August 03, 2016

Daily Top Five for the Counter-Jihad: Czechs say no to migrants, France CLOSES MOSQUES, and more

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

More European nations slam the door shut to migrants, and Black Lives Matter goes to Israel — to attack it.

1. Islamist who posed for pictures beside George Galloway jailed for 12 years for child sex offences

A radical Islamist who posed for photographs with MP George Galloway has been jailed for 12 years after he sexually abused two young girls. 

Businessman Al Said Qasim Hashem, 59, from Stanmore, Middlesex, molested the girls over the course of 13 years, and one of them was just five when the abuse started.

He was jailed at  Harrow Crown Court last week after being convicted of four counts of indecent assault, four counts of assaulting a child under 13, three sexual assaults and one count of assault by beating. 

George Galloway himself should probably be in jail for his open and defiant funding of Hamas.


2. Half of Canadians support travel ban from nations that export terrorists.

The idea of a ban on people coming from countries affected by terrorism has been an issue in this year’s U.S. presidential election, but it appears half of Canadians are on side with it.

Fifty-one per cent of respondents in an Ipsos poll conducted for Global News strongly or somewhat supported banning people from all countries compromised by terrorism as a means to ensure national security.

I guess Abe Lincoln was right: You cannot fool all the people all the time.

3. French PM to SHUT DOWN mosques to wipe out "poison" of jihadis

This may be the smartest move a Western nation has made in this war. Ineffectively fighting the Islamic State with the US, (who some claim actually back it) while nearly every mosque in all Western countries preach violent jihad is a recipe for failure.

Add to that the willingness to let jihadis into the West while trying to prevent religious Muslims from going to fight abroad is patently crazy.

Letting them go and not letting them back in, closing all mosques who preach jihad and, ideally, deporting or arresting the ones who preach it and their followers who support it — that is the way one wins.

In a newspaper interview Prime Minister Valls says the Republic has been forced to intervene to drive out the "poison" of radical Islamism. 

And he has announced plans to shut down mosques supporting Salafism, an ultra-orthodox religious-political ideology based on a belief in "physical" jihadism practised by some followers of the Sunni faith. 

He said: "All Salafists are not jihadists ... but almost all are jihadist Salafists...

"A terrible poison has spread. 

"Slowly, insidiously, on a background of influences from abroad and rising communalism, developed against a model of society, a model against the Republic and its values. 

"Many Muslims in France are taken hostage by the fundamentalist Salafism, who worship a weapon against others.

"The places of worship that house preachers will be closed systematically.

France used to have strict laws which made the state secular, and religion a private matter, not to be funded or endorsed by the institutions of state, much like Turkey before Erdogan.

What a shame for both nations that they abandoned their own formula for success, and abandoned it for Islam no less. Remember the battle of Tours. This is not France's first rodeo.


4. Czech president calls for TOTAL BAN on refugees to prevent "barbaric attacks"

CZECH President Milos Zeman has called for a total ban on migrants and refugees entering his country to prevent Islamist attacks.

He said allowing even one refugee into the country was too high a risk in the wake of attacks in Germany and France.

Zeman, an outspoken critic of immigration, even opposed plans to allow 80 asylum seekers fleeing the war in Syria from settling there.

He said: "Our country simply cannot afford to risk terrorist attacks like what occurred in France and Germany.

"By accepting migrants we would create fertile ground for barbaric attacks."

The Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland have made clear statements about immigration control. The statistics, not just of terrorism, but of defrauding social services and countless other antisocial behaviours, show these nations as the most rational ones left in the Western world. 

Here is Viktor Orban of Hungary on immigration policy:


5. Turkish Foreign Minister insists Gulen schools be shut down in Pakistan.

Great! I wonder if we can ask him to demand that Gulen schools be shut down in the USA.

The envoy said Pakistan assured Turkey of its cooperation on the issue. He also thanked Pakistan for extending support to democracy in Turkey and recalled that request for shutting down Gulen-run schools was made much before the coup, “The request was made when President Mamnoon Hussain visited Turkey.”

“Gulen-run schools are functional in many different countries,” he said. “Turkey has always supported Pakistan on its stance on the Kashmir issue.” The Turkish envoy added that the two countries are in talks to initiate the Islamabad-Istanbul corridor.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed the cleric’s followers for the rebellion and demanded his extradition, though Gulen has denied any involvement.


PLUS: A BLM faction went to Isreal to accuse it of committin genocide against Palestinians

It's safe to say that there are more black people in Israel living quite a good life, than there are in Gaza or Judea and Samaria under Islamic rule. 

This action suggests that BLM is just another leftist/Islamic motivated vector of attack with no actual concern for black people.

Israel National News reports that the delegation participated in an anti-Israel protest in the Samarian village of Bilin, near Modi’in Illit. Two Arab protesters were arrested during the event.

In a Facebook post last Friday, the delegation from the movement that is supposedly about drawing attention to the black victims of racist police brutality expressed their broader true aims.


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commented 2016-08-04 16:41:28 -0400
BOB EGLI commented: “Canada shut down mosques ?? With Trudeau in charge, hundreds will be opening.”

To be financed by taxpayer dollars when Trudope accedes to the demands!
commented 2016-08-04 07:49:30 -0400
There is not going to be any Mosques shut down in Politically Correct Canada. It doesn’t matter how much radicalization is going on it will be considered religious freedom. I can see Sharia Law here in the next 5 to 10 years, perhaps sooner with Trudie at the helm. Jihadi Justin will make sure we are soon living in a Threatened State. The horrors occurring in France won’t be thousands of miles away, as it’s all coming to your neighborhood soon. Thousands of enemy have already been deposited among us and there will be many more to follow. Just like in Europe, War is coming, that’s what Islam thrives on. Europe is not fighting back, that’s why so many more will die. If you enjoy living a subservient lifestyle, on your knees, then accept your fate. If you want to continue living free, then get ready to fight, gear up and train. Because some of your biggest opponents with be fellow countrymen and women. Don’t be misled by our weak, politically correct, supposed to be leaders, we must react accordingly to the ugliness of this Evil called Islam.
commented 2016-08-03 21:44:58 -0400
Canada shut down mosques ?? With Trudeau in charge, hundreds will be opening.
commented 2016-08-03 20:50:29 -0400
Once upon a time George Galloway would have been arrested, tried, and convicted of high treason. His execution would have justly followed.
commented 2016-08-03 18:34:50 -0400
I can’t even imagine the US or Canada trying to shut down a mosque. Galloway is a perfect POS.
commented 2016-08-03 15:10:59 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31.458 Attacks, 199,809 Killed, 280,581 Injured….. that we know of.