August 11, 2016

Daily Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: Founder of halal certification agency ARRESTED FOR TERROR

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

More Islamic militancy in Canada, Australia and elsewhere, and ineffective German methods of fighting back. 

1. Report: Extremist group affiliated with ISIS operating in a mosque in Windsor, Ontario

Regarding this issue’s secret, it is reported that there is a ‘hard-lined group’ which holds meetings at a Windsor mosque. They are members of an extremist cell affiliated with ISIS [a.k.a. ISIL, Islamic State, Daesh, Caliphate]. Therefore, we call on those in charge of the mosque to rectify the matter, and especially during this difficult time.”

2. Germany: Burka ban to be proposed in security clampdown

Germany's interior minister will back plans to ban the burka as part of a raft of anti-terror measures, local media say.

Thomas de Maiziere also proposes deporting criminals more quickly and relaxing doctor confidentiality rules.

He is due to announce some ideas on Thursday, and back some ideas from ministers in his party next week.

There have been repeated attacks in German cities recently, some of them related to Islamist terror.

(John Robson has an excellent video on this subject.)

3. Muslims call for polygamy to be legalized in Italy after same sex marriage gets nod

4. US military officials pressured lower-level analysts to downplay threats from Islamic State and Al-Qaeda in an intelligence report:

Three “officials familiar with the task force’s findings” have told the Beast that the nearly 10-page report is going to confirm last year’s complaints by dozens of intelligence analysts that their reports were changed by CENTCOM higher-ups. 

The accusations prompted the Pentagon’s inspector-general to launch a probe into an alleged cover-up of the US military’s failures in order to paint a more optimistic picture than was warranted by the facts on the ground.

5. Founder of the International Halal Management company in Australia, arrested on terror charges.

The Herald Sun has the information on this religious Muslim's connection to the halal food racket, which many say funds terrorism and the general spread of Islam in the West, but this article is mostly behind a paywall.

However Australian Senate candidate, Kirralie Smith, has reported on her Facebook page that:

“Shariff started the International Halal Management company in Melbourne’s north." reports:

Singaporean authorities have arrested an Australian resident for spreading radical ideology linked to terrorism on Facebook.

Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff, 44, was arrested in July for spreading radical ideology that promoted and glorified terror group Islamic State, the country’s Ministry of Home Affairs said in a statement on Friday.

The Singaporean government has ordered Shariff be detained for two years.

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs says Shariff left Singapore and resettled his family in Australia in 2002.

A few days ago, The Rebel posted an interview with an Australian counter-jihad activist who spoke about how the halal certification racket funds terrorism.

Also the Rebel has reported on the serving of halal beef in Canadian chains without informing its customers. 

Below, the video with Mike Holt on Islam and halal certification scams in Australia:






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commented 2016-08-12 01:24:19 -0400
Keep the truth coming Victor, the small minds attacking the messenger are not liking it very much.
commented 2016-08-11 23:37:01 -0400
The silly "Daily Top Five… " draws out the bizarre and even the hate-filled.

I wish readers would remember that this is a spoof site, not a real news site.

There are important comments to be made, but not on this site.
commented 2016-08-11 14:44:12 -0400
DARYL: Where is PETA? And where is the WWF,GREENPEACE and all the other money grubbing eco sponges? All ripping at our country from within with absurd climate hustle lies a la the Saint and his ilk, and anti fossil fuel rhetoric with the green push which will lead to years of decline, and years to correct it if in fact it won’t be too late already. When I see Greenpiss in Russia harassing their oilfields for poor environmental procedures, and strapping themselves to equipment over there, maybe I could have a change of heart. Not going to happen. So for now 2 words for the green hypocrisy groups, FUCK OFF.

Every employee at Earl’s should have to do a live viewing of a HALAL kill. One phone call back when Earl’s shit hit the fan proved to me what was happening. A blatant attempt at brainwashing. I wish I would have recorded the call, it was clear evidence what Mo and the group were up too. The poor gal I talked too had obviously drank the kool aid. I didn’t save her name, I wonder what she thinks NOW, at the time she had missed the slaughter and only brought up the shit.

DJBT et all
commented 2016-08-11 11:43:09 -0400
Daryl, leftist progressive idiots must turn themselves into pretzels to defend Islam which in every way is anti-liberal.
commented 2016-08-11 11:31:05 -0400
Were is PETA regarding HALAL ?? They make a lot of noise over a lot less issues – yet when it comes to this Islamic satanic barbarism – all the noise makers are silent.
Halal butchering should be banned in all civilized countries by any civilized government – and the SPCA should be monitoring these Islamic radicals’ butchering methods
commented 2016-08-11 10:50:18 -0400
«Germany’s interior minister will back plans to ban the burka as part of a raft of anti-terror measures, local media say.»

Surely you don’t expect us to believe that the German government is going to start resisting the Islamic invasion.
commented 2016-08-11 10:07:45 -0400
I noted on BBC that one of the German measures is to strip dual citizens of their German citizenship if they partake in or support terrorist acts. I guess they have not heard about Baby Doc’s enlightened treatment of dual Canadian citizens who are convicted terrorists, and do not think ‘a German is a German is a German’ regardless of circumstance. Or maybe Baby Doc should start thinking that the German policy is the enlightened policy. Actually, it would be nice if Baby Doc just started to think.
commented 2016-08-11 09:37:48 -0400
And real estate too !
commented 2016-08-11 03:14:59 -0400
What he outlined regarding the infiltration of Muslim influence is happening worldwide. And it’s being allowed, centuries of tradition are being altered to accommodate a depraved ideology that will only lead to global destruction. We need to take a stronger stance on these issues while we are still the majority, because we won’t be for much longer. And they are taking residence in every area of our civilized society. They are involved in banking, education, law, filling the ranks of our police and military, running for political office, moving into our health care system, every job category is being taken over by the growing Muslim population. How far does it have to go before the west awakens, if we don’t act soon we will either be enslaved in our own nation or at war within our own borders. To witness our future we just have to look toward Europe, and see the savage takeover in those free nations, we are next.
commented 2016-08-11 03:00:32 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,499 Attacks, 200,117 Killed, 280,827 Injured…. that we know of.
commented 2016-08-11 02:30:58 -0400
IIRC, Zulfikar Mohammed Shariff of International Halal Management Company (or was it his wife) was reportedly seen leaving Lindt café minutes before a mohammedan terrorist (Haron Monis) took a dozen hostages & killed couple in the same café in Sydney Australia.