aid of Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Alberta, three provinces whose prosperity depends on this $15.7 billion infrastructure project.

In fact, Trudeau chimed in, adding new and onerous conditions on the pipeline himself!

We've seen this anti-oil, anti-western story before under Pierre Trudeau, and it doesn't end well for anyone. If Quebec Liberals like Justin Trudeau and Denis Coderre block Energy East, not only will it mean economic devastation, but it will be a great cause of national disunity -- possibly even rekindling western separatism.

We've got to stop them. And as with all Quebec Liberals, there's only one way to get their attention: cut off their money. Starting tonight, we are unveiling our campaign to Cut Them Off. Here are some of our campaign plans:

1. We've designed a French-language billboard, that will go up in Montreal in the coming weeks, telling Quebec Liberals that if they don't want our oil, that's fine -- they won't get any oil equalization payments either.


2. We've launched a French-language website,, that outlines our simple case -- and our campaign objectives.

3. We're buying radio spots in Saskatchewan and Alberta to let them know that Quebec Liberals have declared war against the western oil and gas industry, but that there is a way to fight back. We'll be making a New Brunswick radio ad soon, too!

4. All of this drives signatures to our national petition, which already has thousands of signatories.

5. Finally, we need to show how serious this is -- not just for politically active Canadians, but for everyone. So we're commissioning a scientific, independent opinion poll to find out what Canadians think of Denis Coderre, Justin Trudeau and other Quebec Liberals declaring war on oil and gas, and three provinces that dare to dream of a national project linking west to east.

The goal is to press for a national renegotiation of equalization payments, to show Quebec Liberals that there is a cost to their bullying.

The only national leader standing up for national unity and the economy is Saskatchewan's Brad Wall. But there are certain things even he can't do -- like taking out brass-knuckle-tough billboards in Montreal, and setting up French-language websites saying "we'll cut you off." 

That's our job. If we don't do it -- who will?

The mayor of Montreal, a Liberal named Denis Coderre, has demanded that the Energy East pipeline proposal be blocked from passing over Quebec’s sacred territory.

It’s a $15.7 billion infrastructure project, and that’s just the construction. The whole point of building it is to bring in oil to feed Eastern Canadian refineries, to displace foreign, conflict oil that we now import from OPEC. Even at today’s oil prices, that's more than ten billion dollars a year.

But Denis Coderre doesn’t care. Because, Quebec gets $21 billion a year, right now in transfer payments, extracted in part from the oil industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan, taken from the west by the federal government and then handed over to Quebec, for free. It’s like internal welfare for the least productive provinces. 

Coderre and the rest of Quebec’s Liberals already get all the benefits from Canada’s oil industry, and the west does the work. They’ll keep taking transfer payments paid for by Canada's oil and gas industry. But they’ll block the pipeline that both the west and New Brunswick want, and they’ll keep buying oil from OPEC.

Denis Coderre isn’t against oil. Montreal has millions of cars that need gas. Coderre just prefers conflict oil, brought in from OPEC, via tanker ship. 

He’s not anti-oil, or anti-pipeline. He’s not even anti-tanker. As long as it has sharia oil in it from Saudi Arabia, he’s cool. He just doesn’t want any of that Alberta oil, you see. Because it’s got Alberta cooties in it, or something.

If Montrealers want this clown, this low-information kook as their mayor, that’s their right. If the federal Liberals think it’s fine for their most senior political operative in Quebec to attack the west, that’s fine.

But the rest of Canada has to look after its own business. And there's a simple answer: cut them off. Cut off equalization payments to these ungrateful bigots. Like parents cutting off a petulant teenager’s access to the family car, until he behaves himself. Cut off the greedy Quebec Liberals.

If Denis Coderre doesn’t want anything to do with oil, then let him have nothing to do with oil. Grant him his wish. Cut him off. 

Please sign the petition by clicking below. 

This isn’t just about economics, and national unity. It’s about self-respect. 

Sign the petition!

We demand that any government that opposes oil and gas pipelines be cut off from oil and gas equalization payments

Will you sign?