August 12, 2016

Daily Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: (VIDEO) Canadian imam says dead bomb plotter motivated by “Islamophobia”

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Canadian imam says "Islamophobia responsible for jihad attacks."

1. This Canadian imam claims that the jihadi who attempted a mass casualty attack last night in Strathroy, Ontario was motivated by, among other things, Islamophobia.

Some may remember this imam as the one who prosecuted's Ezra Levant for publishing the so-called “Mohammed cartoons.”


2. British schoolgirl who joined the Islamic State killed in airstrike

One of the three British schoolgirls who made headlines last year when they fled their London homes to find husbands in the Daesh extremist group is believed to have been killed by a Russian airstrike, a British television channel reported Thursday.

3. Muslims sue Sterling Heights for denying application to build a mosque

Here are news videos from the day the Sterling Heights planning council voted unanimously to deny the building permit.

4. Rochester NY: Man Who Planned New Year's Eve ISIS Attack Pleads Guilty

A New York man accused of planning an ISIS inspired New Year's Eve machete attack in Rochester pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday and faces up to 20 years in prison, the Department of Justice said.

Emanuel L. Lutchman, 26, planned to kill diners at a local restaurant last New Year's Eve before he was arrested Dec. 30, authorities have said. Some of the people he'd discussed the attack with were working with the FBI.

Lutchman pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization and faces up to 20 years in prison and lifetime supervised release when he is sentenced on Nov. 15, the federal government said. 

5. France urges members of the public to take in refugees

France's Housing Minister Emmanuelle Cosse has urged members of the French public to consider taking in a refugee, as asylum shelters cannot cope with the sheer numbers of individuals.
The minister has said that the government would be offering incentives to the charities that could help set up housing situations between refugees and the public. 
To house 1,000 extra people, the government is willing to shell out €1,500 per refugee per year to any charity with the capacity to help find housing for 50 refugees or more. 

Pro-Israel protesters arriving in Montreal yesterday (Wednesday) to protest a conference they see as anti-Semitic, were attacked by far-left activists.

The protest against the "World Social Forum" conference was organized by the Jewish Defense League (JDL) branch that focuses on countering anti-Semitism in Canada.

The background information for one of the events at the conference featured the claim that Zionism and "global capitalism" are behind the rise of ISIS - a combination of the old anti-Semitic trope that "world Jewry" controls all the banks and extreme Israel-hatred - accompanied by a caricature with distinct anti-Semitic characteristics.

Let's add a couple of extra items that may help form an impression of the state of the fight back against global Islamic jihad:
CENTCOM told to cook the books on how they are doing in terms of fighting the Islamic State to make it look better than it is.
A few days ago, we posted a video made by the woman who is trying to press charges against the man who challenged the Munich jihadi (and may have saved a lot of lives in the process as he likely bought time for the police to arrive.)
What Western media did not report however, is that many German experts in hostage negotiations said that what the hero did was exactly the correct thing to do.
Here is a link to a complete translation from Focus.De detailing the expert's opinion. An excerpt is below.

One can hear a conversation between two men and the spree killer. “You a*****e, you wanker,” the neighbors yell at the armed perpetrator. The men also shout “s*** Kanaken [Turk]”.

It seems highly bewildering that the men should have a go like that at the armed perpetrator. But according to experts, it could have been exactly the right tactics — even if probably subconsciously.

“If you want to stop or at least thwart a spree killer, you need to confound him,” the amok expert and violence de-escalation trainer Heinz Kraft explains. It is as good as impossible to make a spree killer give up.

“This is a completely different case from, for example, a hostage situation. Someone who takes a hostage has a certain aim — and the threat is his means to gain that aim. That is why one can negotiate with him,” Kraft explains in the discussion with FOCUS Online.

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commented 2016-08-14 13:31:28 -0400
1. He is a liar – look at his face – he might even have known about it – but did noshing to stop it.

2. Good – hope the other two get hit as well.

3. They will win in court – it is not a justice system, it is a legal system – the voice of the people will not matter.

4. He will get off easy.

5. Take in a refugee? LOL – want to see your kids raped? Even the boys and the old women are at risk. Send the trash back. Euro trash are getting what they deserve. Hope it comes to war.

