February 25, 2017

Daily Top 10 — Mississauga mayor: “There will not be sharia law in Canada”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Today’s crop of videos of the coup in France, masquerading as social justice.

Weaponized trash cans:

2. Religious Muslims in Bangladesh protest the well-known statue of the Greek goddess of Justice in front of the court building

DHAKA (AFP) - Hundreds of supporters of a hardline Bangladesh Islamist group staged protests on Friday (Feb 24), calling for the statue of a Greek goddess installed at the Supreme Court to be destroyed or removed.

The sculpture of Themis, the blindfolded deity of justice and order, has ruffled feathers in the Muslim-majority nation since it was unveiled late last year on the premises of the country's top court.

Protestors are demanding that the statue be demolished and replaced with a Koran.

3. Mississauga mayor says criticism of Islam IS allowed and must not be legislated away

Thank you for coming forward today. I’m not aware of the book. This is Canada. We have one set of laws. There is no Sharia Law [Islamic Law]… The beauty of Canada is that we are free to openly criticize anyone and anytime. We have one set of laws and there is no Sharia Law in Canada and there will not be Sharia Law in Canada. And I’m very very sorry to hear that.

4. ISIS fighter boasted of killing Syrian soldiers by injecting them with DIESEL oil

The 23-year-old extremist denied ever being part of the jihadi organisation but was found guilty of joining a terrorist militia during a trial held in private in Salzburg. […] The man, a Syrian asylum seeker, said several times that he had killed pro-government soldiers in Syria by injecting them with diesel.

5. Swiss mosque tries to press charges against two members who reported the mosque for incitement to murder — after other members of the mosque beat them up

The association that runs the An’Nour mosque in Winterthur has lodged a complaint with police against two members of the congregation thought to have reported their imam for inciting murder – a day after ten people were arrested for allegedly beating up the duo in revenge.

On Tuesday morning police in the canton of Zurich arrested ten suspects in a raid on a dozen houses in Winterthur.

One was later released, but eight adults and one juvenile remain in custody, accused of having beaten up and threatened two individuals at the mosque last November.

The pair are thought to have tipped off a journalist about a controversial sermon given by the mosque’s imam in which he called for the congregation to kill Muslims who do not participate in common prayer.

The reporting of the sermon in early November led to the arrest of the imam, who is now facing criminal proceedings for inciting crime and violence.


6. Christians flee Egypt's Sinai after militant killings

Suspected Islamic militants gunned down a Christian man inside his home in northern Sinai, officials and a priest said Friday, the latest in a string of sectarian killings there that has sent hundreds of Christians fleeing and raised accusations the government is failing to protect the community.

The militants stormed the home of Kamel Youssef, a plumber, on Thursday and shot him to death in front of his wife and children in the town of el-Arish, said two security officials and the priest.

[…] No militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack. But Egypt's Islamic State group affiliate, which is based in the Sinai Peninsula and which in December carried out a devastating suicide bombing against a Cairo church, vowed in a video earlier this week to step up attacks against the embattled Coptic Christian minority. It described them as "infidels" empowering the West against Muslims.


7. The UAE, despite a fatwa banning travel to Mars by Muslims, plans to work around it by orbiting a space probe around the red planet

Last year, religious leaders in the UAE issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims from landing on Mars.

However, the robotic spaceship will not actually touch down on the Martian surface.

It will blast off aboard a Japanese rocket and then go into orbit around the planet.

“We are delighted to launch the UAE’s Mars explorer by the Japanese launch vehicle H-IIA from Tanegashima Space Center in Japan in 2020,” said Yuichi Yamaura, vice president of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

“We are confident that we will accomplish our responsibility, together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.”

8. Dutch PM Mark Rutte causes outrage branding Muslim call to prayer “horrific” “whiny music”

(As Geert Wilders is likely to sweep this election because of a sane, rational analysis of Islam and its value and consequence to the West, the current PM appears to be trying a desperate play to win votes using a vulgar version of valid criticisms.)

Mr Rutte - who faces voters next month in the Netherlands' parliamentary elections - was being interviewed for Holland's Christian radio station, Evangelical Broadcast Service.

He was asked about an earlier statement, when he had called the Muslim call to prayer song "whiny music".

The song - played from mosque minarets - has become commonplace across the Netherlands.

But when Rutte was asked to confirm what he had said, he told show host Tijs van den Brink: "Yes, I find it horrific." Mr Rutte went on to warn Muslim leaders that although they have religious freedom, they should not upset non-believers.

