March 04, 2017

Daily Top 10: Mark Steyn on immigration reform; Refugee assaults boys in Austria

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. SHOCK VIDEO: Muslim Racially Abuses ‘Pork Eating’ Polish Male, Strikes Woman

(Language warning:)

The sharpest instrument of the new Marxist-Islamic alliance is selective enforcement of the law, to eliminate the rule of law itself. This is just one example of what is likely thousands daily.

2. Principal and deputy principal fired from Australian high school for applying Islamic sharia

The video at site explains that the school is tied to Hizbut al Tahrir, a notorious Islamic supremacy group, but does not explain how.

The school was preventing female staff from attending meetings, and otherwise segregating sexes.

3. Man arrested for Jewish centre bomb threats is an anti-Trump convert to Islam

A man arrested by the FBI in connection with bomb threats made against Jewish community centers across the country is an anti-Trump leftist who recently converted to Islam.
Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis by the FBI for making at least eight bomb threats and the cyberstalking of an ex-girlfriend,” reports the Daily Caller.[…]

Although his motivation was to frame his ex-girlfriend, it’s likely that Thompson also made the threats in order to make Trump look bad by relying on the media to insinuate the threats were being made by Trump supporters.
Trump was criticized when he said of the bomb threats, “Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people — or to make others — look bad,” but it appears as though he was entirely correct.

4. Is the Ontario Conservative Party conforming to sharia norms of seating for public meetings?

5. Bomb threat after Germans cancel Turkish rally

(One can’t help but wonder if the Germans are cancelling Turkish events because of the exposure by German news of their militaristic and otherwise anti-German activities.)

6. Afghan refugee arrested for sexually assaulting Austrian boys

Austrian police have recently arrested an Afghan-born sexual delinquent who had been targeting young boys in the towns of Linz and Traun. Victims of the 36-year-old asylum seeker were harassed and even threatened with murder, after being stalked.

On February 26, the Afghan allegedly molested a 12-year-old boy in a shopping centre in Traun, reports. He attempted to have sex with the minor, who initially managed to escape to a tram station but was followed by the attacker when leaving the mall.

After catching up with his intended victim, the migrant tried luring the boy to his house. As an alternative, the 36-year-old asked the boy to join him for a walk to the main station in order to have sex in the public toilet that is located there. According to police reports, “the accused did not leave the minor until he sought help from strangers.”

The refugee had also threatened to kill the boy if he would inform the authorities of the assault, leaving his victim completely terrified.

Excerpts from a stunning documentary on the systemic and lethal rape of young boys in Afghanistan:

7. Mali’s three jihadi groups announce merger

Three jihadist groups operating in the Sahel region of Africa have merged to form one single organisation, Mauritania’s private news agency ANI said Thursday, citing a video distributed by the Islamists.

Among the groups joining the merger south of the Sahara are Mali’s Al Qaeda-linked Ansar Dine and Al-Murabitoun, led by Algerian extremist Mokhtar Belmokhtar.

8. Swedish report: Muslim Brotherhood advances terrorism and Islamic global conquest

The report suggests that the Muslim Brotherhood is secretly leading Islamists in building a parallel society in Sweden by infiltrating organizations and political parties in the country.

It also claims that there is an "established structure of values among the country's political elite which stipulate how as a citizen you should approach 'minorities’”.

The article continues to cast aspersions on the report, but a careful analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood’s own websites and materials such as the ones done by Maj. Stephen Coughlin, show that the MB is an organization dedicated to nothing other than global conquest for Islam, and the year they ruled Egypt under Most should be more than enough proof of how that will look.


