November 22, 2016

Daily top five for the Counter-Jihad: German court rules SHARIA POLICE LEGAL

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. German court rules that thuggish sharia enforcing Muslim police "not illegal".

A German court on Monday ruled that a group of Islamists did not break the law in forming "sharia police" street patrols and telling people to stop drinking, gambling and listening to music.

  The ultra-conservative Muslim group around German Salafist convert Sven Lau sparked public outrage with their vigilante patrols in the western city of Wuppertal in 2014, but prosecutors have struggled to build a case against them.

The city's district court ruled that the seven accused members of the group did not breach a ban on political uniforms when they approached people while wearing orange vests bearing the words "Sharia Police".

Below, a Rebel report on the self appointed "sharia police" in Germany.

2. 'We are a Muslim business' Woolworths store cancels Christmas 

WOOLWORTHS has cancelled Christmas in one of its German stores after claiming its only remaining customers are Muslim.


 row has broken out after staff at a branch in Dortmund decided not to bother with Christmas decorations, gifts or music this year because it is now essentially a Muslim store.

Shocked locals found out after the Christmas section, which featured decorations, gifts and and festive treats such as chocolate Father Christmases, was removed after just a few days on display.

The article explains that while the chain went bust in the US, it still operates 300 stores in Germany. 

3. UK: Muslim family complains to NHS after children given flu spray containing pork products at Peel Park Surgery in Bradford.

   A MUSLIM father has made a formal complaint to the NHS after claiming his daughter and niece were given flu vaccinations containing synthesised pork products without the family’s knowledge.

Mohammadda Shah said the contents of the nasal spray given to his daughter, Raghad, and niece, Aisha, at Peel Park Surgery only came to light when his brother, Shaeen, received a letter from his child’s school offering Muslim parents the opportunity to decline the treatment.

He said that by that point, the two children had already been given the spray by their GP without the same cautionary advice. 

The right to decline any medical treatment for any reason is part of a free and democratic society. Muslims have the same right to be informed about pig components in day to day items as we do of what foods are halal and the real teachings inside mosques and Islamic scripture.

In the interest of informed consent, here is a video that shows some of the products in which pig parts, not synthesized but actually from pigs, can be found.

Muslims can now avoid all these products.

4. Canadian police force holds seminar against “Islamophobia”.

The “Islamophobia” agenda is spreading fast in Canada. Six Canadian cities have signed a charter against “Islamophobia”; an “Islamophobia” motion was passed by the Canadian Parliament, and recently I was notified that the Durham Regional Police (a regional municipality just east of Toronto) sponsored an anti-Islamophobia event, thus jumping on the bandwagon in accepting a term that is as unvalidated as it is unquestioned; Jews and blacks remain by far the most discriminated against groups in both Canada and the US.

An open letter was written to Canadian Members of Parliament and Senators to challenge the spurious “Islamophobia” narrative. It was penned by Iranian dissident, writer and activist Shabnam Assadolahi, who asserts: “I have a reasonable fear of radical Islam.”

The Rebel had an interview with Iranian expat and dissident Shabnam Assadolahi about IRGC assassination squads being set up across the world to enforce Iranian political policies. 

And now for some good news:

5. Denmark suspends quota refugee programme.

It seems that Denmark is joining Hungary and the Czech Republic in resisting the European Union's continent wide policy of national suicide by Muslim immigration. 

The Danish government said on Tuesday that it had suspended a programme to receive around 500 refugees per year through the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) indefinitely.  

  "It will give the municipalities a little breathing space and room to better take care of those who have already come here," Integration Minister Inger Støjberg told a meeting in the Danish parliament.
Støjberg, an immigration hardliner, said in August that the reception of 491 refugees through the programme this year had been postponed.
The decision to suspend the programme indefinitely had been taken so that Denmark could cope "economically, socially and culturally," she said.
Its nice to see a European nation recognizing its own culture and treating it as worthy of preservation.


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commented 2016-11-23 12:20:36 -0500
Soldiers of Odin are legal right of association as well.
commented 2016-11-23 09:00:21 -0500
It would seem the politicians and judiciary of Germany are determined to plunge Europe into war yet again!
commented 2016-11-23 08:50:29 -0500
I can’t believe that these people are such useful idiots! We should all wake up!
commented 2016-11-23 00:30:34 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,291 Attacks, 206,589 Killed, 289,358 Injured that we know of.
commented 2016-11-22 23:52:09 -0500
So i guess Christian police should be legal as well then? LMAO,. yeah i know, just being silly.
commented 2016-11-22 23:51:28 -0500
Well one good thing about the Islamophobia garbage, minorities will see what it is like to be crapped on for legitimately criticizing SPECIAL groups. Gays, Blacks, and all the rest are below Islam on the PC ladder. ENJOY!