9. Jihadis took pregnant wife hostage in post office robbery to fund terror attack in FRANCE

Ibrayima Sylla, 37, and Pierre Roubertie, 26, stormed the Paris home of Jacques Penhouet, a post office teller, armed with a knife and a Taser.

The two ISIS fanatics took the postal worker’s heavily pregnant wife, Claire, and son hostage.

While Roubertie guarded the mother and son, Sylla dragged Mr Penhouet – who had the key to the post office safe – to his workplace.

As they were sentenced for the brutal heist on Wednesday, ringleader Sylla proclaimed “God is my only defender”.

(It is likely that “God” was a mistranslation for “Allah” in this case.)


10. France: Jewish brothers stopped at red light “assaulted with HACKSAW by anti-Semitic attackers”

Two French Jewish brothers were briefly abducted and abused by a group of men in a Paris suburb in an incident that ended with the brothers being beaten and attacked with a wood saw, the victims' father told i24NEWS on Thursday

Armand Azoulay, who is a leader of the Jewish community in Bondy, located some 11 km northeastern of the center of Paris, said his sons aged 29 and 17, were forced off the road by a group of men described as having a Middle Eastern appearance.

The attackers forced the brothers to stop their car, and one of the attackers then "grabbed my son by the throat" and took out a "wood saw" Azoulay said.

He attempted to saw off the finger of one of his sons, but did not succeed."


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commented 2017-02-27 01:16:59 -0500
Everything bad that happens in Ontario has at its core the GTA and in particular Mississauga. This rotten core extended its reach into the Federal Parliament when they parachuted Iqra Khalid into the riding for the last election. A riding as important as Mississauga would not be left to chance by the Liberals and they wanted a Muslim woman as their showcase dream candidate. This entire Islamophobia debate was pre planned from the minute she announced her candidacy. Read the newspapers and its all about protecting this fragile woman who is just trying to protect her fragile religious values. A fragile minority comprising one and a half billion members by some counts.
Anybody that uses the asinine phrase “we’re a country of immigrants” can kiss my behind. An immigrant is somebody like my neighbor growing up in the 60’s. Grabbed from her mother’s arms and taken to a Hitler Youth school. Starving half to death in post war Germany, she came to Canada and ASSIMILATED. She didn’t want to make Canada Germany like Iqra wants to make this Pakistan.
You like Islam and the great democracy like where you came from, go back to Pakistan you whining little crybaby.
commented 2017-02-26 16:09:58 -0500
Hyacinth I cannot watch that you tube of Sandra at the peel School Board meeting without getting emotional. She has more respect for Canada than most Canadians have.
commented 2017-02-26 02:20:18 -0500
“There is no Sharia Law [Islamic Law]… The beauty of Canada is that we are free to openly criticize anyone and anytime. We have one set of laws and there is no Sharia Law in Canada and there will not be Sharia Law in Canada. And I’m very very sorry to hear that.”

Another Liberal BS politician. Sharia exists in Canada.


Must watch!!
commented 2017-02-25 22:44:04 -0500
Sandra Solomon, you are a brave. prophetic voice in a nation of cowards. Perhaps you can clone your spine and make donations to all our feminists who don’t see very concerned about their sisters around the world being oppressed. I guess they are part of the muslim sisterhood.

The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you peace.

I’d like to see The Rebel do some cross country speaking tours with some of these guests you have. These voices need a wider hearing. If you should decide to do so, I’m sure there are those of the Rebel Nation willing to assist. Count me in.

The Lord bless you and keep you
commented 2017-02-25 21:41:01 -0500
Edward Jobin i would sure like to know how they came up with the Mars fatwa? Some part of the Koran no one knows about??
commented 2017-02-25 21:30:16 -0500
In this world we live in now, if anybody does not know what the Koran is must be in a coma.
Conservatives are a minority in Canada now. The country is made up of mostly left wingers who only watch left wing television, read left wing newspapers, listen to left wing radio, all of which portray us as extreme, racist, bigots, you name it. All the info we get here on The Rebel or any other Conservative media is not seen or heard by them, so most don’t have a clue of what’s going on or coming. The left media keep on being P/C & even lie to protect the left wing politicians. How many people do you know who have heard of M-103?
Sandra Solomon is very courageous & pray she stays safe.
commented 2017-02-25 19:27:38 -0500
TRUDEAU I have a mission for our peace keeper try Canadastan you traitor.You have to realize they teach not to start anything till your numbers are up.They are getting close,They don’t double their population in ten year they jump by 5x and more with this illegal migration from the USA,Going to get worse.Watch out for your children.
commented 2017-02-25 15:44:01 -0500
Thank you for the CANADIAN content VICTOR