9. Sweden: 10 events in ten days prove Trump right


10. Mark Steyn combats the common logical fallacies used to prevent immigration reform:


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commented 2017-03-06 10:08:04 -0500
As for the incidents in the Maratime’s schools concerning the “refugees”…..DITTO on the reporting
commented 2017-03-06 10:04:17 -0500
Those would be similar to the facts that came out about the Quebec mosque shooting. Again, the facts according to Justin, and as reported by the cbc..
commented 2017-03-06 09:59:27 -0500
RICK PLESNIK… You are right about it being already here. They just renamed the West Edmonton Mall Water Park the West Edmonton Fondling Pool. They were going to use the "refugee"s" name in the re-branding of the new “Petting Pool”, but I believe his name may have been stricken from any records (a la Vince Lee). A quick check with the cbc should reveal the facts. You know, the facts according to Justin.
commented 2017-03-06 08:56:21 -0500
“Refugee assaults boys in Austria” Coming to Canada at the insistence of jihadi Justin. Oh wait…..probably already here being buried by the MSM!
commented 2017-03-05 18:08:28 -0500
Swiss cheese border. Canadian border patrol union begs for hundreds more workers(not officers) to patrol border. 200 invaders this week alone at Saint Bernard Lecolle. We are being flooded with diseased, murderous invaders from Africa. And the Canadian Liberal government is colluding with Soros, ngo’s and the like. Will we still lay down when our tiny border communities are overrun by invaders? In Sweden yesterday a migrant walked into a seniors home(like the one I live in)and raped 2 old men and beat an 87 year old woman to a pulp. Guess what? He was allowed to walk away because 2 policeman in this town were dragged out of their car and beaten by a crowd of migrants. This is here, now. This is not being reported by CBC. The fakestream media is the mortal enemy of human kind. How can any Canadian watch hockey with a Swede or Finn involved? No team can win with players who have no heart and no courage. Borje Salming, a Leaf superstar, his father was one of the old men raped.
commented 2017-03-05 16:04:51 -0500
Marine Le Pen:" The divide is no longer between the right and the left, but between the patriots and the globalists." There it is Canada/Canadians…which one are you?
commented 2017-03-05 13:34:01 -0500
Truth about Sweden finally coming out.

Tino Sanandaji: The government is lying about sex crimes

Author and lecturer Karl-Eirik Kval says Swedish researchers are deliberately concealing the relationship between immigration and crime.

Criminology Professor Leif GW Persson appeared on a Swedish television programme and backed up claims by under-investigation police officer Peter Springare that migrants are vastly overrepresented in criminal cases.
Writing in Norway’s Dagbladet,
commented 2017-03-05 00:48:39 -0500
Geez I thought we outgrew boys/girls have cooties back in grade 2.
commented 2017-03-04 22:36:57 -0500

