December 27, 2016

Daily top FIVE for the Counter-Jihad: Italian town BANS SINGING SILENT NIGHT as it may offend Muslims

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Morocco: Islamic Education Textbook Describes Philosophy As ‘Perversion, Blasphemy’.

Casablanca – The disparagement of philosophy in an Islamic education textbook has created controversy and prompted philosophy teachers in Morocco to organize sit-ins from December 21 to 23 in denunciation of the misinformation, which they considered “dangerous.”  [...] “Manar At-tarbia Al-Islamiya”, for first year baccalaureate students, qualifies philosophy as “perversion and blasphemy.”

This is not an isolated case. Al-Azhar, the highest authority of Islamic thought in the world, forbids the study of philosophy, as it encourages critical thought and challenges faith.

For a great 10 minute video on Al-Azhar and its relationship with terrorism organizations like Al-Qaeda, click here.


2. UK: Voters in areas with high Muslim populations 'MUST show passports' amid voter fraud fears.

The scheme will be trailed in 18 areas identified as vulnerable with identification  having to be produced by voters following fears of “endemic corruption”.

Some areas susceptible to rigging including Bradford and Birmingham and the pilots will take place during local elections in May 2018 before being used nationwide.

In 2015, the mayor of a Muslim area in the UK called, "Tower Hamlets" was removed from office because of massive voter fraud.


3. Seven refugees arrested for setting a homeless man on fire in Berlin.

Police are investigating it as an attempted homicide. The original German article is here, and a human translation is here. A small excerpt is below.

The men, aged between 15 and 21 years, allegedly set the clothes of a homeless person on fire in the subway station Schönleinstraße on Christmas Eve, and then fled by subway. The man was sleeping on a bench. He was not injured, as passers-by intervened. A subway train driver who was witnessing the incident rushed to help with a fire extinguisher. [...]  Six of the suspects are born in Syria, one in Libya, she confirms upon enquiry. "They immigrated as refugees", a speaker tells Süddeutsche Zeitung. She did not announce when they came to Germany.


4. First female fixed wing pilot in Afghanistan, requests asylum in US, saying things in Afghanistan are "getting worse and worse" for women.

[...] Captain Rahmani denied to return to Afghanistan last week after completing months of further training in the United States, citing security concerns while requesting asylum in the country. [...]

Capt. Rahmani broke a sobering piece of news to her American trainers, saying she still wants to be a military pilot, but not under her country’s flag. This summer, she filed a petition seeking asylum in the United States, where she hopes to eventually join the Air Force.

“Things are not changing” for the better in Afghanistan, Captain Rahmani told The New York Times in an interview on Friday. “Things are getting worse and worse.”


5. Flero, Italy: Schoolchildren BANNED from singing "Silent Night" over fears it will OFFEND other religions.

Elena Franceschini, the culture commissioner for the town of Bresciano, said: "Even if the state and the school claim to be secular, we would like to have ‘Christmas Concerts’ and not ‘Winter Recitals’ where children can feel free to sing Holy Night without thinking that this offends or excludes pupils who belong to other cultures or other religions or who declare to be atheists.” 

It is not the first time children in Italy have been censored over Christmas. 

Last week reported schoolchildren in an Italian town had been banned from mentioning Jesus in Christmas songs.

As a follow up on a story the Rebel has been reporting, the minority Christian incumbent, on trial for blasphemy in Indonesia, will proceed says federal court.

JakartaChristian governor in Indonesia's blasphemy trial will proceed.


The blasphemy controversy erupted when a video circulated online in which Ahok lightheartedly said that people were being deceived if they believed his detractors who asserted that the Quran prohibits Muslims from having a non-Muslim leader.

The five-judge panel overruled defense arguments that the indictment submitted by prosecutors had inaccuracies and should be annulled.

Hearings will resume next Tuesday at the North Jakarta District Court, which will be moved to southern Jakarta after the Supreme Court approved the prosecutors' request for a bigger courtroom. [...]

The charge against Ahok stems from his rebuttal of a Muslim running for the same office, who said that Koran forbids a non-Muslim from ruling over Muslims. This is technically correct. 

But Ahok suggested this might not be literally true, and for this he could face five years for blasphemy. Not for insulting Islam or Allah or Mohammad, but for suggesting one element of it does not have to immediately disenfranchise him as incumbent. 

Or as he himself said, "His comments were not an interpretation of the Quran and that he was only referring to certain politicians 'who exploited the verses incorrectly because they do not want to compete fairly in the election.'"








