June 27, 2016

Daily Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: Diabetic BEATEN for drinking water, IS releases new KILL LIST

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Gangs beating diabetics because they drink water "in broad daylight". That is Islam today. 

1. Morocco: Mob of Muslims severely beat a diabetic for drinking water during Ramadan.

Rabat – A diabetic person was beaten up by a mob of people after he was seen drinking water in broad daylight during Ramadan in Rabat.

The information was reported by a doctor who shared a video on YouTube where he denounced the incident. In the video, which is being widely shared on social media, the doctor explains how his patient, who suffered from diabetes since he was a child, was assaulted for drinking water.

The doctor expresses his frustration at the ignorance that reigns among large segments of Moroccans, as well as in the Moroccan penal code, which punishes those who publicly break their fast with a fine and a sentencing of up to six months in prison.

The video of the doctor can be seen in Arabic here. 

2. June 16 2016: A Muslim women in full face and head cloth went into LAX airport and started making threats and glorifying Orlando and other acts of Islamic terror. Watch the video here.

And watch the stunning lack of media on this event everywhere else.


3. Islamic State hackers have released another hacked list of names they are asking fellow jihadis to murder.

This list names 4000 people and includes Canadians.


4. Man, 26, "kidnaps schoolgirl, 13, at knifepoint and rapes her" — before sacking his lawyer in court and claiming he is not a "padophile" because "it was all consensual and he thought she was of legal age"

A 26-year-old man who allegedly kidnapped and raped a 13-year-old girl at knifepoint claims he is being 'treated like a paedophile predator' and can prove the teenager lied about her age.

Mustafa Kayirici chose to represent himself as he fronted Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday and claimed to have 'dirty' videos of the teenager consenting to have sex with him several times, according to The Daily Telegraph

Police had been searching for the Sydney man since he allegedly sexually assaulted and robbed a 22-year-old woman he met through an escort agency on June 19.

I get the "lied about her age" defense.

But there is still the pesky bit about "raped at knife point..."

5. India: Muslims riot, attack police, torch bus and building over rumor of torn Qur’an pages

Offering evidence for the eleventeenth time that the Islamic central book, the Koran, is more a fetish object than a sacred text.

A Punjab Assembly legislator’s property was damaged by a mob on Saturday morning in Ludhiana’s Malerkotla after a group, which wanted to complain about someone “tearing” the pages of the Quran, was allegedly turned away from meeting her.

Tension started at 10 pm Friday when pages of the Quran were found near Jarg Chowk in Malerkotla. Around 1 am, a group of people went to meet MLA Farzana Nissara Khatoon, who stays on Ludhiana-Malerkotla road, but were allegedly turned away.

Recently, a woman in Afghanistan was beaten, attacked, had stones thrown at her and then burned alive until she was dead, all because a cleric had said she damaged a Koran. None of the mob who did this have faced charges yet.

Some additional items:

Poland has leaked documents suggesting that France and Germany will take over the European Union and make sure no one else jumps ship.

You can watch the report here.

Poland has leaked important stories that German officials have tried to hide before.

On example, the German government ordered the police to erase security camera footage of Muslim rape, rob and grope gangs at the Cologne train station on New Years Eve.

NEXT: In Australia, leftists attacked Australians carrying Australian flags and singing the Australian anthem.

Fights broke out on the streets and police had to use tear gas.

These same leftist groups are stridently in favour of uncontrolled Muslim immigration into Western nations with no checks or rational processes. 

This suggests that far left groups view Islamic immigration as a weapon with which to destroy free market economies and nation states. 

If this were indeed the case, it would explain an awful lot. 

Related videos: 

Police use CCTV footage to identify rioters

Marchers with flags and anthem

Street fights between anti Australian leftists (who burned Aussie flags) and those who believe the nation of Australia has a right to exist. 




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commented 2016-06-27 18:51:27 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,216 Attacks, 197,791 Killed, 277,657 Injured.
commented 2016-06-27 18:16:02 -0400
Well I’m sure these guys who beat up diabetics for drinking water mean well. They’re just concerned for their salvation. Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet. They must have missed the story about throwing the first stone. How ironic that in their present state all Muslims are in danger of hell. Good to hear that everyday many are becoming fed up up with the senseless hate and are converting to Christianity but so sad that puts them at the top of the beheading list.
commented 2016-06-27 15:50:59 -0400
Satan is the father of lies. The author of the evil and false teachings of multiculturalism, neo-Marxism, political correctness, and all leftist liberal ideologies. So-called social justice warriors are his army. The champions and spokesmen and women of liberalism are his minions. He loves ISIS and Islamic Jihad.
commented 2016-06-27 15:21:52 -0400
Satan is the author of confusion