Is that what we can expect if M-103 is made a law??
commented 2017-03-04 22:19:35 -0500
TRUDEAU and all POLITICIANS! Do you want to shut down the free passage of communication of everyday People around the World? Are you afraid of something?? Are you afraid of not controlling People? You promised transparency? You travel around the World in a Jet Airliner full of JET AIRLINER FUEL AND CHARGE THE EVERYDAY PEOPLE WITH A CARBON TAX..PREACHING YOU ARE A CLIMATE CHANGE WARRIOR ..Whirl Winds are brewing.. to all the new ………… out there…oops censorship. Figure it out you ……..! ……..s.
commented 2017-03-04 21:13:41 -0500
Paul Maurice: Ya, you’re right on that..the truth should never be shut down…especially in this day and age. Thank the stars above for the Internet..It reaches millions of People in an instance..There was a movie that was out a few years ago…the first Inventor of the Computer/Internet near the end of WWII…The main Person that did invent it saved approx..1 million lives because of the technology could not be detected from the enemy. So let’s hope history does repeat itself on saving lives in North America/EU.. because of the Computer/Internet. The Internet is the best Encyclopedia collection that anyone can access for a few bucks per month.(except Canada of course..I believe we pay the highest price in the World, right?)
commented 2017-03-04 21:07:17 -0500
I’m glad you made the undeniable connection between subversive 5th column Marxism and it’s alliance with radical Islamism – and how this insurgent tag team is instrumental in corrupting the rule of law and sovereignty of the nation state. If it continues the law will come into wide public disrepute because of it’s open bias and inequity.
commented 2017-03-04 20:36:39 -0500
Yes, scary, isn’t it, Rob Greeley.
Even if M-103 became law, I would still say openly and freely: Islam is Evil.
And I would hope that hundreds of thousands of Canadians would continue to courageously speak the truth.
commented 2017-03-04 20:00:41 -0500
Paul Maurice: M-103..If someone were to agree with you..they and you would be arrested by the Trudeau regime….If the Rebel Media does not condemn you…they and you will be arrested and lose their ability to be a conduit of the truth by the Trudeau regime..Do you remember a few short years ago on how the cbc and the new liberals were screaming that PM Harper was hitler because of a letterhead change..
commented 2017-03-04 19:36:51 -0500
Islam is Evil.
commented 2017-03-04 19:36:05 -0500
Poetic justice? Trudeau being assassinated by a Muslim terrorist.
commented 2017-03-04 19:34:05 -0500
Nazism and Communism were (and are) two of the greatest evils that plagued the world.
Islam (the Muslim Religion) is much, much, much worse!
Wipe it out, and make the world a more peaceful and rational planet.
commented 2017-03-04 19:32:06 -0500
Yes, Mark Steyn for Prime Minister of Canada!
Marine Le Pen for President of France!
Geert Wilders for Prime Minister of the Netherlands!
commented 2017-03-04 18:21:36 -0500
Re, my last comment, item #6. It states in the Quran that it is permissible to have sex with your own Son, as soon as you consider the boy to be big enough.
commented 2017-03-04 18:16:16 -0500
1/ Nothing to do with Islam or inbreeding by any chance.
3/ Ditto #1, Plus this Guy is a Trump and Jew hater, this gives him a brick short of a load IQ.
5/ Never ever trust a Muslim, they worship death. Usually yours.
6/ All Muslim males lust for young boys, probably because Daddy had sex with them when they were five or six years old.
8/ This is happening in Canada now and with Trudeau’s full approval.
9&10/ Mark Steyn, as usual, hits the nail right on the head.
commented 2017-03-04 17:50:43 -0500
#4-Give. Me. A. Break.
commented 2017-03-04 17:46:59 -0500
  1. does that little worm in the video think that he is tough? If the law were applied equally he would be laying on the ground.
commented 2017-03-04 17:45:54 -0500
More anti semitism from Trump haters, but of course Jay Kelly will see it as being from a Trump supporter , because he is blind.
commented 2017-03-04 17:15:57 -0500
At Fraser Mc: Maybe someone from the CHP can jump ship to the PC party..I’ve read their Platform. It’s almost identical to all the posts/commentators here on the Rebel. It’s all positive for Law abiding Citizens. I was shot down earlier because they are a fringe Party. I get that.
commented 2017-03-04 17:05:57 -0500
commented 2017-03-04 17:02:03 -0500
#4: Looks like all Canadian Politicians are …………, fill in the blanks politicians! Then are you going to charge me with what??!!! After you fill in the blanks!
commented 2017-03-04 17:01:48 -0500
commented 2017-03-04 16:46:38 -0500
Violence is breaking out now in Canada…Trudeau, Wynne, Notley are ……..,………,………fill in the blanks Canadians. Be careful everyday People. They are the be all and know all..This is on you Trudeau..Wynne and brought this on to Law abiding Citizens of Canada that pay your Salary. I know you hate with all your might when you hear those words..Because you hate the TRUTH!! President Donald Trump is constantly on the air waves by passing the msm. He is reaching out to the People of his/their Nation! and is trying to help Law abiding Citizens to keep their dreams and hope alive! What are you doing that is positive for Canadians.. Trudeau, Wynne, Notley
commented 2017-03-04 16:06:54 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,922 Attacks, 210,981 Killed, 295,050 Injured that we know of.