MISSISSAUGA WILL BE THE TEST CITY IN CANADA FOR SHARIA , I lived and worked around there in the late 80s
commented 2017-02-25 15:28:18 -0500
Notice that this silly Mayor approves of a definition of Islamophobia that includes the “Dislike of . . Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force” So now she’ll determine who and what we should like or not like. I guess she figures there are votes in this for her.
commented 2017-02-25 14:07:13 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,883 Attacks, 210,831 Killed, 294,795 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-02-25 13:23:41 -0500
OK, so now I want to move to Mars.
commented 2017-02-25 12:28:45 -0500
Bonnie says , this is Canada, not to worry. This WAS Canada. People like Bonnie Crombie are responsible for ushering Canada out the door, and sharia in. She is complicit in the Islamization of our country. Nice work Bonnie.
commented 2017-02-25 11:51:19 -0500
Bonnie Crombie is an accomplice to the destruction of Mississauga, Ontario and the entire country. She is definitely doing her part isn’t she. I wonder what her net benefit is? She must be related to Merkel. She is shameful and shamelessly suggests there is no sharia and she doesn’t know what book Sondra was referring to . It makes my blood boil.
Sondra I am sorry you were so disregarded. Keep up heat, and thank you.
commented 2017-02-25 11:42:08 -0500
Well done Sarah Solomon. You are a brave woman and thank you for speaking out. How frustrating to be ignored the way you were. The mayor of Mississauga is a stupid, woman who has changed the face of Mississauga and turned it into an Islamic city. There already is sharia law in Mississauga, and she has ushered it in. The accommodation Bonnie Crombie has already conceded to in Mississauga has made it a sharia compliant city and she knows it.
She is giving Sandra the pat lines she gives the average Canadian who speaks up. She was put off guard by Sondra and I don’t think she beleived Sandra bought a word of her drivel, but didn’t really care. Bonnie Crombie knows full well what book Sondra was referring to. Maybe we should send her some copies of the Koran so she can read up on the hatred which fills up it’s pages. Bonnie Crombie’s response was sickening. She’s not familiar with that book?? Give me a break!
commented 2017-02-25 11:26:19 -0500
Not sure what kind of a fartwa they would announce if they landed on Mars. The planet will be red with blood?
commented 2017-02-25 11:02:03 -0500
there will not be sharia law in Canada?? This from a woman who has rolled over with her tail between her legs for islam, has opened all of her highschools up to prayer rooms, is supporting the “anti islamophobia” law and has the largest population of Muslims in the country . From what I am seeing, Mississauga is going to be Canada ‘s first NO GO ZONE! I have news for her, SHARIA IS HERE AND IN PRACTICE and has been for some time. While it is here in only certain forms , it none the less is gathering steam across Canada. Muslims living here along with their literally hundreds of "Muslim organizations/congresses/forums/ little governments/student unions on every university campus etc., (- mostly all run by the Muslim Brotherhood,) all lobbying trudeau and his Muslim Brotherhood government to grant their every wish, demand and command upon us, have assisted the quiet and rapid spread of sharia across Canada. Trudeau wrote his very first Sharia Charter to protect them from us and is about to (against the wishes of we Canadians ) bring into law and “anti Islamophobia” law which will eliminate free speech for we Canadians while continuing to support the hate, threats, assaults, etc. against we Canadians and every other non muslim /religion here in Canada. Trudeau fully intends to make Canada the first official western Islamic state and he has no intentions of anyone stopping him! Canadians should all be very afraid right now but sadly it would seem they simply aren’t smart enough nor do they care enough as long as they can shop, have their free babysitting (under the guise of education) and nothing disturbs their own little personal lives. We are in BIG TROUBLE AND ALL BECAUSE OF TRUDEAU AND ALL THE LEFT/POLITICALLY CORRECT BRAIN WASHED WHO THEMSELVES ARE TERRORISTS AND THUGS!
commented 2017-02-25 10:50:38 -0500
1. Just wondering how long before sanity rules again in Paris. The useless pos demonstrators are mostly nafris who are jobless but can all afford cell phones.

2. The religion of evil will not allow anything but what’s in their evil book of laws.
3. Gutsy. However won’t go far since this is Canada! You’re not allowed to do these things in this country since it is not seen as politically correct!
7. Don’t let them anywhere near mars! They will only destroy it just like what they are doing here.
8. Now he sees the light but it’s too late. Hopefully the Dutch will see this bs move as nothing but a ploy to hold onto power after he’s allowed his country to be infested with Muslim vermin!
10. Shoot the muzzie basrards on sight!
commented 2017-02-25 09:42:47 -0500
just a few of Islamic barbarity thanks Victor for your work