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commented 2016-12-29 21:44:33 -0500
@jay KELLY….Victor is dealing in the here and now…..culture based on historic grudge is insatiable poison.
commented 2016-12-28 21:10:27 -0500
hahahahaha….definition of an oxy moron – “Al-Azhar, the highest authority of Islamic thought in the world, forbids the study of philosophy,” thought???!!!! haahahahahaha…..
commented 2016-12-28 12:41:56 -0500
I for one am not EVER going to change my ways for fear of offending ANY race or religion. If you don’t like what I say or am doing then I suggest you don’t pay attention to me. Just like I could care less about some retard named Mohammad that all these imbeciles believe in or some rag he wrote called the Quran. The guy was a religious freak who is telling others to kill for his belief, what kind of religion is that. My religion says peace to ALL but and eye for an eye. So in other words, don’t start the fight but don’t back away if you are attacked, which is why I am always ready with my own defence items on me at all times. I treat everyone equal until they give me reason not to, I think that is more than fair.
commented 2016-12-28 09:30:44 -0500
That’s funny, Jay. You used to say that Victor was a Jew and was advancing the Jewish cause. My, how times have changed. Why bring up the Soviet Union? It really has nothing to do with this story but it seems another one of your attempts to look scholarly and profound. It is nether.

But since you brought it up, the Soviet invasion was to stop all dissent on all fronts not just for Jews. (My, how the mind does wander.) Kind of like islam which will brook no diversity of opinion. The point Victor is making with that story is that islam is antithetical to free speech and even free thought. Not so difficult if one has had any sort of classical education. Sorry you missed out.
commented 2016-12-28 03:06:30 -0500
Jay Kelly yeah sure, all these are about attacking Jews. You are such a bigot. You go bow down to sharia , i never will.
commented 2016-12-28 02:10:53 -0500
Liza, I am sorry your comment was deleted.

I do believe that Victor Laszlo is anti-Jewish, even though he would certainly deny that.

To set up this diatribe of the majority against the small minority, and to try to demonize the minority looks bad.

But to use these extreme measures, by exaggerating little headlines and playing up innuendoes. Victor Laszlo knows full well he is attacking Jews more than Muslims.
commented 2016-12-28 02:01:50 -0500
When the Soviet Union was able to enter and subdue Hungary in the 1950’s the first step was to shut down all university philosophy departments.

It is astonishing that Victor Laszlo forgets that.

It was not Muslim scholars who were to be crushed; it was Jews.

Does Victor Laszlo really want to repeat this attack against Jews?
commented 2016-12-28 01:38:06 -0500
4. Surely the US will not consider this woman as a pilot until such time as she renounces islam. And why would she not? It is islam that makes Afghanistan the tourist destination it is. If you want to leave an islamic nation then leave islam as well.
commented 2016-12-28 00:50:30 -0500
Hey where is Jay?
commented 2016-12-28 00:49:48 -0500
So glad that pesky FREEDOM thing is being done away with, countries lose their way when people have free speech and choice, you know those things that Islamists and Marxists hate so much.
commented 2016-12-28 00:00:13 -0500

" Al-Azhar, the highest authority of Islamic thought in the world,

Only if you are a Muslim. Robert Spencer is the real Master when it comes to Islam.
commented 2016-12-27 22:35:35 -0500
This is not an isolated case. Al-Azhar, the highest authority of Islamic thought in the world, forbids the study of philosophy, as it encourages critical thought and challenges faith. This is a common theme among dangerous cults. They shield their leadership from scrutiny with the catch phrase don’t question God but if ignorance of God and blind faith is to be considered virtuous then then why would God be angry at the infidels who have chosen to remain ignorant or through ignorance have chosen some other belief system they haven’t investigated? I don’t believe God fears men’s questions or expends energy worrying about being exposed as a sham. Truth isn’t injured by honest inquiry.
commented 2016-12-27 21:36:22 -0500
" Al-Azhar, the highest authority of Islamic thought in the world, forbids the study of philosophy, as it encourages critical thought and challenges faith." So it’s really unsurprising why the Media is always so quick Brand these attackers as “Mentally Unstable”. Lack of any critical thinking skills, leads to bad results, as we are seeing in our own western SJW schools.
commented 2016-12-27 20:43:46 -0500
After reading the five articles, I can only conclude that Muslims are unfit to be permitted to live among civilized people. They are, no matter what Race or Color, nothing but savages.

In my opinion allowing a Muslim to have control of an American Fighter Jet is asking for trouble. She may be well educated and act like a Westerner but she is still a Muslim, who has been brainwashed with the dogma of the Quran.

A fully loaded F35 carries an awful lot of fire power that could inflict massive damage to any City it’s Rouge Pilot chooses.
commented 2016-12-27 19:32:43 -0500
Imagine that. Massive voter fraud in heavily Muslim populated areas. The Christian governor should realize that he will always and continuely be accused of something else. He’ll always be in trouble.
commented 2016-12-27 18:10:49 -0500
This is not an isolated case. Al-Azhar, the highest authority of Islamic thought in the world, forbids the study of philosophy, as it encourages critical thought and challenges faith. Yes God forbid we use that cursed brain he blessed us with.
commented 2016-12-27 17:15:14 -0500
Re. Governor in Indonesia: this is just so sick that you wonder how they can be blatantly proceeding with the case WITH NOTHING. These people and their laws are a joke. Indonesia is a farce!
commented 2016-12-27 15:39:37 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,517 Attacks, 208,409 Killed, 291,705 Injured that we know of.