6. It is kabec – a province filled with entitled people who hate anything that is not french. We could only hope that hateful place would fall into the ocean – the world would be a better place.
commented 2016-08-13 17:42:41 -0400
Rebel, you need to start calling assh*les out for what they are, and stop calling Antifa thugs “left wing activists”. They are helluva lot more than just “activists”, they are violent, terror-tied thugs like BLM. They deserve to be outed to the public as the threat they are, instead of coddled and hidden by you and the Islamedia outlets.
commented 2016-08-12 17:11:41 -0400
There is no such thing as Islamophobia! There is however integration phobia which we see currently and historically in every country beyond an Islamic one Muslims have migrated to!
commented 2016-08-12 12:53:05 -0400
According to this ugly pig arse imam ‘Islamophobia’, ‘Bullying’ & ‘Isolation’ are the main reasons mohammedans are driven to commit terrorist acts. MSM & Political elites parrot the same rubbish(along with ‘mental illness’).
Surprisingly, the mohammedan terrorists themselves had never mentioned any of these reasons for their activities. All said they’re doing this ‘for islam, for allah’. Who’ll know better of the motives of their crime the criminal/terrorist himself or the imam who has never met him??
Also, could this sob imam explain why mohammedans continued committing atrocities in the areas currently held by IS, there’s no islamophobia, bullying or isolation over in their territory??
Can he explain the almost weekly bombings by mohammedans in his own country porkistan & neighbouring afghanistan?? There can’t be any islamophobia in those countries because their population is almost 100% mohammedan & are ruled under sharia law.
Were mohammedans bullied & isolated by islamphobes when mohammedan armies went on conquering, murdering, raping, looting & cultural destroying spree since 7th century AD.
I’ve just one last word for this imam (and all the others of his kind), you are a f**king liar, Foxtrot Oscar ‘imam sohrawardy’, go back to your cesspool porkistan don’t defile Canada.
commented 2016-08-12 11:16:07 -0400
Sooo, it is let Sharia creep into Canada. Say nothing about the rape of little girls. Say nothing about misogyny. Say nothing about FGM. Say nothing about honour killings. Say nothing about Canadian Muslims joining ISIS. Let the odd terrorist attack pass. Because to concern yourself with any of those things causes young Muslims to be radicalised. How f’cking stupid is that? The Imam is asking for a free pass to the total Islamification of Canada. Sorry, you can count me out of that insanity.
commented 2016-08-12 10:54:48 -0400
It is very easy to avoid a war with Islam or fundamentalist Muslims. That is just about the easiest thing there is. All we need to do is surrender.
commented 2016-08-12 10:52:44 -0400
Regarding point 5 above as it could relate in Canada. Remember, the 1982 charter and constitution of Papa Doc removed property rights from ordinary citizens. Hence the ability of the Ontario Government to impose windmills and solar farms on landholders, the ability of bureaucrats to confiscate property at a whim such as firearms, the ability of governments to confiscate land for supposed violations of law such as the gun smith in Ontario. Also, the lack of right to defend one’s property.

Point being, this stealing of property rights by Papa Doc will enable Baby Doc to use property of ordinary citizens to accommodate migrants. The elites won’t have to of course, just the plebs.
commented 2016-08-12 08:27:07 -0400
We are not at war with islam. Islam is at war with the world. Mass deportation would be a start, but twinkle toes Trudeau is at war with Canadians and Obama is at war with Americans. Why these men have not been charged with treason is beyond me.
commented 2016-08-12 08:21:24 -0400
DR. GENIUS posted something to the effect that the first red flag for our security/intelligence services should be young westerners converting to Islam. I agree.

But another bright red flag should be any arsehole of an Imam or other mouthpiece who is accusing the rest of us of being “Islamophobic”.
commented 2016-08-12 07:19:09 -0400
The New York Islamist Terrorist planning the machete attack in Rochester knew nobody would be armed and he would be free to go about hacking , slicing and dicing unabated. All it would take is just one properly trained citizen with a gun to calmly blow his brains out to put a stop to it . More properly trained ,law abiding citizens need to be armed. That would take the wind right out of the terrorist’s sails and prevent countless deaths in the future. It is the only way civilians can fight back and protect themselves from this ever increasing threat being unleashed on us.
Unfortunately ,because New York’s gun laws are akin to Canada’s ridiculous restrictive gun laws, gun crime and terrorist attacks will only increase over time.
commented 2016-08-12 06:41:00 -0400
So has this immam issued a fatwa against Caliph Bigdaddy?…….nope

Has this immam made a formal declaration condemning Solophism as heresy?…..nope

Would Caliph Bigdaddy give a damn if he did?……nope

Has Caliph Bigdaddy issued a fatwa against this immam?……well…not by name but by generic inference….yep

Has Caliph Bigdaddy condemned this immam and his flock as kuffars?…….yep

Does this immam have enough reach and clout to ruffle Caliph Bigdaddy’s beard?……nope

Does Caliph Bigdaddy have enough reach and clout to ruffle this immam’s beard?….you betcha he does and youbetcha he would….which is why the Wahabi Wannabe immams don’t dare speak out against Caliph Bigdaddy.

In summary….I am not impressed by what this immam has to say.
commented 2016-08-12 04:59:24 -0400
Yeah let them stay at your house , sounds like a good idea if you live in France. How about the idiot PM let them live in his house.
Oh no the law applied to them when they wanted a Mosque , that will not do. And of course the usual liar saying that it helps ISIS when we do not bow down and do as they say. Glad people are standing up.
commented 2016-08-12 03:18:12 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,504 Attacks, 200,157 Killed, 280,852 Injured…. that we know of.