July 28, 2016

Daily Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: Hindu killed by Muslims over RUMOUR; Mass RAPE at music festival

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Another list of horrors by the faithful of Islam, and the feeble and ineffective yet staggeringly expensive measures used to combat them.

1. Hindu youth killed, another injured in Muslim rampage in Pakistan

Islamabad: A Hindu youth was killed and another injured on Wednesday when they were shot during a mob attack in Sindh province of Pakistan following tensions over the alleged desecration of the Quran a day ago.

The attack came after a Hindu man was arrested for allegedly desecrating the Quran on Tuesday, Dawn online reported.

Dewan Sateesh Kumar, 17, was killed and his friend Avinash was in critical condition after the two were shot while having tea at a stall in Gothki district.

Hindu community leaders have demanded protection for their lives and properties as communal tensions ran high in the district following Tuesday’s incident.

More proof that the Koran is more a fetish than a holy book. One rarely sees group of monks or nuns riot and kill people on a rumour that a Bible, a Torah, a book of Dharma or the Bhagavad Gita has been mistreated. Or even if it really was.

In fact I don't recall seeing gangs of Christians riot and kill people even when one of their own clergy is humiliated and beheaded in front of his congregation. 

This video of the police raid of the church where the priest was killed by jihadis reminds us that when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.


2. German police smash into a mosque in Hildesheim Germany, said to be a center of Islamic extremism.

One might ask, "does this mean they have a Koran and they actually believe in it"?


3. This story is very important to understand properly. Zakat, is what Muslims call "charity" but it is only to be used for the advancement of Islamic domination. The Pakistani doctor who was threatened in this news story had in fact violated sharia principles etched in stone.

How a Pakistani doctor nearly lost his life after treating a Christian

A Pakistani doctor, currently seeking political asylum in the US, claims he received death threats and was discriminated against at work after he saved a Christian man’s life using medicine donated through Zakat.

The doctor, writing anonymously, shares his story in a startling blog in The Guardian. As a young medical graduate fresh out of university, he was working an ER shift one night when a patient came who needed urgent dialysis.

“Unattended and disheveled as he was, there was no one with him to get him the medicine he needed. Fearing he might die, I instinctively grabbed the emergency medicine donated via Zakat, an Islamic system of alms-giving, and performed the life-saving hemodialysis,” he writes.

The doctor was able to save the patient’s life but his own soon became imperiled.

“He survived but I immediately faced the wrath of the nurse. She was mad at me because the patient was a Christian and she said Islamic alms are not meant to be used on non-Muslims. But I did not know the patient’s faith, nor did I know that such a law existed.”

4. Geneva airport on lockdown after "bomb threat" as Europe is on edge over terror attacks

Multiculturalism is working out great.

5. 24 Cases of Migrant Sexual Assault At Music Festival

Bremen police have admitted that they have at least 24 alleged sexual assault investigations open following a cultural festival where women say they were sexually harassed by young migrant men.

“Breminale” is a multi-day festival in the city of Bremen designed to celebrate the different cultures in the city. Police have revealed that some have used the festival as an excuse to harass and sexually assault at least 24 young German girls. The perpetrators are all said to be asylum seekers and authorities say they currently have 5 suspects, all Afghan nationals aged 17-18. The migrants are said to have committed the crimes in broad daylight, reports German broadcaster ARD.

I know its supposed to be five items but...

6. When the French government is faced with Muslim jihadi attacks resulting in mass slaughter, the only logical thing to do of course is to make sure the press does not release the names of the killers or their photos, as they usually depict the standard accouterments of the jihadi: unkempt beard, no mustache, and other items of clothing.

That way, the government won't look bad when its people are slaughtered as no one will know it's a direct result of their immigration and multicultural policies.

Translated From BFMTV in France:

“Following the Nice attack, we will not publish any more photographs of authors of the killings, to avoid the possible effects of posthumous glorification,” says the reporter, who calls for a “lot of introspection” in the French media.

A position shared and adopted by BFMTV on all media. Following the attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, the channel has decided not to publish the photograph of Adel Kermiche, the suspect of the murder of the father Hamel.


However, the decision not to broadcast the photographs of bombers poses several deeper questions. Several jihad specialists question and doubt the effectiveness of such a measure in the fight against radicalization. And David Thomson, RFI journalist and the author of a book on the lives of several French jihadists (The French jihadists, ed. les Arènes), doesn’t expect a decrease in terrorism.


On 27 July, following statements of Le Monde and BFMTV, it was the turn of Europe 1 to decide not to broadcast pictures of terrorists, and adding banishment of their names, a first in the media.

@ Europe1 decides not to mention on the air the names of the authors of the killings. Their photos will no longer appear on europe1.fr


Again, the conspiracy theory is not far away. On Twitter the extreme right regularly calls authors of articles about the various facts or acts of terrorism, and in which full names are not given. Each time, the press is suspected and accused of deliberately withholding these names in order to cover up the extent of the particular case.

Actually the right tends to think that the government-media complex hide the name and image to avoid having the public be aware of the facts of Islam. And they would be correct.

Full translation here.


7.  Islamic gang storm nudist pool shouting "Allahu Akbar" vowing to "eradicate" "slut" women

The incident occurred at the naturist arer of the Strandbad Xantener Südsee in Geldern in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday last week - two days after an Afghan refugee attacked five people on a train in Bavaria and four days before an Isis supporter blew himself up at a wine bar in the small town of Ansbach.

The incident was the latest in a series of assaults at swimming areas across the country where sexually repressed young Muslim men have taken scantily clad women to be easy objects for their desires.  Earlier this month police in Duesseldorf confirmed a leaked report that said there were "grave worries" about the continuing trend.

Eyewitnesses said the six men, who were "apparently insulted" by the nudity, spat on the swimmers after branding them "sluts" and "infidels".

One victim said: "They said women are all sluts and they would eradicate us all. This contempt and potential to be aggressive was very scary."

The men, who all had "full beards", burst into the pool moments after being asked to leave last Wednesday, according to employee Lisa-Marie Theunissen.


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commented 2016-07-28 15:59:19 -0400
Welcome to the new Islamic state of Germany, where Shira rules. Soon there will be the Religious Police much as there is in Saudi Arabia and ISIS held areas.

What does the German police do? Absolutely nothing. Make a rude public statement about Turkey or Islam and you are in the slammer.

There is something very wrong with this world.
commented 2016-07-28 02:10:48 -0400
I can smell it, Ron (Jay Kelley) Christensen aka Gordon Steele, has arrived at his usual spewing time. Oh, wait, maybe the dog sh!t himself. Same effect, gag.
commented 2016-07-28 01:46:08 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,402 Attacks, 199,522 Killed, 280,273 Injured.
commented 2016-07-28 01:22:22 -0400
A challenge for Jay and the other trolls. Please dig around for positive stories to counter these ones if you can find them , and i mean real ones, not the garbage you imagine. Try and keep up if you can.
commented 2016-07-28 01:20:48 -0400
The Never Ending story. I wonder when Jay will be along to get all upset that someone reports the truth.