July 14, 2016

Daily Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: Explosions, BURNING CARS in Belgium “NOT related to terror”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

More data points for the new reality of an Islamic and leftist Orwellian world.

1. Brussels: Explosions and burning cars not related to terror

Local media and video shared from residents showed several cars ablaze in the Brussels business district of St Gilles.

British news agency reports said that two explosions were heard that may have been caused by the burning cars.

The fires have been doused and there are no reports of casualties.

Must be Auto-spontanious combustion. 

2. Germany: First nationwide raid against hate posts on the internet

Germany is showing the same commitment to freedom of speech and equality before the law as Hillary Clinton does.

From a human translation:

This morning sixty apartments were searched nationwide [...] 

The number of cases of politically right motivated hate criminality on the Internet has also risen in the wake of the European refugee situation,” says BKA chief Holger Münch. “The hate criminality on the net must not poison the social climate.” Attacks on refugee shelters are often the result of radicalization that begins on the Internet. “Therefore we have to put a stop to the coarsening of language, and investigate punishable content on the Internet.” With this operation the citizens also must become more sensitive, the BKA says. Whoever finds hate posts on the Internet should immediately report them.

Federal minister of justice Heiko Maas (SPD, Socialists) welcomed the operation. “The determined action of the administration should make everyone think before they pound on the keys to post on Facebook,” the minister says. “The creators of punishable hate posts are looking at punishments that will hurt.


3. Police report DOZENS of sex crimes, including rape, committed by "foreign men" at third Swedish music festival

A new string of sexual assaults have hit another Swedish music festival, where ‘dozens’ of accusations of assault – including rape, attempted rape, and groping – have been made against ‘foreign men’.

Swedish police report that the rape victim was under 18 and taken to the hospital. She was attacked while watching a band perform at last week’s Peace & Love Festival, according to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Another Swedish newspaper, FriaTider, reports that police spokesman Stefan Dangardt identified the attackers as ‘foreign men’.

Local authorities currently have three suspects in custody. Swedish media have not identified them by name because they are said to be underage.

Related: British band Mumford & Sons, boycott Swedish Music fest over sexual violence.

Maybe some kind of pork flavored lipstick might work?


4. Seven of thirteen German teachers boycott grad ceremony because Muslim student refused to shake hands.

Germany and Switzerland have a strong tradition of hand shaking with teachers. It is symbolic of a trust relationship between teachers and students. To refuse this custom is read as a rejection of this trust. It is every bit as rational as any other custom or cultural axiom. And this is where multiculturalism is shown to be an oxymoron. It simply cannot be. 

Teachers in Germany have set off a national controversy after they boycotted their own school’s leavers’ ceremony in protest at a Muslim pupil who refused to shake hands with a female member of staff.

The teachers demanded that the teenage pupil, who has not been named under German privacy laws, be excluded from the ceremony over the incident.

But he won the backing of the school’s head teacher, who insisted he be allowed to attend.

The row at the Kurt Tucholsky secondary school in Hamburg has renewed debate in Germany over whether religious pupils can be forced to shake hands with teachers of the opposite sex.

The dispute began at the end of an oral examination for the Abitur, the German equivalent of A levels. The teacher conducting the exam held out her hand to the pupil to congratulate him, but he refused to shake it and offered her his wrist instead.

If not now, next time this happens a sedition charge against the teachers will not be surprising. 


5. Germany threatens to withdraw troops from Turkish NATO base

Amid a fast-escalating dispute between Berlin and Ankara, Turkey has continued to refuse German MPs permission to visit the Incirilik air base.

Relations soured in May after the German parliament passed a resolution declaring the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman forces was genocide, causing deep anger in Turkey.

Germany sent troops, six Tornado surveillance jets and a tanker aircraft to Incirlik late last year as part of the fight against Islamic State militants.

But Turkish diplomats have attempted to stop German parliamentarians visiting the 250 troops stationed there.

Now, in comments that risk a split in NATO operations, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel warned the soldiers may be withdrawn.

He said: "The German army answers to parliament, and if parliament cannot visit its army, then the army cannot stay there. This is absolutely clear."

As more nations adopt the resolution that the genocide of the Christian Armenians in Turkey was in fact a genocide of Christian Armenians by Muslim Turks, Turkey may find it difficult to justify EU membership application. 

Off topic but of interest to news watchers the Republican National Convention is coming up in Cleveland July 18 to July 21.

The New Black Panthers have stated that they will be in Cleveland in force with open carry. According to the Micheal Savage show a couple of days ago, biker gangs will be there to defend the convention.

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